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Building a Build-in Bed

How do you build a built-in, full size bed for an adult?

Read 3 Answers
Fiberglass Furniture

I want know how to manufacture FRP furniture and any other FRP products such as, doors.

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Decorating Wood Furniture
Read 3 Answers
Build Your Own Sofa

How can I make a sofa?

Read 2 Answers
Making Bookshelves On the Stair Rails

How do I make a bookcase shelves on the rail of a stairs? I have a small space house. Thank you.

Read 2 Answers
Making a Space Saving Kitchen Table

Does anyone have an idea or instructions for making a space saving kitchen table that attaches to a windowsill, maybe folding under the window?

Read 1 Answer
Making a Seat Lift from a Recliner

How can a seat lift be made for a recliner chair? I need one badly. If anyone has a clue please let me know. Thank you.

Read 3 Answers
Making Cushion For Porch Swing

I have a new wooden porch swing and I'd like to make my own cushion for it. I sew but I don't know what fabric would hold up in the outdoor weather. It's underneath my porch, but I'm afraid the moisture might ruin it. I need some ideas.

Read 4 Answers
Making Cushions For Wicker Furniture

I need to make chair cushions for my wicker furniture, just the bottom. Does anyone have a pattern along with a list of material they used?

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Making A Papasan Chair Cushion

How can I make a papasan chair cushion without putting a lot of money into it? I bought the frame at a Goodwill and found a way to make a cushion, but I just wondered if I could get some other ideas? Thanks!

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Advice For Making Cabinet Doors

I am planning making mdf cabinet doors. I want to know if anyone has done this before and/or if anyone has tried routing out a square in the center?

Read 4 Answers
Building Inexpensive Table and Shelving

I am a clothing designer living in a TINY studio apartment looking for a cheap table (preferably a high one that is big enough to work on), and shelving that I'm assuming would fit under the table. I'm okay at building things, but maybe you know a cheap way to make shelving and a table? Please give me advice!

Read 5 Answers
Making Your Own Futon

How do you make you own futon and futon chair frame?

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Homemade Mattress Ideas

I'm looking for inexpensive ideas on creating a mattress to sleep on. I can't believe there is so much labor and materials in a good mattress that they have to charge the ridiculous prices I see in stores nowadays.

Read 11 Answers
Corner Dining Booth With Storage

We live in a railroad layout apartment in NYC and we want to build our own corner dining booth, i.e. a table with a rounded or two-sided banquette with storage space. We have scanned the net and books and we cannot find exactly what we need. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Read 8 Answers
Make Your Own Chalkboard

You can make a chalkboard to fit any size of frame. Just take a thin, smooth board (smooth plywood works well for this), cut to the desired size and paint it with dark primer. Let that dry and spray paint it with chalkboard paint, which you can buy at your local hardware store.

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Making a Crate Sofa

I'm in the process of building a crate style sofa. I have a major back and leg problem and this is the only style I can sit on and be comfortable. I have all the measurements for the outside frame, 76"L x 32"W x 25"H. However I don't have the seat height.

Read 3 Answers
Recovering a Sofa

Do you have a sofa that has seen better days? I have one that the material was really worn and had started to rip in places. It was second hand when it came to us but my children were very young then and helped it deteriorate.

Construction Drawing of a Bearchair

Hello, I'm trying to find a construction drawing of a bearchair. Over here, in Holland, I can not find one. Can somebody help me out? Peter

Read 10 Answers
Constructing My Own Bed

I am in the middle of designing props for my stage production however, I am stuck as I need to create a bed from scratch. If anyone knows anything, what materials I should use and why, as well as a step by step guide on how to do it, I would be very grateful. Thanks From James from Sheffield

Read 10 Answers
Build Your Own Bed

I have Several Grand kids who live with me. Would like to build two twin beds for them. Cant afford to buy them. any body have any ideas. Thanks, Sharyl

Read 8 Answers