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This page contains information and tips about owning a pet cat.



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When Can Kittens Go Outside?I have a feral cat that had kittens 8 weeks ago. The day she had them, she brought me to them to show me. She had them in a very unsafe place, no shelter from weather ,etc. My husband and I trapped her and moved her and the kittens to our basement. She was grateful.


A cat sitting in a litter box.

Cat Urine Smells Like Ammonia?If you find that your cat's urine has a strong ammonia odor, there are a couple of possible things that may be the cause. First it may be that the odor is actually the result of the litter box not being cleaned often enough. Secondly, you may want to make sure your kitty is hydrated. And finally, a trip to the vet could rule out a UTI.


A cat ignoring his food bowl.

Cat Won't Eat Cat Food?Cats can be fussy eaters and refuse to eat the pet food you are offering. There are a number of ways to handle this from cooking for your pet to adding meat to their kibbles or even improving on the canned food, if that is what you feed them. Several solutions can be seen below.


A meowing cat.

Caring for a Cat in HeatCats in heat can be quite uncomfortable and exhibit behaviors that are not typical for them normally. Warm cloths or beds may help, checking with your vet for solutions is another possible route to take. Ultimately, having a kitty spayed is safe and will end the concerns. More suggestions can be reviewed below.


A mother cat with several kittens nursing.

Caring for a Mother Cat and Her KittensDomesticate cats are honored guests in our homes. Because of the close relationship that has developed with our feline pets we may become caregivers to the mommy cat and her kittens should the need arise. This page addresses some of the situations that you may find yourself in with mom and kittens.


A man looking at an air vent.

Getting Cats Out of Air Vents?An open home air vent can be very tempting to an inquisitive cat. If your kitty goes on a journey and can't get out, there are some things you can do to locate her and provide an exit. Be sure to check the length of the vents to determine if the cat has found its own way out, first.


Temporary Crate for My New Cat Conner - kitty in the crate

Making a Temporary Cat CrateThis temporary cat crate is made from two milk crates. Until you can order or build a more substantial one, this quick fix allows you to take your kitty outside with you in the yard to enjoy the sun and do some bird watching.


A cat on top of a cat tower.

Keeping a Cat Tree from Tipping Over?The base on some cat trees is insufficient in size and weight to prevent tipping. Below we have some permanent and temporary fixes for this issue.


Raising My New Cat's Dishes - waterproof mat under the feeding station

Raising Cat DishesRaise the level of your cat's food and water dishes using things you have at home rather than spending a lot at the pet store. Learn how here.



A cat in a window with a warm scarf and a cup of cocoa

Keeping Cats Warm in WinterKitties love to be warm. In summer they enjoy sunny window spots. But winter is different. Keeping your cat warm in the winter can be accomplished using a warming lamp, a heated cat bed, or pad.


A cat inside a hooded litter box.

Where to Keep the Litter Box?It is a great convenience that cats are easily trained to use a litter box. However, finding the best place to locate your litter box(es) out of site and reach of other pets and children can be a process of trial and error.


Spanish moss hanging from trees.

Is Spanish Moss Toxic to Cats?Research seems to indicate that Spanish moss is a nonpoisonous flowering plant found in tropical and subtropical regions. It is not considered toxic to cats.


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Cat Has a Piece of Claw Stuck Between Teeth?My 13 year old cat was constantly licking her lips so I looked and there is a small piece of her claw stuck in between her teeth. What do I do or will it dislodge on its own? I've tried pulling it out, but she doesn't sit very still and I'm afraid of breaking her teeth.



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Stray Cat HelpI've kind of been donated a cat. I've been feeding him for the past year. His owners live on my street,but he won't go home. The lady asked me today if I'd look after him as they are moving houses and he is an "outside cat" and refuses to be caught.


A cat nursing on a woman's lip.

Why Does My 5 Month Old Kitty Nurse on My Lip?My 5 month old kitty nurses on my lip. Every single day. I wake up to her like clock work at 6 am doing it. She does it throughout the day. She does it at night. If I put her down, she meows at me and follows me until I pick her up. I got her at 8 weeks. She's been doing it for 3 months. It doesn't bother me. I'm just curious. She purrs the whole time laying on my chest kneading my face


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Using Ivermectin or Acarexx to Control Ear Mites?Rob, you say "The vets often prescribe Acarexx ... it contains 0.01% ivermectin. Ivomec is a 1% ivermectin. Like Acarexx, Ivomec contains 1% ivomectin". I'm confused - is Acarexx 0.01% or 1.0%?


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Cat Won't Eat Cat Food?My cat, Raisin is so fussy with his food. He'd sooner die than eat mere cat food! He will eat the dog's raw food, but only the chicken and liver mince. Am I being had? He's perfectly fit, a fairly big cat. He's a big black longhair, very good tempered and loving, and seems perfectly healthy, with a lovely shiny coat. Has anyone any ideas of what I could get for him to try?


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Kitten Trying to Nurse on Person?I have an 8 week old kitten who was born here. She is the sweetest thing, but she has started nursing on me. She doesn't now on some blankets and clothing, but she will try to get under my shirt and nurse my stomach. She has never done that before and won't nurse on mom.


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Cats Pooping on the Deck?We have an outdoor cat that has several friends. We always feed our cat inside so as not to accumulate a neighborhood of cats eating at our house (we do always have water available outside). Even though we don't feed the extra cats there are several that hangout on our deck with our cat day and night. The cats have begun pooping on the deck. Any idea how to get them to stop?


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