Cat Peeing in the House

November 15, 2004

Tabby cat face gazing upI have had my cat for 3 years, nevered peed before and now he pees only in the kids room where he sleeps. The cat is fixed. What do i do?




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I would suggest moving the litterbox to that location

By glomax56 (Guest Post)
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Animals will often urinate indoors to change the scent of the location to a scent they like (their own) and are familiar with. Have you by any chance changed the cleaning products you use in the kids room recently? If not, you might try pouring some straight vinegar on the area. Cats don't like the strong smell and will generally leave that area alone.

By Connie (Guest Post)
November 16, 20040 found this helpful

I also had this problem my cats decided after an unfixed male joined the group they no longer could use the litter.
I washed the area they were using as an alternate box with Pine-sol and also shut them in a room with box eventually got the hint to go back to box.


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November 16, 20040 found this helpful

Are the litter boxes kept clean?

By Nancy Shelburne (Guest Post)
November 16, 20040 found this helpful

Male cats who only receive dry cat food will develope urine problems. Peeing on the floor or carpet is their way of telling you they are ill.

By Linne Dodds (Guest Post)
November 19, 20040 found this helpful

How to put this delicately... How old is the child, do the perhaps wet the bed? If so, the cat may be smelling it & trying to "Overwrite" the smell.


They are Marking creatures.
I mean no offense , I have a leakage problem myself & have wondered if that is why some of mine have targetted me. It is just a theory.

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No one wants a litter box in their kid's room.

As the owner of four cats, and 8 more in the past, I thought I may have some knowledge that will help.

My first thought, since you said he is a nuetered male, is Feline Urilogical Syndrome. This is where too much magnesium in the diet causes the urine to form crystals and causes painful urination for the cat. It mainly happens in nuetered males and the first symptom is they stop using their litter box. Cat's are fastidiously clean and when they are sick, they like to be even cleaner. So, since their penis hurts, they do not want to go to the bathroom in a litter box, which usually has some residual waste already in it. So they see it as "dirty".


But before assuming this is your cat's problem, you need to ask yourself:

+ Have I changed the brand of litter I am using?
+ Have I changed where the litter box is located?
+ Have I added or subtracted anything to his litter (like baking soda, etc) ?
+ Is there a new cat in the house, even one just visiting (or was there just before the problem started)?
+ Have I changed the floor cleaner I use in the room where the litter box is?
+ Have I changed the litter box itself?
+ Have I changed his food?
+ Have I been cleaning the litter box more or less often then usual?
+ Have I added or taken away a mat/carpet in front of the litter box?
+ Do I feed him a low-magnesium food or a food meant for a cat's urinary health?

If your answer to any of these questions is YES (except the last one), you have a behavioral problem on your hands. And that is a good thing. Whatever you have changed, go back to the original. He must prefer it and is trying to tell you that. Remember, out in the wild, animals comminicate through urine. That is what he is trying to do with you. Unfortunately your sniffer isn't sensitive enough to get the message. So you have to use you brain to figure out his message.


The next thing I would do, is clean the area he has been marking with a enzymatic cleaner. They use enymes to break down the urine. Ask at your pet store or look around the web. Shop around for the most recommended. It may be a bit pricey, but get what people say works. There are many on the market that are crap.

For any residual smells, Fabreze Deep Clean works great.

Next, stop letting him have acess to your children's room. At all. At least until things are back to normal. The kid's may whine. But explain that he is being punished and they will have to understand. Keep the door closed during the day. And at night, if they can't sleep with the door closed, try a baby gate. Though he may be able to jump over that. I'm not sure what advice to give you. But keep him out so he gets the message. And PLEASE don't put another litter box in there! That gives him the message that it is OK to pee in there (as long as he does it in the box) and then you will never be able to take the box away, or he will start peeing on the floor again.


Sometimes cats decide they like a new place to pee. Either to act out and tell you they are angry or because ??? Who knows? They are cats! But cats can be trained! Don't give in to him!

He may be telling you that he wants his litter box kept cleaner. Sometimes males decide to boycott because they get choosey about the state of the cleanliness of the litter box. A great, easy way to keep it clean is to use scoopable litter (if he can tolerate it, some cats can't) and keep a bucket with a top (I got mine from the grocery bakery for 50 cents) and a garbage bag inside it next to the box and scoop it every day or even every time you go in the bathroom. Very easy and makes your litter last longer.

If your answer to ALL of those questions was NO, then you need to take him to the vet and tell him you answered no to all of those questions and tell the vet what he has been doing.


The sooner you get him to the vet, the better. The next stage of the disease, is the crystals all build up and block the flow of urine. He won't be able to pee.

If the disease isn't treated early on, the only treatment is a surgery that removes his penis (and isn't always sucessful and is expensive) or putting him to sleep.

I don't mean to scare you. I am NOT saying this is what he has. But it is nothing to fool around with. When I was a young cat owner with my first cat, I ran into the very same problem, and didn't take him to the vet on time because I thought it was a behavioral problem, not a health problem. I ended up putting him to sleep. He was 3 years old as well.

Good Luck.


By Kim (Guest Post)
December 30, 20040 found this helpful

Just a comment on a past comment...dry food alone does not create urinary problems in male cats. It is something that is caused by several factors, diet included, but not alone. It is a myth that cats need wet food. They will drink plenty of water on their own. I was a veterinary technician for 2 years and I am sure of this. Cats who are fed primarily wet food will develop more dental problems, something that CAN be avoided with dry food. They also make special urinary health dry foods now that will help your pet to not develop urinary problems, but be aware, these diets will make your cat urinate MORE often. It changes the chemistry in their kidneys to flush things out better.

By AT (Guest Post)
March 15, 20050 found this helpful

I also have this problem.

We have a 5 year old neutered female cat and she has started to pee in our children's rooms. First, she would pee on blankets, and now she is being on the carpet and on the kid's beds.

Is the cat somehow jealous of the kids?

Thank you,
Soon to be dog owner!

By Cat Breeder (Guest Post)
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Connie - PINE SOL IS HARFUL TO CATS!!!!!!! It causes liver and kidney damage, and if they get fumes near them, can cause resp. problems.

By Fay (Guest Post)
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My cat had this problem just over a year ago, where she was peeing at the back door (she is an indoor cat). I tried everything but in the end I bought some "eswcue remedy" which is good for acute stress and it worked.

By Leila (Guest Post)
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My 8 year old cat has peed and ruined several pieces of furniture and now has started peeing in our bed and pooping on my daughter's bedroom floor. She has been on amitrptyline for 3 years and about two months ago we were told to double her dose. She has been examined and found to be healthy. We are trying to sell our house to move and are afraid to bring her to our new home. Any suggestions? I understand that they sometimes do this because situations change but she is on drugs and life is about change. Thank you.

By Bernie/Honey (Guest Post)
July 18, 20080 found this helpful


It troubles me to say that not only does my cat pee around the house but twice in the last 6 weeks when my son is in my bed (he is 19 months old) she has peed in the bed.

We are going to the vet tomorrow for the second time.

We also have an older cat, whose house we moved into.


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Thank you for this post. We just got our first cat 3 months ago and he is amazing. But yesterday he walked in front of my husband and peed on the floor. So I have switched the litter back to the original and am looking into urinary tract health cat food.
He has never done this before so I am hoping that it isn't a urine problem. I will definitely be going through this checklist and taking him to vet. Better safe than sorry.


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April 19, 2018

I have a cat who is less than five years old. He was adopted and pretty much since I brought him home he has urinated in different places in my home. I have 2 other cats and 5 litter boxes. He uses the boxes and also pees on multiple surfaces including clothes, upholstered furniture, plastic, and also on my dining room table that had been set.

He has been checked by the vet and has not had any UTIs. I am at my wits end.


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Best Answer

It looks like you have been very patient with your pet but maybe you have been using an ineffective cleaner so your pet just keeps returning to whatever spots he has created.

  • You have 5 litter boxes so that certainly sounds sufficient for your pets.
  • You did not say if there was a problem with any of your other cats but it seems this particular one is the main problem.
  • I do not know what type of cleaner you are using but a very good enzyme cleaner is about the only thing that will remove pet urine "smell" and it has to be applied properly or even it will not work.
  • A good enzyme cleaner can be used all over the house instead of other cleaners so it is not just for pet accidents.
  • Even if you are using an enzyme cleaner, please read some of the information on the following links as to how to use it for the best results.
  • One very important fact: enzyme cleaner should not be wiped away but must air dry.
  • I hope something works for you so you can just enjoy having so many lovable pets.

Here are instructions on how to make your own enzyme cleaners.

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April 14, 2011

My friend has a cat that she adopted from another family. The cat is about 3 years old and has been with her for about 6 months or so. Kitty has been urinating on her bed and almost everywhere in her apartment.

The vet said she has crystals in her urine and needed to be on special food and medication, which she is. She has spent almost $400.00 on vet visits hoping for some help, but she is still doing the same thing after months.

My friend is about to give up and has contacted a no kill shelter. For now, the poor kitty is locked in her bathroom with food, water, and litter box. If she is out she will go on the bed, bedspread, rug, etc. and the clean up is almost impossible.

Can anyone offer any help? She does not want to give her up, but cannot deal with this day after day.

PS- the kitty is beautiful and very sweet. Any help would be so appreciated.

By Phyllis from NY


April 14, 20110 found this helpful

Did your friend ask the vet how long it might take to see an improvement? It's not an unreasonable question.

What has your friend done to clean up the urine? Cats' sense of smell is much better than ours, and they will come back to the same spot if they can smell it. If she hasn't already, she should look into an enzymatic cleaner. I bought my first bottle at Petsmart, but have since gotten some from the pet care section at Wal-Mart. The enzymes break down biological waste, so there is no smell left behind. Since the cat has been using these spots repeatedly, I would suggest treating the areas a few times just to make sure.

I haven't had this problem with any of my cats (peeing everywhere on a regular basis). I wonder if offering an extra litter box or two would help. That might be a good quesiton for the vet (along with asking if the cat's condition should have improved by now). Good luck with the cat -- I hope it works out.

April 15, 20110 found this helpful

We had a cat with this problem at one time. He was cured with the medication and special food. Every now and then he'd have his problems again.

It sounds as if this cat has been on the medication long enough for it to work. So, I'm wondering what else may be going on. I think it's true you need to get rid of all the previous odors. There are some great products out there for doing this. Ask a salesperson at Petsmart for help. While you are there, pick up the Kitty Litter called Dr. Elsey's. It is made to attract cats to use their litter box. My daughter has used it and highly recommends it. Good luck!

April 15, 20110 found this helpful

My cat, who used to use the litter box, developed crystals also. He now associtates the litter box with pain and won't use it. He will poop in the litter box, but not pee. This has been going on now for 8 years. I get puppy pee pads (they have a scent that attracts animals) and he will pee on the pee pad. I wish I had better news, but I have been trying to get my cat back to using the litter box for a long time and he just won't do it. Another thing your friend could try is changing out the litter, replacing litter with shredded newspaper -- anything to make it seem different from when the cat was having pain and issues. Good luck!


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I had a cat that stopped using the litter box and we got him to use it again by putting hamster litter in it. It is a paper type litter. You can get it at Walmart, pet shops etc. We were successful with the paper litter and then gradually added cat litter to it and eventually transitioned him back to cat litter.

April 16, 20110 found this helpful

I had a similar problem with my cat. I bought a huge cage the type for ferrets. Turned it on the side with the doors on top. There is a large tray comes with the cage. I put it on the bottom on one side & put a small litter box there and food & water on the other side. The cage was about $100. but it was well worth it. Can let the cat out when you want to so it can get a little exercise but while you watch it. Worked for me. Hope this helps.

April 16, 20110 found this helpful

Until a more permenant solution can be found, try using doll diapers for control. Ask vet first if this is ok; and remember-
it is of paramount importance that these be changed on a strict schedule to avoid urinary tract infections. OFTEN is the byword.

April 16, 20110 found this helpful

I had that with my cat, suddenly she began using my chair for her box, took her to the vet and one thing he mentioned was she may have a cyst, but I noticed her rectum was sore and clumped with "dirt" it turned out it was from changing her liter to another type. My trying to save a penny here & there cost me nearly 200 dollars. Now to get her back to using the box. I put the box right beside the chair. She began going in the box and then I went on to figure out how to rid the smell, I mixed water & vinegar, sprayed everything. The smell went & I never had a problem after that.

September 23, 20160 found this helpful

I have adopted a one year old cat from a friend. She is an inside cat, but so wants to go outside. So she pees on my couch.And yes I have checked with the vet, and I clean and have more than one litter box for her, I play with her, and love her, but still she pees. Don't want to give her up, but my husband will get rid of her if he finds out. Not sure what to do.

December 7, 20170 found this helpful

To safely remove cat urine in anything porous, peroxide does the trick. Use it in the washing machine to help your detergent remove the urine from your clothes. Use it on concrete to get it off the floor it literally bubbles the urine up and out. And to stop them from returning to the same spot, spray bottle. When ever you see them walking toward that spot, have the sprayer set in stream, aim and shoot. If you don't let them see you do it, than they won't think that your being mean to them. Cats hate water, especially when it comes from a bottle. Do this a few times, then let them see the bottle so they learn where it comes from. If you have to go out, place the spray bottle near the area where they couldn't miss seeing it. It will work. And it's fun watching them run from the water spray, and no one gets hurt. It water.

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June 20, 2016

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April 14, 2011

Why does my new cat (male) pee every where in the house. I have two other cats, but they don't do this.

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