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Cat Peeing Outside Litter Box

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If your litterbox trained kitty suddenly begins peeing outside the box, it is cause for concern and possibly frustration. This is a guide about cat peeing outside litter box.


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October 5, 2017

I have a 4 month old male kitten. He was using the litter box fine ever since I got him when he was 8 weeks old. Now he has been peeing everywhere. Especially in my vents and that's no fun place to have it. I can't get rid of the smell, I change the litter box often, but all he does is use it to poop and sometimes pee. Is there anything anyone can help me with?


October 5, 20170 found this helpful

Your cat may not like the litter. It may irritate its paws. Switch litter.

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October 6, 20170 found this helpful

I'd see about switching litter box areas, if that fails, change litter brands, if that fails go to the vet-- might have a minor urinary infection.

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October 9, 20170 found this helpful

Male cats reach sexual maturity any time from 4 to 10 months. If you boy isnt neutered, that may be a factor. If he is neutered I would check for a urinary tract infection or crystals in his urine. There is a special diet for crystals in the urine. Pay close attention to this as it can cause a sudden fatal blockage in male cats. Without veterinary intervention they can die within 24 hours. Either one can make urination painful and cause him to begin avoiding the litter box. Dont wait, see your vet, you dont want that to become a habit. Because he is approaching sexual maturity, he may be marking his territory. Even if he is neutered, he will be upset if he sees other male cats wandering through his yard. Some male cats will mark when this happens. If you have frequent cat visitors outside block your cats view of the places they visit. It helps. If they are spraying your patio doors or windows wash it away with an enzyme cleaner. I hear you about the heat registers. I once had a male cat spray in my toaster. Dont forget your sense of humor.

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October 11, 20170 found this helpful

Cat peeing outside litter.

Step 1
First you should have him neutered.

Step 2
It may not be pee it could be he is spraying.

Step 3
I had a male cat that did the same thing and it smells bad.

Step 4
We had him fixed and it stopped.

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May 12, 2014

I believe my male cat is peeing on the throw rugs right next to the catbox. I place the rugs there to catch the sand from the cats' paws to stop it from being tracked all over the house. Both of my cats have been fixed and do not go outside. I have a 14 year old "mother" cat and her 13 1/2 year old "baby." Is there something I can spray on the rugs to stop him from doing this?


By Elizabeth P.


May 15, 20140 found this helpful

Two things come to mind. Your cats are old enough to have arthritis and/or a bladder infection. The pain of a bladder infection can make cats avoid the litter box, and go nearby instead. Arthritis makes it hard for them to step over the side into the litter box, so they go nearby. I got a plastic storage container and cut one side quite low for my older cat. The high sides keeps the litter in better. It has helped. I always thought the litter that gets onto the rug made the rug smell just like the litter box. I have two rugs now so can swap one to wash the other. Borax gets the smell out :) Good luck!

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May 15, 20140 found this helpful

I was watching Jackson Galaxy's show, "My Cat From Hell" last weekend, and one of his cases had that issue, going outside the litterbox. With that cat, it was because it was declawed and its litter was too rough and hurt its feet. Even if yours aren't declawed it could be a paw pain issue. Or, it could even be a kidney or bladder issue. Hope all turns out well!

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December 2, 20160 found this helpful

I had the same issue and thought that the cat is just not trained, but After reading and learning myself, I have realized - Cat does not pee in the box because there is a reason and you need to find it: most likely the box is not clean, or she is stressed, or has UTI or other problem. Once the problem is solved the issue goes away.

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June 21, 20120 found this helpful

I was cleaning my cat's litter box last night and he walked by me and peed right in front of me away from his litter box. This is the first time he has done this. Tonight I went to clean his box again and I smelled something and he peed in the same spot and on his rug under the litter box. Does this mean he's sick? He drinks enough water, because he drinks from the bathroom tub and the faucet. I changed his food amonth ago, but no problems. Help please.


By Christine


June 22, 20120 found this helpful

He may have a bladder infection. Check that out. I hate to tell you this, but my cat now ignores his litter box and instead uses newspaper that I put down in a non-carpeted corner. He just decided that he didn't need to use the litter box. I hope that is not the case for your cat.

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February 21, 20150 found this helpful

Yes may be a medical problem.

Some quick solutions:
- If there is a change in toilet behavior with no obvious cause, it may be caused by illnesses such as urinary tract infections, blocked anal glands, worms and parasites, diabetes and tumors. These illnesses may have no other obvious signs, apart from this urination problem. So you must consider a visit to the vet. In other cases you may see symptoms such as lethargy, blood in the urine, diarrhea, or constant licking in the anal area. If you see this, then your first stop is the vet!

- Look at the litter box itself. Ensure youre cleaning out the waste once or twice a day, and changing the litter every 3-4 days for non-clumping litter (2-3 weeks for clumping litter). Clean the tray with hot water and mild detergent, without any strong odors such as citrus or ammonia, which will repel the cat from the box. If you have multiple cats, remember  the number of trays should equal number of cats, plus one or two. If youve changed brands of litter, this may have caused the problem as many cats dislike this change, especially to scented litter. Return to the older litter. If you want to change, introduce unscented litter gradually by mixing the old with the new over 2 weeks. And ensure that the location of the box is acceptable: no loud noises, has some privacy, and is not in view of other cats.

- Consider adding in 1 more litter box to another suitable private location of the house. This is because sometimes its not the litter box thats the problem, but a negative experience there. For example, if your kids played with the cat while she was on the litter box, or if the cat had pain when urinating, such as during a urine infection, after having kittens, or had a procedure done on the bladder or urethra at the vet, then the cat would associate pain with that litter box. Even if the pain is gone, the association and is still there.

For more visit: http://catpeein … -litter-box.html

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May 24, 2012

We let our cat go out into the garage (I think she thinks she's going outside). We live where there are a lot of coyotes so I never allow her to go into the "real" outside. Unfortunately, she started using the cement floor of the garage instead of her litter-box (I made one available for her there). Now when she is inside (which is most of the time), she is using our tile floors instead of her litter box. What can I do? Can she be re-trained to use her litter box again? And is there a good way to get rid of the urine smell out of my tile?

By Patty


May 24, 20120 found this helpful

Often this is an indication of a common medical problem in cats such as crystals in the urine. It is easily diagnosed and remedied but you need to have the cat examined by your vet. The office visit and medication will be far less expensive in the long run than all the cleaning products for your carpets!

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May 26, 20120 found this helpful

Cats will seek a cool place to urinate when they have crystals or a bladder infection. they will often use a sink or bathtub. But tile and cement would clearly fill the bill. Be sure and have your cat checked out right away. both conditions are very painful. I think solving the physical problem will stop the inappropriate urination. Try Natures Miracle enzyme soak from the pet store for odor on your tile. It is a life saver. They sell it by the quart and gallon. I havent needed the gallon yet :) Good luck with your baby.

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October 25, 2013

I have a female cat, almost 2 years old, named Lady Kitty. She is fixed, however my boyfriend and I got two brother kittens who are now 6 months old and are not fixed.

Lady Kitty poops in the litter box shared with the two male cats, but refuses to pee in it. She will pee in a very small cramped space between the toilet and the cabinet thingy, she also pees right outside in front of the litter box, and on the side of the litter box. The litter box has a top on it if that's a big deal in the problem.

I know she's not acting out to be mean because she's a very nice loving cat. She's a little skiddish, but that's only after she pees outside the litter box. She loves the kittens, she cuddles with them all day and cleans them. I don't know if the enclosed litter box is the problem, the kittens not being fixed, or that I need more litter boxes. I don't know what else it could be. I do know my boyfriend won't let me keep her if she doesn't stop peeing outside the litter box. She's a good girl and I love her. Please anyone that studies cat behaviors or someone that can just help me solve this problem please either get ahold of me or comment a solution. I'm in desperate need of help for this issue. Thank you.

By Alli Marie B. from Oneonta, NY


April 17, 20150 found this helpful

With 3 using the litter box you might need to get a second box, or possibly a larger box. I needed to get a larger box when I took in two little ones.

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September 22, 2010

Why does my cat pee just outside the litterbox, but poops in the box?

By Clark from Creve Coeur, IL


September 24, 20100 found this helpful

Sometimes they're inside the box but positioned in a way that the pee goes outside. You can also try the trays used under washing machines in case the machine leaks. They're large enough for the litter box with room around them for any accidents.

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January 12, 20150 found this helpful

My 2 year old fixed female cat has started to urinate in my room at night. She doesn't urinate anywhere else and she doesn't urinate in my room during the day. I leave my door open so she has plenty of opertunity to go downstairs and use the letterbox, but she doesn't. Nothing in her routine has changed lately. Please help, I don't understand why she's doing this.

By Mikayla W. from Portland, OR

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September 22, 20100 found this helpful

We have a 14 year old female cat. Very active, just a little slow. She now has decided to poop in her box, but cannot seem to pee in it. Any help? Thanks.

By cwatkins from Melbourne, Fl


Cat Peeing Outside Litter Box

Does it have a bladder infection? If not go to this website:

Hope this improves the situation. Bless it's little heart!
Give it a hug for me,


By Robyn Fed

Cat Peeing Outside Litter Box

She's getting on in her years and they don't do something like that unless there has been a big change or they are not well. Get your kitty to a vet first to see what is going on. (04/07/2009)

By michawnpita

Cat Peeing Outside Litter Box

We have a cat who is 11 years old now. About 5-6 years ago, our cat did the same thing. After lots of trying different things (multiple litter boxes, restricting her to 1 room, etc.) our vet finally discovered she had a bladder stone (similar to kidney stones in people). Hers were caused by an improper PH balance in her urine. We tried medication to dissolve the stone, but she ultimately had to have surgery to remove the stone and is now on special food to prevent stones from reoccurring. She has had 1 bout with a bladder infection since that time that antibiotics cleared up. My suggestion would be to take your cat to your vet and have them check her urine PH balance. Your cat may have a simple bladder infection or could be stones causing the problem. (04/08/2009)

By rsrandr

Cat Peeing Outside Litter Box

If the cat is a little over weight this is normal. They dig the hole in the corner and then pee over the top of it. Mine did that before when she was going on the floor and missing the hole she dug all together. She would kick the kitty litter all over the floor trying to cover it up. Build the kitty litter box up with cardboard, but leave enough space for her to get in. This may help a bit. It worked for me. (02/08/2010)

By hercybaby

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April 6, 20090 found this helpful

I need help with my cat. She will climb into our litterbox about half way and then pee on the scratch pad right in front of it. She will do this if the box isn't cleaned or even when the fresh litter is put down. I don't know what else to do.

Kevin from Hermitage


Cat Peeing Outside Litter Box

You could try a covered litter box and put the scratch pad way inside the litter box for a while and maybe she will get used to going inside the box. (01/28/2007)

By Tamisuemcp

Cat Peeing Outside Litter Box

I have 5 cats, and I use the crystal type litter. (Not the stuff mixed with scoopable). It absorbs the urine, then neutralizes it, and it evaporates back into the air. As a result, my cats never have to step in wet litter. The solid stuff is easily "buried" by the cat, and quickly hardens as the moisture is absorbed into the litter. My cats all live in one room, and the room never smells like "litter box". The cost of the litter is worth it, as it lasts up to a month! I use Target brand, or Tidy Cat brand. (01/28/2007)

By Mixed_Breed

Cat Peeing Outside Litter Box

I'm glad I'm not the only person who has to deal with this. I have 3 female, neutered cats. I had to watch for a couple of days, but I caught the youngest peeing outside of the box. The deal is, she doesn't "sit down", she just kind of stands there. It almost looks like a male marking his turf. I think I will try that fancy litter. If you only have the one cat, I suggest you get a litterbox with the lid on it. I can't do that with 3 cats, so I taped a small plastic bag to the sides close to a wall, and made sure that the bottom part is inside of the box, at least a couple of inches below the rim. It helps. She still doesn't know how to pee right, but at least now it's not all over. (01/28/2007)

By abbiegrrl

Cat Peeing Outside Litter Box

One of my cats did the same thing as yours does. I tried the covered box idea, but I didn't really like it because I couldn't easily see when the box needed cleaning. Instead, I took off the covered part and just use the bottom part, which has very high sides. This way, my cat has to step onto a step I put in front of the box and then kind of jump down into the litter. I think the box sides are about 5 or 6 inches high, so if you have a tall cat, you probably wouldn't need a step. Good luck! (01/29/2007)

By Lisa

Cat Peeing Outside Litter Box

You can use empty cardboard boxes lined with several layers of newspaper first. When the box gets icky, you slide the whole thing in a garbage bag and throw it away! The sides are high and its easy to come by boxes the right size at the grocery store or liquor store. If the cat has to get inside a box with high sides, she can't get her pee outside of it. (02/02/2007)

By Lily

Cat Peeing Outside Litter Box

Why, I don't know, but cats like to urinate separately from their bowel movements, so I placed an old newspaper lined plastic dishpan alongside layers of newspaper and this satisfies my cat perfectly. Also, don't place the whole thing very close to where they eat/drink. They want it far away.

I could not afford clay litter, so I began to use newspaper and large junk mail other than glossy or thin cardboard, and find that it is more absorbent for odors than clay, certainly healthier for the cat, and much easier to toss when used. I change it every other day, and never have a single noticeable cat odor. We love cats. (02/04/2007)

By Lynda

Cat Peeing Outside Litter Box

When my cat used to do this, she had a urinary track infection. Or she might not like the cat litter. (02/10/2007)

By leeasmoma

Cat Peeing Outside Litter Box

I have a kitty who pees outside the box. I have had moderate success with two things.

First, at Christmas time I bought one of those giant round plastic trays that catch the drips from a Christmas tree for each litter box. I placed the covered litter box as far back on the tray as I could. Then when kitty peed outside the door of the box, at least it wasn't splashing onto the floor and I had an easier time cleaning. I put a layer of newspaper beneath the litter-catcher mat to absorb the stray urine. Putting litter there just encouraged more of the cats to go outside the box.

The second thing I've tried is buying a huge plastic tote box with a flat lid, and cutting a round hole in the middle of the lid for the cat to get through. (Rounded tops have too much bounce.) Cut the hole about the size of an ice-cream tub lid or larger. Then there is NO way to hang a little bottom out of the box! You can either fill the tote with clumping litter, or place a smaller pan inside the tote with the litter of your choice. (Filling the giant tote makes it very, very heavy, so clumping or silica litter would be easier on the back when cleaning.) This method only works with young cats, however; an older, arthritic kitty wouldn't be able to manage all the jumping in and out.

Hope something works for you,


By MotherOfTwelveCats

Cat Peeing Outside Litter Box

I tried the storage tote but I cut a hole out in the side because my cats are older and can't jump in and out. I leave the lid off and let me tell you that this is the way to go. I have less "travel" litter from their feet and no more peeing outside the box. (01/29/2009)

By Kim

Cat Peeing Outside Litter Box

Lots of good ideas here, but not the one I ended up with. My male cat goes into the litter box facing the back, with his little behind pointing at the litter box opening. He doesn't squat much and the stream lands outside the litterbox. I bought a pack of incontinence pads and lay one in front of the litterbox. I go through 3 or 4 a week, but it beats cleaning up a puddle. I tried talking with him, but you know how that goes. (02/11/2009)

By Lizzyanny

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