Neutered Male Cat Mounting Other Male Cats?

March 8, 2007

Two male Persian cats.I got 2 new 9 month old male kittens. I brought them into a home with neutered male and female cats (all are neutered by the way). The oldest reigning male cat of the household is started to try and be overly friendly with the biggest male kitten! This is so gross. How do we fix this? I've done the water bottle squirting in the face. Still happened again. In the meantime, my next action until I get a better suggestion is to continue to squirt with water and put him in the timeout box (the pet taxi carrier).


Leave him there for a bit. Might even make him sleep there in the nighttime to avoid a problem while asleep. I don't know what else to do. Anyone else had this problem and solved it, and if so, how so? Thanks to everyone in advance for the help!



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You need do nothing. This is normal behavior. Most male cats I've had have done this, and the vet has said it is natural behavior. You may find it to be "gross," but it's part of nature.

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The cat is acting normal.You are applying what you think should be normal behavoir for a human to a cat.Cats,as any animal, do not have the same moral compass as you.I am sure you may have heard this old joke.A vet visits a woman who tells him she can't understand how her cat keeps getting pregnant.At that moment a big tom cat walks by and the vet says what about that tom cat.The woman replies don't be silly thats her brother.


Let the cats be cats and not humans.You will only have a break down treating cats as children.

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This has nothing to do with sex, but rather your older male cat is exhibiting his dominance over the newcomers. This is normal and will continue to happen whenever he feels it necessary to put them in their place, so to speak.

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By (Guest Post)
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ditto all of the posts...we have a female dog who will "hump" the is a sign of dominance and not a sexual move...just looks like one!!

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March 13, 20070 found this helpful

Yes, everybody is right. The oldest male is the "Alpha Cat" and making sure the new little one (who might have an attitude!) knows who's boss.

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By lindau (Guest Post)
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my 7 year old male cat gets on my side when I am laying on my bed and watching tv and humps on me and meows he has been nuetrued a long time ago, the vet says some cats just do that, or some thing simular grrrrr

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I have 3 female (fixed) cats, and it is funny to sometimes see them trying to get ahold of each other's neck (in the back), as if they were going to mate. It IS just a domination move, though. I leave them alone unless they get unnecessarily rough. If that it what's up at your place I'd talk to a few vets for advice.



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December 23, 2004

I have never heard of this problem with cats. My niece has two neutered male cats, Sammi and Buddha. They are about 5 years old and are from the same litter. They have been together since birth without any problems. They are inside cats, fed well, and well loved. They were recently to the vet and have a clean bill of health.

Sammi is showing signs of sexual aggression. He mounts Buddha and grabs his neck, and trys to mate. It happens in a matter of seconds. So far, this has happened in her presence, five to six times. Buddha never challenges Sammi.

Other than that, they play together, eat together, basically get along very well. I would think this is a sign of dominance. She is on a limited financial budget so we are going to do research before she decides to take him to the vet.

We also considered the fact that my niece in the past few months has been working full time and going to school at nights. Sammi and Buddha are her only companions. Could it be jealousy? Is Sammi letting his brother know that he doesn't want to share her affections? I would appreciate any input.

Thank you.


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We have two neutered dogs that do the same thing - it's annoying, but with dogs, it means that the one is trying to establish dominence. I would assume this would also be true of cats. :)

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I have a male neutered rescue cat. He began the thrusting behavior on a pillow of a frog, on top of it's head which has plastic eyeballs.

I have two pillows, one frog and one alligator for each of my two rescue cats. The cats, one female, both sleep on these pillows and no one else uses them.


My boy goes through different emotions with this frog and sometimes avoids it refusing to go near it. Other times he will knead it with his paws and still other times seems to try to mate with it's head. He used to just sleep on it but the behavior started after we moved.

He doesn't bother with the alligator at all. My girl just kneads both of the pillows with her paws.

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January 1, 20050 found this helpful

I have a funny thing about my pets... I have 3 female cats and a yorkie terrier .. I have a mommy cat and her 2 kittens well they are about 3 years old now but my yorkie that is not fixed he tries to mate with the cats...


and they seem to look for him to let him do it all the time its quite funny... my husband wont let me fixthe yorkie he wanrs to breed him but he jokes and said we will have catdogs one day and get rich....

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January 4, 20050 found this helpful

This is interesting! We have two older pure-bred cats, one male, one female, both have been neutered. The female "knows" she is the "queen" and expects to be treated royally. The male (who is her half-brother and a year younger) is the vocal one with his meows, but the passive one as for as agression. However, I caught him doing that very same thing today, trying to "mount" the female, and it has happened in the past! But of course he gets himself slapped silly by the female, and it really made the female angry yesterday. I don't know what's going on, either, and this is an interesting inquiry, so thank you for asking...maybe someone can give us answers!! As the dog-owner in one of these postings suggested, I think he is trying to gain dominance.... but he usually is so laid-back and "I don't care"-acting while the female wants to get all the lap-time attention. (I'll post a photo of our male if I can get it to work.)

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By Vicky (Guest Post)
February 19, 20050 found this helpful

I have four cats, two male and two female, all neutered. The younger male cat is about a year and a half old. He has always been very affectionate to me and kneaded my hair whilst I am asleep/ in bed, but recently he has started thrusting and pushing on my head. I push him away but he gets quite aggressive and jumps on top of my head making a funny mewing sound.
Since then he has also started kneading my clothes and yesterday I caught him on top of my big cuddly toy cat. He had mounted it and had the scruff of it's neck in his mouth, he was also thrusting his groin.
He always licks his genitals after doing this action.
I am getting quite concerned about it and not sure whether to take him to the vets.
When he is doing this thrusting action he acts like a different cat and once it is over he goes back to being a very happy, affectionate, playful cat.

Does anyone know if this is something he may grow out of as it seems to have developed in the last few months.
I've read the posts about dominance etc. but he usually makes sure he is the centre of attention anyway and pushes my other cats out the way. This thrusting is something he does when he is on his own with me.
Does anyone have any suggestions?

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By micki449 (Guest Post)
August 10, 20050 found this helpful

My 11-month old male cat started doing this a few months ago. I woke up one night to see him doing what appeared as if giving a massage to his teddy bear on the floor. I was shocked and disturbed by this because I did not know that even neutered cats will do this. I almost creid, because he was "moma's baby"! Nowadays you can find him toting his "girlfriend" around the house, massaging her back and biting her neck. He sometimes brings his girlfriend in my bed while I am sleeping. I now have to warn people before they come over that they may witness some strange things with the cat and his bear!

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We have five cats, 2 male and 3 female, all fixed. Gradually my oldest male cat(Theo) began mounting and now is penetrating the youngest male cat(Charlie). It has all been rather overwhelming considering we have recently added our 7 month old baby to the "litter".
I assume that there was penetration based upon the screams coarsing from our bedroom and the positioning of the two upon the light switch thrown on. You'd think that there could not be anything more alarming, but they DID NOT move when I flew into the room! Not a flinch or a hesitation! I had to literally pull them apart. Although I paint a picture the visually wasn't anything like two stuck dogs. After I let Charlie outside I went back to Theo and his kitty penis was out and throbing and let's just say, I clearly left Theo feeling unsatisfied, as he kept his head buried between his legs for longer then I should have noticed.
After reading some of the feedback we feel much better about our kitty situation. Not to offend anybody but now these two are known as the "Brokeback Cats"

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My dogs do this. They are both neutered and I think its to show dominance. One is female and she occasionally sucks the other dogs penis but only very briefly and he does not really seem to get off. She does not seem all that sexually interested as she just kind of licks it and walks away. I think its a dominance thing.

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March 11, 2020

My male cat is 6 months old and not neutered. He is trying to mate with his brother. Is it good or bad? Why would he do so?

What should I do? I am worried for his brother. Now he doesn't play like before because of this.

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September 17, 2019

I've only been able to find information online about one cat dominantly humping another, but I have two neutered male cats who hump each other in equal amounts! They're from the same litter, and are a bonded pair. One is dominant over the other, but they both take turns mounting each other just for about a minute at a time. Neither cat seems to mind much when it's their turn to be the "victim," with a benign facial expression and purring.

I watched the less dominant cat bat the more dominant cat away just now, which instantly stopped the behavior - and then they groomed each other right away and fell asleep cuddling. Then the less dominant one suddenly woke up, seemingly startled and a little trance-like (gave me a weird "I'm looking through you" stare with wide eyes), and then tried to mount the more dominant cat. I intervened before he could, distracting and then giving both cats some petting and attention once they were separated. They are still sleeping next to each other now.

What's up with them taking turns, and not being particularly aggressive about it? Is this a stress reaction? Again, they don't seem to mind, but I've also never seen them do this before (they are both 11 years old). They've just had to move with me to a much smaller house, so I imagine a lot of this might be spatial. I've read some suggestions to place food and water further apart, add a litter box, and add more toys to reduce stress and boredom during the day. What more can I do to add space or interest in a very small house, if that is indeed the problem? And is it likely that they're doing this when they're home alone during the day (usually from 8:30 AM to 3 PM)? So far I've only seen this happen after about 10 PM.

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April 16, 2017

I have 2 male cats, Tommy 4 and BJ 15. Tommy has been mounting and hurting BJ. BJ is getting cornered, bumped, and pushed around. Even when BJ is sleeping he lays next to him.

If BJ goes somewhere Tom gets up and follows him. I'm going away for a week and I'm afraid Tommy will fracture his legs; BJ is skinny and Tom is fat.

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March 24, 2019

I have 4 male cats, all neutered. 3 of them are about 9 years old and the other is about 5 years old. All of a sudden the older cats keep trying to mount the younger, more passive cat. They've never behaved like this before. Why would they all of a sudden start doing this now? Poor little Rusty is having a rough time dealing with this. They've always been very loving and gentle with him.

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January 2, 2017

Connor is my biggest kitty. Connor and Murphy are from the same litter - born March 4 - and I think Mickey is around the same age, but we rescued him off the street so I can't be 100% sure. When Connor and Murphy were around 4 months old, Connor started expressing some dominance behaviors - pinning Murphy by the scruff and biting hard enough to make him cry. I got them both neutered; problem solved.

Mickey was doing that kind of stuff when we first rescued him. I got him neutered and it stopped. Suddenly, Connor is pulling the dominance act again. Pinning them and biting their necks pretty hard. I just caught him pinning and humping Murphy. What do I do? They were neutered in July or August - somewhere around there. And Mickey was neutered at least 2 months ago.


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I think you have done pretty much what you can do. It can take 6 months or so for all testosterone to leave your kitties. Some of these behaviors are not testosterone driven. It is just stuff young cats do. You should see some of these behaviors fade as they reach one year of age. Most of these behaviors are pretty normal and expected. I do understand they can sometimes look pretty naughty. I break things up if someone is really getting hurt. By 18 months they will be the best of friends.

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