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▲︎ Family Reunion Parties


Family Reunion Parties

Tips and ideas about saving money planning, hosting and throwing a family reunion party.

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Gag Gifts for Family Reunion
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Reunion Gag Gift Ideas

I need some ideas for gag gifts for a family reunion. Longest married? Longest dating? Newlyweds? Closest to childhood home? Couple with the oldest child?

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Ideas for a Family Reunion

I am looking for ideas for a family reunion. This will be the first reunion we have had in over twenty years. The age range will be mostly from twenty to seventy years old with a few younger ones attending. I am looking for some clever ideas on simple decorations and door prizes.

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Goodies for Family Reunion Guest Bags

Our 47th annual family reunion is coming to Minnesota in July and the Bloomington convention center has been a great help. However, we love to put some goodies in our bags, but I am already over budget. Do you have any suggestions where I can get goodies for my bags (donations).

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Places for a Family Reunion in East Texas

I'm planning a family reunion for my family and I'm having a difficult time finding a location. I am looking for a building where we can be on the inside or outside with lots of space for kids to run and play. Any suggestions?

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Family Reunion Prize Ideas
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Inexpensive Family Reunion Venue in Sioux Falls

We are planning a two day family reunion to be held in Sioux Falls, South Dakota in the summer of 2013. We would like to meet inside on either a Saturday or Sunday. (The other day, we'll meet in a park.)

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Starting a Family Reunion Tradition
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Rent Camp Cabins For Family Reunion

Several years ago, I planned a large family reunion at our state church camp. We rented the cabins with cots only for a nominal cost.

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Planning a Family Reunion
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Wording for a Family Reunion Announcement

We are planning a family reunion and I need to know how to write the first letter, not in full details, but to say we are having one and when. I don't know what else to say after that. Can you give me the format on what to say?

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Planning Family Reunion Activities

What would be a good gift for the tallest person?

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Where Can I Get Free Stuff to Fill Reunion Goodie Bags?

I am planning a first time family reunion in Orlando, FL this August. I need ideas of where to write to, other than the local tourism bureau, for free fillers for attendee goodie bags.

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Gag Gifts for Family Reunion

I'm looking for ideas for gag gifts for our family reunion. The categories will include, oldest, youngest, most childen, etc. Any ideas?

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Family Reunion Prize Ideas

At our family reunions, we always have a nose to toes and whoever has the ticket that is drawn gets the prize. Last year we had a quilt made with the t-shirts we had the year before. They had pictures of the relatives on them. I need ideas for this year.

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Location for Family Reunion in East Texas

I'm organizing our very first family reunion and looking for a location. We don't want to camp out (TX in July), but we want that woodsy-feel and want to organize/coordinate our own activities, food, etc.

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Ideas for a Family Reunion

I'm working on our 1st family reunion. I'm the next to oldest of 10. I want to have each of the siblings wear a different color shirt and have all their children and grandchildren also wear their color. I'm looking for a way to personalize them.

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Family Reunion Games and Entertainment

I'm trying to think of a few games that would suit a Family Picnic that would include young and old alike. I'd like to put some new ideas into the entertainment at the picnic. I want to refresh, surprise and put new life into the continuation of this gathering into the future.

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Family Reunion Camping Locations

I am in charge of a family reunion summer of 2008. We have people who will not camp, people who do not have money, others who love to camp. Every time we have a reunion we usually find a camping place to please those who don't have money.

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Family Reunion Invitations

I am looking ideas for making do it yourself invitations for a family reunion.

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Family Reunion Centerpieces

I'm planning a family reunion in April in Florida. I need table centerpieces. My father has 10 siblings and I would like to have ten tables to represent each sibling. Any suggestions?

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Dealing with Smoking at Family Gatherings

When I am hosting a large party or family reunion, I have no problem banishing the smokers from smoking in my house or garage. However, I am not keen on picking up cigarette butts from the yard or even out of a container I have provided outside.

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Fun Game for Reunions or Game Nights

I wanted to share a game idea that's great for family reunions, neighbor game-nights or whatever, it's so fun and hilarious! I've never heard of it before, perhaps some of you have. It's called "How's Yours?" and everyone is sitting either in the living room or kitchen, wherever. . .

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Family Reunion Theme Ideas

My boyfriends mother is having her first Family Reunion next year. Can any one give me some Party Theme ideas?

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Starting Our First Family Reunion

I would like information on starting a family reunion. Tereas from Florida

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Guess-for-the-Goodies (Family Reunion Game)
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Ideas for Reunion in Arlington, Texas

We have a reunion every year, and in a different city. This year I am planning the reunion here in Arlington, Texas but don't know where to have it. Where are some great spots to have it? Do you have any ideas for a theme? For an example "building the gap", "staying connected", etc. Any ideas? Dorothy Norwood

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Starting a Family Reunion Tradition

I want to start a family reunion tradition. We don't have one now but our family is getting pretty large with brothers and sisters moving away with kids, often to different states. My sister and I have decided to start to plan a family reunion and we hope to have it be a yearly event. What I am wondering is if anyone out there does this and if they have any advice? What works for you? Any tips or advice would be appreciated. Jules in TX

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