Cat Wants to Sleep With Me At Night?

I have just acquired a 7 week old kitten and she WILL NOT sleep in her own bed at night. I've had to resort to shutting her out of the bedrooms at night, which results in her walking around yowling for about an hour. Any tips or suggestions would be very helpful.


miz_macoo from Albany, Western Australia

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Given she is so young, she is likely too scared to be on her own at night. Though cats have the reputation of being "loners," they still bond with each other and with their human companions. At this young age, she is probably missing her mom and siblings.

Is there a particular reason why you don't want her in bed with you? My cats (and dog) all sleep with my husband and I... and we wouldnt' have it any other way.

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She also needs the warmth at night....try putting her bed in your room, and put something with your scent, like a flannel pillow cover as a liner. She may eventually go in there during the day, and then eventually go in at night. Remember, she'll want you first, and it is definetly the best way to bond with the cat!


I had one that I adopted at six months, and she crawl under the covers and put her head on the pillow next to me. When we got our dog, and she became more feeble, she slept with the dog or on the couch. Cats always find two or three favorite places to sleep, so give her time to adjust!

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It's not that I don't want her in my bed, I just don't want her sleeping on my pillow. Also, my hubby works early in the morning and can't tolerate her incessant purring right next to his ear!! I tried the 'rice in sock and in the microwave' trick, but she wouldn't have a bar of that!! I also tried putting her bed in our room AND I put a blankie on the end of the bed for her to no avail. If there was some way I could get her to keep away from my head while I'm sleeping I really wouldn't mind her being on the bed.

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She is probably lonely at night. Maybe you could bring her into bed with you, and snuggle her under the covers with you. Mine like to go under there and snuggle up to me. Just hold her close so she feels secure. I lift my covers up and mine automatically go "under the tunnel" now. Maybe that will solve the pillow issue.


Depending how you lay you can adjust her so that you are both comfy. Even pet her so she knows she is not in any trouble.

If she is yowling at night, she must be scared or lonely, so I wouldn't suggest leaving her out of the room. My old kitty used to do that when I wasn't home and I had her checked but she was fine other than missing

Good Luck!!

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She is a tiny baby she wants her mommy! The other thing you could try is wrapping a ticking clock in
a sock or blanket so she may think it is her mommy
or maybe some stuffed toys. All my cats have slept
with us as that is bonding time for them. Maybe in front of frig you could but a small basket or box
that is comfy and the noise might calm kitty.
ahhh. Our puppy always wanted to sleep at my


head so after nights of lifting him and placing him
at feet he NOW gets it and snuggles at our feet.
or between us when he squeezes in.....
let us know

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By (Guest Post)
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every dog i have had always slept with me and my hubby (never on his side always on my side) and the kitty is so cute how can you refuse to cuddle up to it and now my hubby R.I.P. is gone she is a good bed companion for me

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By (Guest Post)
May 2, 20060 found this helpful

my dog loves M&Ms is it bad for them i need to know as my friend wonts to keep on giving her them so please help before she kills her with kindness.

Editor's Note: From all I've read chocolate is poisonous to dogs. Yes, they like it but it is bad for them. Discourage your friend from doing that. Buy some dog treats and let her give the dog the treats instead.

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May 3, 20060 found this helpful

Hi all, thank you for your feedback. It was most helpful. Well, last night I brought her onto our bed, I looked at her and said firmly "Jac, this is where you can sleep okay. You are not to climb on to the pillow." Then I placed her at about hip level between me and hubby. She tried to climb up a couple of times, but each time I just placed her back down.


She caught on after about 3 times. And she only purred for about 5 minutes. I know she is only a baby still and she's such a little darling. I just love her to bits. I do want her to sleep on the bed so I will get her trained up!! One day I hope she'll sleep on my 3 year old daughter's bed too, but not till she learns not to wrap herself around my daughter's head!! :)

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Dog's can have a look a like..carob

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What a little DARLING! I'm glad to hear you aren't discouraging her from sleeping w/you - MOMMY! I had one kitten who insisted on entangling himself in my long hair and purring like a Harley putting himself to sleep - it became such a nuisance (because of his kneading my shoulder or neck) that I finally had to boot him away from my hair; he tried moving to each of my daughters' beds, but neither of them would tolerate it either...he learned where he could and could not sleep. But even after 3 years, he will occasionally come up for a cuddle in my hair - and I let him for a few minutes...


His brother prefers to sleep ON my hip. I roll a lot during the night from side to side, and he simply readjusts himself when I settle. Our girl kitty prefers to sleep on my husband's blanket - he cannot STAND feeling like he cannot move (he won't move for fear of kicking her!), so he found a soft, fuzzy blanket she prefers to sleep on and is sure to spread it over MY feet before he goes to bed - it works...for him! :) Lucky for me not much interferes w/my sleep patterns!

Enjoy that little angel! She's just darling.

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By Carol, Wyoming, PA (Guest Post)
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When we got our kitten from the shelter, we were told to put her between us in bed that night. I think we might have done that for several nights, but after she felt more secure she wanted to have her own bed.

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Glad to hear things are going better... she is SO adorable!

I think by continually coaxing her each night, she will eventually fall into the pattern. I have a male cat who CONSTANTLY wanted to suck on my nightshirt. I started by giving him his own shirt to suck on in the bed, and would move him to that. Later, he started to go there automatically. Now that he's grown up, I can gently nudge him away and he takes the hint.

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By Cathy (Guest Post)
May 12, 20060 found this helpful

She's so cute! I melted when I saw the photo - she's gorgeous! Anyway, one trick I do with my cats is to have a water pistol handy. Every time they play up and start meowing for food while I'm sleeping, spray them and they'll soon get the hint. It's not cruel at all, I would never hurt my kitties, but I need my sleep! They run now every time I hold it up. No more 3am wake-ups!

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By (Guest Post)
May 13, 20060 found this helpful

i hope all is going well with the kitten, she just wants comfort...they like to sleep near your head/neck becuase they can feel your pulse, and its cozy! When my cat had four kittens, they always ended up by my head and neck and I loved waking up to the sound of them purring away on my pillow. There was just nothing like it...I hope you have gotten used to the little motor!

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By Donna (Guest Post)
September 27, 20060 found this helpful

Very cute wonderful kitten that made me cry.
Because kitten starts new life.
Please be nice to cutest kitten.
Thank you for photo of cute kitten.

I am from Los Angeles, California.

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By Kay (Guest Post)
September 28, 20060 found this helpful

I like your cute kitten.

My cat always sleep with me every night.
I like my cat sleep with me every night.
I have no problem with my cat on my bed.

Please accept your cute little kitten on your bed.
Help kitten feel secure with you than alone and scary without own mother cat.

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By Stacey (Guest Post)
January 22, 20070 found this helpful

I just got a 4 month Kitten and Ive been having trouble getting her (and I) to sleep at night. I don't let him sleep in my room either... I don't care to sleep, breathe and roll around in cat hair through-out the night but have been having trouble stopping him from meowing and stratching at my door. I have tried the water bottle, but he doesn't really care to get wet... I just ignore him and eventually he goes to his own bed. I prefer to let him roam free around his room, but if need be - i lock him in his little kennel at night. Set down the rules early and stick to them...

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By Tabby (Guest Post)
May 2, 20070 found this helpful

Yeah, I have the exact same problem with my cat, and I am hoping that she isn't to old for the problem to be fixed. I'm glad I was able to get on here and see some thoughts about why this is happening. I would love for her to sleep in my bed just not on my pillow because she's constantly pulling my hair and waking me up throughout the night. Thanks for all the feedback!

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August 9, 20070 found this helpful

Let me tell you a story. One night a few years ago
our house caught on fire in the middle of the night.
Our 20 yo cat, Ms. Liberty, woke my husband up,
so they could both get out of the house safely.
If she hadn't been in the bed room, my husband
might have died. Lib lived to be about 23, she
slept with us every night or any where else she
chose to sleep. Love your kitty. IMA3

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By (Guest Post)
March 24, 20080 found this helpful

I have a similar problem. My boyfriend adopted a Persian cat 2 months ago and every time we go to sleep she comes in our room and sleeps in the bed with us. She lays on our backs when we lay on stomachs, or she'll lay next to us and watch us sleep. She doesn't want us to touch her during the day which is weird to me, but we love her.

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By Winnipeg lady (Guest Post)
August 9, 20080 found this helpful

Cats are healers and protectors. Yes kittens want their mommy and your it now. However I found my cat always sleep on my feet when they hurt (I have bad feet).When I had the flu she slept by my tummy.When my head was pounding I had one cat(the male) at my head keeping it warm and the other at my tummy.Any other time they sleep under my bed in a basket I put there for them. When I first moved in to my new home my two cats were on the end of my bed like to sphynx guarding me some how they knew I didn't feel safe. I noted my female cat tells me when i should go to bed LOL if I ignore her I find my self waking up on the sofa at 3 am so she seems to know.
When I first got my first cat I locked her out of my room and no joke for mons she would meow at my door,stop come back later and try again oddest thing.Then i gave in and was gladf i did I love my cat sooooooo much ((smiles))

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By Susan K. (Guest Post)
January 5, 20090 found this helpful

I have a 4 year old orange tabby and she has always slept ON TOP OF ME. If I move she moves with me when I settle down she will take a deep breath and turn her motor back on. My kitties come in at night and play out side during the day. So at night they have there places, that they sleep but Zoie comes to bed and promptly climbs on top of me and goes to sleep. I guess she feels safe.

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By Susan K. (Guest Post)
January 5, 20090 found this helpful

The kitten is so tiny she is too small to sleep by her self. She feels safe with you. That's why she wants to sleep with you as she gets older she will adjust and learn to sleep away from you. Being a pet parent is very rewarding. Be easy with her she is just like a baby they want security, and to feel safe. Thanks

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August 20, 20090 found this helpful

I once had a male kitten and he would meow through out the house unless I let him in my bedroom. My husband at that time was working at night so this left me alone until late into the night. The kitten was protecting his "human mommy". Please let your kitty lie next to you while your in bed.

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December 16, 20100 found this helpful

I bought a kitty bed where the kitty can curl up in it and placed it at the foot of the bed on one side of the bed. If the kitty gets on top of me where I am uncomfortable I just pick him up and put him in it and he usually stays there, for a while at least.

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December 16, 20100 found this helpful

She's just a baby. You should have gotten 2 of them. Then they would cuddle together. They love heat. Even on hot summer days cats will lay in the sun. She's just trying to win you over, so, let her be your baby.

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December 17, 20100 found this helpful

I am just delighted to see all these other feedback with the same advice I'll be giving you. Please allow
that baby to sleep with you. If you show her all the love and affection that you can possibly feel for a baby animal, you'll get it back a hundred times over.

Our Sir Catty-Kit has been sleeping with us every night since we got him when he was 11 weeks old. If
either of us are sick or injured in any way, Kit stays right beside us day and night. He used to get up and go to the bathroom with each of us regardless of how many times we were up in the night. He'd almost go to sleep waiting for us to return to bed. I would not want to spend a night without him right there where he belongs too. If there is any kind of noise, he's immediately alert and will wake us if it's something we should know about. Kitties are just as good at playing "watch-dog" as any doggie. They're just quieter about it.

That little kitty of your misses his or her mother and the litter-mates. Leaving him all alone is hurting him. Cats are very gregarious creatures and need to be with us.


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December 19, 20100 found this helpful

She's only a baby, taken away from her Mama and she needs comfort, warmth and love. If you don't care to be bothered with her, why did you get her? Not being ugly, just curious. I have an 8 year old cat, Jarrett, and he has slept on my bed from age 6 weeks. I have remarried and he moved to my side of the bed or at the foot. The love you get from a pet is unconditional! Jarrett Always known when I am sick and will stay right up beside me no matter where I am. This furbaby of yours will get used to sleeping on the foot eventually, but for now she needs comfort, just as an 11 week old human baby does, don't shut her out.

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March 1, 20110 found this helpful

My Layla is 9 years old and I adore the fact that she loves me so much that she sleeps with me every night! She's a comfort and joy just by her very existence and I treasure any and all times she wants to be near me! Read the other stories. Please don't shut out this adorable little kitty, ever!

If you really can't stand it, please give her to a good home.

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September 1, 20120 found this helpful

From my experience it happens for sometime in the beginning phase.Its quite normal and you should love your pets.

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