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▲︎ Fruit Trees


Fruit Trees

This page contains tips and advice about buying and growing fruit trees.

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Avocado Fruit Falling Too Early

Our avocado tree is dropping its fruit too early. They are small, milky once ripened, and tasteless. We have watered, but not fertilized her for a few years.

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Pruning a Fig Tree

To what height can I cut back a mature fig tree to get it to grow like a bush instead?

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Avocado Tree Leaves Turning Brown and Falling

My avo-tree is now seven years old and is bearing fruit for the second year, why is it loosing so many brown leaves during springtime?

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Adding Lime to Fruit Trees

Can I put lime on my fruit trees, especially my citrus trees, and when do I do it?

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Growing Crabapples
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Dwarf Orange Tree Trunk Too Thin

I have been growing a dwarf orange tree indoors for several years. It continues to grow taller and appears to be in good health. The problem is that the branches and the main trunk are the same in diameter.

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Mayhaw Tree Care

My tree had lots of mayhaw berries, but they were covered in a rust-like powder so none were fit to make jelly. What do I do for next year's crop?

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Growing a Bradford Pear Tree
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Raising Peach Trees From Seeds

I have a friend who lives about 50 miles away, at the foot of the mountain. On a tip from her wiser friend, she piled everything left from canning peaches in a heap in the garden.

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Something Is Eating The Leaves On My Weeping Cherry

Something is eating my leaves in my weeping cherry tree.

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Garden: Crab Apple Tree
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Planting Peach Pits

Can I get some information on planting peach pits?

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Banana Tree (Musa)
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Starting a Cherry Tree from a Pit

Can I plant a sweet cherry pit and grow a tree?

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Planting Dwarf Fruit Trees in Pots

I would like advice on growing dwarf fruit trees in a pot.

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When Are Figs Ripe?

I have a fig tree that I planted 3 summers ago. It has grown well and is now about 7 feet tall. We have let 4 main shoots remain and cut back the others. We bought it at a flea market and I do not know what kind of fig it is.

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Late Maturing Apple Tree

I am trying to find an old apple tree variety that used to grow outside of our house. I know this variety is at least 100 years old and would love to replace the dead tree with a new one of the same variety. It is a late maturing apple, yellowish green in color, sweet and crisp.

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Planting Fruit Trees in The Fall

I want to plant lilacs and also some fruit trees. Do you do that in the fall?

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