Help Getting Cat With Urinary Infection To Eat?

I have a cat that had a urinary infection, I took him to the vet they done the catheter on him,ran some tests and said his kidneys were damaged a little bit. Then they put him on cdl a perscripiton food, he wont touch it. So, he is wasting away, it has been almost two weeks with out food. He will lick the gravy off of the can food, and that is about it. Any suggestions on what to feed him? Do I go back to the food he was eating, and let him live happy as long as I can? Because right know he is starving to death.


Melanie from Spokane, WA

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November 28, 20070 found this helpful

Have you taken him back to the vet? Can't he help? Please try another vet, this sounds so serious. God Bless you and your poor cat.

By Jean from MS (Guest Post)
November 29, 20071 found this helpful

My cat started having this problem around Christmas last year, and I found out that he absolutely loved leftover turkey. It was the only thing he would eat. When the turkey ran out, I boiled chicken breasts for him.
Unfortunately, his kidneys apparently failed completely. And there is no cure for that. I had to put him to sleep.
Please don't let your cat suffer. If he doesn't improve, do the right (although painful for you) thing and let him go.

By Suzann (Guest Post)
December 2, 20070 found this helpful

I had a cat that was as you describe. He was diagnosed toward the end with pancreatic cancer. He would show up to eat, take a few bites and walk way. He too was wasting away. I felt so bad and tried everything. Eventually he became jaundiced and the urine looked as though it glowed. If he will eat the old food, I would try anything to get his weight back up and keep him hydrated with the same stuff you use for kids.


I forget the name of the OTC stuff at the moment... My cat went downhill in a matter of 6 weeks. It was a crushing moment at the end when I realized there was nothing more I could do but release him to God's arms.

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I want to tell everyone thank you. I am trying everything. I love my cat and do not want to loose him. My kids would be crushed


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December 2, 20070 found this helpful

You need to call your vet. There are other foods that might appeal to him. Also, a vet can force feed until he gets over the crisis. Cats will often stop eating when they're sick and seem to "forget" how to start back.


Your vet could help and if he/she can't, go to another one. Not every vet understands how important pets are to people.

By Deb (Guest Post)
December 3, 20070 found this helpful

I had a kitty that eventually passed from CRF (chronic renal failure) and no appetite was a big issue. What kept Mickey going was simmered chicken livers. I would simmer them in just water (NO seasonings), then mash a serving of it, moistened with the water they were boiled in. Having it warm appealed to him more. Some cats do well with some strong smelling flavoring added, such as clam juice. Another thing you could ask you vet about is getting some vitamin B12 (that stimulates the appetite) and there is also a paste in a tube that is a supplement (sorry, I can't remember the name right now), that some cats really like. Baby food meats are also an option, but be very careful to make sure it has NO onion or garlic in it. Those can make a cat anemic.


If a cat goes for more than 2 days without eating they can develop fatty liver disease, which can also be fatal.

Is it truly a UTI or is it kidney failure that is behind your kitty's illness? When we first started dealing with Mickey's illness, the onset appeared to be a UTI, but eventually it was found to be kidney failure. For 2 months I tried everything and joined CRF groups, which was very helpful, but in the end he was just too old (16) and ill. And I think he'd lost his will to fight as his lifetime partner Tess had just passed 2 months prior. While some cats can be maintained for some time with that condition, for most it may be more of a kindness to let them go.

Good luck, and keep us posted.

By Deb (Guest Post)
December 3, 20071 found this helpful

Sorry - forgot this in my previous post. If these other things don't work then I would say yes, put your kitty back on his old food, if he will eat it. He needs his strength in order to combat his illness. Many animals don't do well with food changes, and they should usually be done gradually anyway, to avoid upsetting their digestive system. If you can get him to eat the previous food, then maybe start slowly mixing in some of the new food, not only to acquaint him with the taste, but for his sytem.


Start with just a small amount, increasing it bit by bit. A food change typically takes a couple weeks if you do it correctly.

My cats also hated the prescription diets. I went through several regular UTI episodes as well. One thing they had me mix with the UD food was tomato juice. The cats seem to like it, plus as with UIs in humans, the tomato juice (like we usually drink cranberry juice) helps the acidity level of the urine to cleanse the tract.

April 30, 20180 found this helpful

My Cat Amber has not been eating for two weeks we have to forcefully feed her with a syringe she also doesn't drink what do i do to get her to eat on her own


email address

June 10, 20180 found this helpful

Hello, I see your post was a couple of months ago, but I wanted to suggest to you that Hills have a product called A&D canned food that is very good for a cat that won't eat, for whatever reason. You feed it to them in a syringe and usually I have found that they will start to eat it on their own. I am sorry your cat Amber has been so ill. I hope she is better now. Good luck. Zoe McKinnon

December 3, 20071 found this helpful

Is it actually just a UTI, or is your cat developing CRF? It could make a difference on what you're going to do about food. I have dealt with both. What appeared to be a UTI at first with my kitty Mickey, ultimately was the onset of kidney failure. What helped him most was simmer chicken livers. I'd simmer the livers until done in just water (NO seasonings), then mash a serving with the water they were boiled in. He preferred it warm. This was the #1 one thing that carried him through until the end, although by the end I was syringe feeding him.

Right now it's important to get some kind of nourishment in him. Cats who go for more than 48 hours without eating are in danger of developing fatty liver disease, which is fatal as well. If he will go back to eating his regular food, then I would say yes, feed him that. Once he's eating that you could try mixing a little of the UD diet in with it, gradually, and see if he'll accept the changeover. My cats never liked that stuff either. My vet had me add a little tomato juice to it, as it is like cranberry juice, it increases the acidity of the urine and cleanses the tract. The cats seemed to like it, too. Most animals don't do well with food changes and it needs to be done gradually to avoid upsetting their digestive system. The new food should be introduced gradually, increasing the amount every few days, over a period of a few weeks. Another thing you can consider is baby food meats, but be careful that they do NOT contain any onion or garlic, as these can contribute to anemia in cats. Some cats like strong smells and flavors, especially fish, so sometimes a little clam juice in their food will stimulate them to eat.

You could ask your vet about a vitamin B12 shot, which will help stimulate the appetite, and there is also a supplement that comes in a tube (sorry, I can't remember the name right now) that some cats like very much.

I would confirm with my vet, or get a 2nd opinion, on whether or not is it truly a UTI or CRF. There are very helpful CRF groups on the net that can give you ideas and help if you are willing to go through the work and expense with your vet. In my case it helped for 2 months, but at 16, Mickey was just too old and sick to be maintained for long. Sometimes it is kinder to let them go.

But first try the feeding tips. At the age of 3, Mickey developed a UTI that the vet never believed he'd recover from, but with persistence he did so to live another 13 years without another illness until CRF claimed him.

Good luck, and keep us posted.

September 17, 20180 found this helpful

your cat mickey how long did it take him for the first UTI at 3 years old to recover from and start eating and drinking normally?

December 3, 20071 found this helpful

I don't have cats but have the homemade recipes for cats from Hills Pet Products. Feline Restricted Protein Diet:
1/4 lb liver-beef, chicken or pork ONLY
2 large eggs, hard cooked
2 cups cooked white rice WITHOUT SALT
1 tbs vegetable oil
1 tspn calcium carbonate [crushed egg shells from health food store]
1/8 tspn KCL-Potassium Chloride [salt substitute products]

Dice & braise meat, retaining the fat. Combine all ingradients and mix well. Is somewhat dry, so add water [NOT MILK]
Also add a balanced supplement to fulfill the MDR for all Vitamins, trace minerals and 250 mg. taurine each day. My dogs wouldn't eat the canned or kibble, but loved the diet I made for them. JoanDogs

By Linda (Guest Post)
December 3, 20072 found this helpful

Cats being the clean creatures they are will lick anything rubbed on them off. You might try rubbing a little of his canned Rx food on his foreleg a few times a day. He will lick it off.

April 30, 20180 found this helpful

Thank you so much this is a smart thing to do I will try it and see how it works!!!!!!!!!!

My cat amber has not been eating and drinking for 2 weeks unless we forcefully feed her and I am getting worried about her.

By nellio (Guest Post)
December 4, 20070 found this helpful

My cat had that problem. We just buy a special cat food for older cats. I think it says something about UTI on the bag. He has no problems now.

December 7, 20071 found this helpful

I have cats, and though I don't have a solution for you, I just wanted you to know your cat is in our prayers, and my heart really goes out to you.

By Melanie Ray (Guest Post)
December 8, 20070 found this helpful

Thank you all so much again. He is finally eating again, I am adding a little of the c/d a day,he is getting used to it. He has put some weight back on. I have a question for everyone? He prefers canned cat food over dry. Does any one no if the canned cat food causes UTI, are is it just the regular dry cat food? I get away with adding about 1 Tab. of the canned, with his regular canned cat food. The only kind of canned cat food he will really go for is friskes shredded in beef gravy.

March 16, 20180 found this helpful

Dry foods are worse they cause uti

December 26, 20070 found this helpful


I know this may sound bizarre, but try herbs, too. Does your cat have any interest in fresh greens? Oat grass, sometimes sold as "cat grass" is full of antioxidants, and I have used powdered dandelion root with great success on other animals to cleanse whatever was actually making them sick. Indoor kitties can't forage and self medicate with plants and minerals like the old barn cats used to !

Good luck!

By Hope (Guest Post)
May 12, 20080 found this helpful

If kitty is having UTI problems it is much better to feed him SOFT cat food! Make sure of course that it is high quality when you feed it to him as more than just a treat so he gets all the nutrition needed. A good soft food with have water listed 1st and the meat 2nd...and no by-product type meat.

By Crystal (Guest Post)
May 23, 20080 found this helpful

My cat has the same problem. He wont eat. He has crystals in his urethra and was at the vet for 4 days with a catheter. He is also on anti-biotics and I have to administer an IV of fluids to him every day too. He is only 7. His spirits are fine and he is active, but he won't eat the new food that is made for the high acidity levels in his urine. (S/D?)
What to do? He wont eat chicken/beef broth or chicken... but he isn't suppose to anyway. :-( help!!

By sjudd (Guest Post)
August 11, 20080 found this helpful

I currently am having the same problem with my cat not eating after having the crystals removed. Not just any wet food is good for him according to my vet. You have to look at the amount of Magnesium in it. That's what causes the crystals to begin with. A Special Urinary can food will be very low in Magnesium, around 12mg or less is what my vet recommended. But, like your cat, he won't eat anything I give him. I'm going to try the herbs. Let you know how that works. He's already lost so much weight.

By Karen (Guest Post)
December 19, 20080 found this helpful

Hi..I don't know what to say really. I'm just surfing thru' the net. My cat got into trouble seriously 4 days ago & I've come from a small town & drive to another small town to work. So I had to come from here to work to here to another town 3 days in a row. $30 gas. Thank god it wasn't 3 months ago.

Regardless, my cat. Last weekend he was upset. Monday night he had death about him. Tuesday I got him to the vet & they kept him for the day, and did whatever tests & drained him, etc. I went back that night thinking all would be good.

But no. I don't know why - but I went back with him on Thursday a.m. when they opened. They kept him all day & cauterized (sp) him & then had to give him pain killers & finally drain him ( or whatever you call it). He was good. He's been on muscle relaxants & has his antibiotics, but it seems he's going back to mr. no p.

I'm going out of my mind. If anyone could help me please do. karenlenny08 AT Thank you.

June 20, 20230 found this helpful

We have given our cat a tip of vinegar in his wet food. He liked it and no more problems w crystals.

April 27, 20140 found this helpful

I have the same problem with my cat changed his diet and give him tract ease once a day haven't had any problems since I started this. I would recommend getting the tract ease.

December 14, 20150 found this helpful

My cat hadn't eaten in a week so the vet gave him a shot of Valium with a bowl of food ready. As soon as he got the shot he dove into the food bowl and gobbled it up. He was on Valium pills for a week or so and got his appetite back. He was very overweight and later developed uti problems. He should not have been eating dry food.

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i hope by now your feline family member is better. Mine wont eat now for 17 days. Started with vomiting and she stopped eating. Then the vet gave her fluids under her coat to hydrate her, taught me how to do it, put her on antibiotics after blood tests showed uti. The antibiotics are making her salivate alot and she refuses to eat so we gave her Miratazapine to stimulate appetite every 72 hours and cerenia to stop vomiting. We are feeding her by force the hills perscription diet canned food watered down stirred and in antibiotic syringe. She gets upset but is keeping it down but i am worried. She went from 7.9 pounds to 6.4 pounds in these last 17 days. I see no stools she only urinates and before antibiotics were administered she would cry when urinating. Im praying she will start eating.She seems to really resent me for making her eat and take meds but just trying to keep my baby alive

January 7, 20210 found this helpful

Can some one please help me. My cat Jorah has a UTI he was given antibiotics. He refuses to eat or drink. This is his first UTI and he is my first cat. The vet said it would take time but Im so worried. He has been like this for 3 days.


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January 7, 20210 found this helpful

I would contact your vet again for advice. Three days is too long for no food or water. Hopefully they will have some tips. Here is what I would do in the meantime.

My cat had renal issues and was supposed to drink a lot of water so we got him a water fountain type. It increased how much water he was drinking by a lot. We also started feeding him wet cat food every morning, 1/2 a can. It was special renal support food but even regular wet food will increase the water intake, and the smell might tempt your cat into eating more. I might even try tuna or something else.

Good luck with your kitty. I hope he is feeling much better very soon.


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