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Crafts Made With Clothespins

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A cute bird made with a clothespin.

Clothespins can be used in making a wide variety of craft projects. This is a guide about crafts made with clothespins.


Solutions: Crafts Made With Clothespins

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"Tiny" Doll - Pteranodons

This quick craft is inspired by the "Tiny" dolls seen on the children's program "Dinosaur Train." The dolls are meant to look like pteranodons made from sticks and leaves.

Approximate Time: 3 minutes


  • spring-less clothespin
  • silk floral leaf
  • silk floral flowers (optional)
Materials needed for craft.


  1. Remove the leaf and/or flowers you are using from the floral stem by pulling it off.
  2. Place nubby end of leaf/flower between the prongs of the wooden clothespin at the bottom.
  3. Sliding leaves up the inside of clothes pin.

  4. Push the leaf/flower up toward the middle of the clothespin. As it moves higher, the clothespin narrows, tightly holding the leaf or flower.
  5. Add additional flowers or leaves if you like. Secure with tape or glue if desired.
Completed doll.

By Kirsten from Logan, UT

Making Clothespin Dolls

Clothespin DollClothes pins have long been a starting point for making many different craft projects. This is a guide about making clothespin dolls.

Tip: Glittery Wooden Clothes Pins for Christmas Ornaments

Spray pin with cheap white paint and use what ever coloring items you want. Good for chip bag clips, refrigerator magnets (glue a strip of magnetic piece to pin). I like glitter for Christmas tree ornaments. When clipped on to pine tree the tree lights really reflect the glitter.

By Cindy from Key West, FL, USA

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