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Consumer Advice

Company Complaints

Tips and solutions about saving time and money registering company complaints.

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Product Complaints 

Resolving a Dispute with a Dry Cleaner
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Dry Cleaners Ruined Down Filled Pillows

I took two of my down-filled pillows to the cleaners. I asked if they could clean them, especially the shell. I pointed out that they were down filled, they said "Yes, no problem". I went to pick them up ($12/pillow) and they were flatter than a duvet. Any suggestions for compensation?

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Making a Consumer Complaint

This guide is about making a customer complaint. When dissatisfied with a company, getting them to act can be a challenge.

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Panasonic TV Only Lasted Three Years

The Panasonic Pt-61lcz70 that I only had for about 3 years had the picture go out. Is this normal for it to go out so fast? Anyone else have problems with this model TV?

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Problems Getting a Refund from Orbitz or United Airlines

How and who do I turn to to get my refund from Orbitz and/or United Airlines? Both are saying the error was not made by them and I have discussed the error made by United Airlines as per their customer relations representative.

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Problems With Sprint Cell Phone Service

Does anyone know any attorney out there that handles Sprint overbilling?

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Internet Service Worse Since Verizon Purchased Alltel

This inquiry is concerning Verizon's recent purchase of Alltel Telephone Co. I live in a rural area of central Virginia and until recently was using the service of Alltel Telephone Co. with an air card for my computer.

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Difficulty Getting Investment Funds Released at ING

I have had a 403B account with ING for the past 8 years. I completed the paperwork on March 1st and faxed it to the company for release of my funds. On the 9th, I called and found that the paperwork had been left on the fax and never processed.

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Resolving ATT Billing Problems

For the past 6 months I have been billed for each long distance call individually. I have the "unlimited" long distance plan. Each month I'm told it will be fixed, result of a "computer glitch", etc. I'm past frustrated.

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Company Review: Publix Grocery

I recently bought a food dehydrator and wanted to try beef jerky. I read the instructions and it said to use aged lean beef. I went to Publix Grocery and asked what time they marked their meat down and was told they did not.

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Problems with USPS Mail Delivery

Where can I call and/or write about my mail not being delivered as it is addressed? Even though my street address is the " address on the envelope"? The mail lady still insists on putting all my mail in my P.O. box.

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Contacting Magic Jack Customer Service

I need a phone number for Magic Jack where I can speak to a real person in Customer Service to assist me with my return. Thank you.

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Complaint About Sam's Club Customer Service

The reason that I am writing is to offer my feedback from my most recent visit to Sam's. Upon arriving to this store, my intention was to receive a new card because I had misplaced my old card that I had had for years.

Contacting Companies for Complaint Resolution

Telephone your local library and ask for the "Business Section". Once someone answers, tell them you want the name, title and address of the CEO, President, (whatever) and also the same for your local District Manager of the Company in question. Send your complaint to the CEO and President, copy to the Sr. V.P...

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Consumer Conplaint: Villa Nuria Apart Hotel, San Pedro Sula, Honduras

When I saw Villa Nuria on the internet, It looked nice. I read the good reviews and ignored the bad ones. Wrong thing to do! - The bad reviews were right so I am filing this complaint so others can be

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Consumers Beware Of Quicken Loans

If anyone is researching companies to refinance to get a loan on the equity in your home, do not use Quicken Loans, Inc. The company is misleading from the first conversation and you will end up losing any money they request ($300 - $750) for a "Good Faith Estimate"...

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Where Can I Post Complaints About Companies?

Which web sites do I post dissatification with Electrolux, Tappin, Lowes Customer Service and a local repair agency? I have a less than a year old microwave that died the day before Thanksgiving and is still not fixed. I dealt with a repair company that has told Frigidaire that it has been fixed (the guy was here 5 min).

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Movers Stealing Belongings

2 1/2 years ago, my daughter moved back from NY to CA. The movers stole many of her things,(anything in the original boxes they could sell at flea markets) damaged others and lost or stole a good antique hat collection.

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Problems With Vons.com

I had a bad experience with online shopping with vons.com. First of all my grocery order was 3 hours late. I was charged for items that were missing and the fruit and vegetables were smashed or rotted and a water bottle was broken. I called the service rep dept. and they were totally apathetic.

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Warning About Jennifer Convertibles

This is just a shout out for some of you who may be considering Jennifer Convertibles i.e. the ad on TV of the two recliners for cheap. We are redecorating our living room, I saw this ad and did some research online.

Cingular Wireless Complaints

Cingular Wireless Complaints. How do I make a complaint against Cingular wireless?

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