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finished seek sack

Making a Seek Sack
Nice idea! I love the Legend of Zelda theme.


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15th Birthday Ideas?
Hi! Ask your friends what their favorite music is and see if you can play it at your B-Day party. Do you guys like to dance? Watch movies? Go hiking? Play video games? You could give your party a theme based on an activity you and all of your friends like to...


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Laptops for Students?
Hi, Im in the same boat! I couldnt find an organization that donates laptops to college students, but I do know that some grants and scholarships cover school supplies as well as tuition. Have you heard of Fastweb? Check it out. You might qualify for more than...


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Poem from Deceased Cat to Owner?
Hi, I found a site with poems for cat people who have lost their little companions. You might find the one you are looking for through this link. Love and peace,


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Getting Rid of Fleas in the House?
Here you go: They say pennyroyal essential oil helps repel fleas.


Spirit Gloves 3

Spirit Gloves
Cute and clever!


Homemade Flour Tortillas

Homemade Flour Tortillas
Oh, wow! Ive been wanting to find a good recipe for months. Thank you so much for sharing!


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Kitten Won't Poop in the Litter Box?
The next time he goes outside of the litter box, get his attention and have him watch you pick up the poop and put it in the box. If he goes in the box when youre home, reward him every time with what he likes best. Remember, consistent, positive reinforcement...


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Fundraising for Educational Trip to Italy?
You might consider tutoring others in your strongest subjects for a small fee. Starting up your own small business, like baking, crafts, woodworking, yard work, etc., is a good way to earn cash on the side as well. As far as fundraisers go, have you ever heard...


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Removing Kleenex from Wet Clothes?
This has happened so many times at my house! Go ahead and put them in the dryer. The lint collector should pick up the biggest pieces. If your clothes come out with little bits of tissue stuck on them afterwards, re-wash and put the load through another dryer...


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Cleaning Business Name Ideas?
You should go outside or look at pictures of your area when you take a little time to think about the name. What objects stand out to you when youre thinking? What concepts or words have that special ring to you? The name of your business should come from the...


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Dusting a Cake With Powdered Sugar?
That depends on how humid your home is. If it is very dry in your area, dusting the cake with powdered sugar a day ahead of serving it should be fine. If the air feels even the slightest bit damp, you should wait until just before its time to serve the cake...


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Dusting a Cake With Powdered Sugar?
Oh, and its best to wait after the cake cools. :)


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Removing Mold on Woven Basket?
Hi, I once thought I had to throw away a basket because there were little mold spots on it from constant exposure to humidity. Unfortunately, I did toss the basket. Bleach seems to kill mold on walls, so I would try soaking your basket in a medium to strong...


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13th Birthday Party Ideas?
Hi! 1. Have you heard of the game Apples to Apples? During my junior year of high school I was a peer mentor for the Freshmen students in my homeroom. Most of them were around 14 or 15, and the game was a real hit! Basically, Apples to Apples is a matching...


Play Games Without Batteries This Summer

Play Games Without Batteries This Summer
One of my favorites as a kid was also Red Rover! You are the best for sharing!


Lying in an armchair.

Kafka (German Shepherd)
He looks so much like my 3 year old German Shepherd! Her name is Riki. :)


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Advice for Making Money?
Hi! Here are a few tips Ive read that work for teens who need to make money (besides babysitting): 1. Do you have a lot of stuff you dont use anymore but is still in good condition? Get together with a friend and hold a garage sale. Be sure to let people know...


Lazy Gardening for Healthy Yards

Lazy Gardening for Healthy Yards
Thank you for sharing the information and the beautiful picture. I enjoy gardening and hope to do something with my new yard this spring!


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Living Room Curtain Color Advice?
Think about your tastes. What colors do you like; are bright colors or neutrals more your style? A rich red might go well with the black and white. Maybe you would like champagne hues for a softer look? When you pick out a few colors, think about how the curtains...


Winter View of the Grand Canyon (Arizona)

Winter View of the Grand Canyon (Arizona)
I apologize... you need to visit a location at the South Rim to get this view. The North Rim of the Grand Canyon is generally closed during the winter. Happy traveling!


Potted tomatoes sitting on old garden bench.

Patio Tomato Bench
Thanks for this neat tip!


Fair Trade Coffee

Brew a Cup of Fair Trade Coffee
Protecting the basic rights of farmers is an issue I also care about deeply. While the Fair Trade Federation establishes a minimum wage for farmers, does it also enforce a minimum wage for hired field workers? And is this wage a living wage? One cooperative...



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