June 9, 2011

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Grilled SalmonSalmon is my favorite. On the grill? Even better!


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Quick and Easy Peanut Butter CookiesCombine all ingredients in large bowl; mix well. Drop by teaspoonfuls onto cookie sheet. Bake 10-15 minutes or until lightly browned, at 350 degrees F.


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Lemon Drop CookiesLuscious and lemony cookies.


A bird on a table and perched on a metal bowl.

Really Tasty Bread (for Birds)A mix of healthy ingredients for your bird, baked into a bread, and served warm every day. My birds love it and will gobble it right up; and I like it because it's healthy for the birds.


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Sweet Potato PuddingAll ingredients do not have to be exact. Very easy, and can be made in different time slots when cooking.


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Grilled Lime Jalapeno ChickenWonderful served over a bed of cilantro lime rice, cilantro lime orzo, or diced to use in tacos.


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Seafood Pasta SaladA cool pasta salad helps make a great summer meal.


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South of the Border PizzaPreheat oven to 450 degrees F. Place pizza crust on ungreased pizza pan or baking sheet. Arrange beans, corn, tomato, and jalapeno over pizza crust. Sprinkle evenly with cheese.


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Easy Low-Fat Fruit SaladDrain canned fruit, reserving juice in large bowl. Add pudding mix to reserved juice; stir until thickened. Combine drained fruit, apples and grapes in large bowl.



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Recycling School SuppliesWhen I was art director for Bible School, I would setup boxes in the schools with the request they ask parents before donating, and they would dump their old supplies in the last day of school.


After a spring rain in Hampton, TN, with mist over the trees.

Scenery: After a Spring Rain (Hampton, TN)It is so beautiful after a shower here in Tennessee. I wanted to share it with you.


Decorative CDs hanging over a outdoor deck.

CDs to Decorate OutdoorsMy students leave me a file of CDs after every semesters as part of the compilation of their projects. After reviewing the contents, all of them go up on our trees, trellis, or around the garden.


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Make Your Own Sausage PattiesMy husband is both diabetic and has heart problems. He has always eaten sausage for breakfast and the sausage we would buy in the grocery store always had additives and more fat in them then he could handle.


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Reclaim Water Generated by A/C UnitA friend recently put me onto catching the water that my air conditioning unit produces. Living in Florida, I have been able to recycle at least two gallons of pure water daily.


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Hot Baby Oil Hair TreatmentIf your hair needs conditioning, give your hair a treat and try this hot oil treatment. In a small bottle or medicine container, put 1 tablespoon of generic baby oil, or more depending on how long your hair is.


Pink bleeding heart flowers

How to Grow Old-Fashioned Bleeding...The old-fashioned bleeding heart has been a favorite flower for generations of gardeners. In fact, your mother or grandmother probably had bleeding hearts growing in their gardens. A perfect perennial for the shade. Here are some tips for growing them.


Orange and black butterfly on a tree

Wildlife: Orange ButterflyA butterfly befriended my son. I think it would have hung out on him all day, if we'd stayed outside. I was hoping to catch a picture of it with its wings spread open. So I kept trying to get it to move, until I finally captured it with its wings open!


Magnetic arm band finished.

Dad's Magnetic HelperI stayed with my son while he was remodeling his house and tried helping in whatever way I could. I noticed that he would save any nails and screws that were laying around by loading his pockets with them or there would be several little piles of them throughout the house.


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Provide Nesting Materials for BirdsI have several wire feeders that I put suet cakes in during the Winter to feed the birds. Just as nesting season comes, I fill them with cut hair, colored pieces of string or yarn, dryer lint and shredded paper strips.


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Attached Pill Box to RefrigeratorI have one of those 7 day vitamin/ herbal supplement containers, and every week I fill it up with the week's takings. In order to remember, I glued a magnetic strip length wise on the bottom of the container.


A planted garden in a fenced in back yard.

Beautiful Garden in a HurryI had just moved in at the beginning of summer last year and found a fabulous deal on flowers! There wasn't a flower bed on my acre! So right over my grass, I laid Eco Friendly roofing paper.


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Iron While SeatedMy spine is arthritic, so I have a problem standing for long periods. I started a few months ago to use my chair for ironing. If your ironing board is an adjustable height, you can sit down and lower it until it's comfortable.


A German Shepard puppy on a patio outside.

Duke (German Shepherd)Duke is the newest member of our household. We bought Duke from the a German Shepherd rescue out of Staunton, VA. He has only been with us for two days and is already adapting. Training is going better then we could have hoped for.


A close up of a snowman's face.

Scenery: Snowman (Tennessee)The children went out back to make a snowman. I was sure they would get a small one and call me out there. When I went out there to look, they had made a giant one. They used a chair to finish the details on the head.


Climbing Hydrangea

Garden: Climbing HydrangeaThis is a climbing Hydrangea. They take forever to bloom but my patience has been rewarded this year. Next year it will probably have more blooms yet. They are know to take up to 7 years to bloom. Mine is 6 years old and grows up a hickory tree.


The dirty soles of four girls feet, all in a row.

Photo: Dirty FeetWe'd been remodeling the house, trying to add on another bedroom. The original house is well over 120 years old, so there's lots of old, fine creosote like dust and dirt. Apparently Hubby didn't clean the floor very well, because the girls' feet were no longer clean.


Two pygmy goats in a yard.

Scenery: Pigmy GoatsMy baby Pygmy goats are wonderful additions to the family farm. They eat all the brush, weeds and poison ivy plants. They give milk, soap, cheese, and butter; all with a funny attitude.


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Homemade Pre-Wash SprayPut these ingredients into a clean spray bottle and shake to mix. Be sure to clearly label the bottle, to use this pre-wash just spray on the stained area of clothing and wash immediately.


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Finely Chopped Hardboiled EggsWhen I need my hard-boiled eggs finely chopped for recipes such as Cobb Salads, I peel them and run them through one of those netted bags that holds garlic. Just push through over your bowl!


Chicken wire being used in an outdoor garden.

My Frugal Life: Recycling In the GardenThere is nothing better than something cold in the hot weather, and ice cream fills the bill for us! I frequently plant pinto beans in these wonderful containers.


A grey tabby kitten on the floor of a house.

Shiba (Kitten)Shiba is one month old. We got her from a friend. She is a very loving, caring, warm, and playful kitten. She loves playing with toys, watching TV, looking outdoors, walking, and chasing birds.


No Name Rose

Garden: Unknown RoseThis is the only rose on this bush right now. It is always fun to find a bargain at the $.99 store, even if they have taken the name tags off. This is not a miniature rose bush, but it is smaller than most.


A red tailed hawk at the top of an evergreen tree.

Red Tailed HawkThis guy is also a frequent visitor. He helps keep the the squirrel population under control, and also goes after the crows. Crows eat the eggs of other birds.


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Vanilla Extract for Fish OdorWhen we were first married, an ice storm hit our area while we were away. We returned home to find our new freezer full of spoiled shrimp and venison. The smell was horrible! I tried everything to get the odor out, but nothing worked.



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Inexpensive Alternative to Satellite TV Service?What is the most cost effective way to watch TV news and shows? We live in a very remote area on a small non-profit farm and can't afford any more increases.


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Best Way to Start Flower Seeds?What is the best way to start flower seeds, should I put them in peat pots and wait till they sprout to plant them or should I just put the seeds in the ground and let them grow that way? Help!


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Kitchen Backsplash Ideas?I have a small galley type kitchen. I am painting my cabinets light gray, the trim white, and walls sunny yellow. The cabinet hardware is flat black and the countertops are black. I have one stretch of cabinets 11' long and the other, between stove and fridge, is approximately 5' long.


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Painting Over Dark Paint?What is primer? Can you please describe what it is or perhaps better still its purpose. I really need to know how to paint dark paint without removing it as I am highly allergic to that stuff that removes the old paint.


Selling Spanish Moss?Can you give any ideas on finding Spanish moss buyers?Thanks.


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Summer and Fall Blooming Bulbs?What bulbs produce flowers in the summer and fall? I think all mine are


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Getting Rid of Japanese Beetles on Basil Plants?How do you keep Japanese beetles off of basil plants? They are eating holes in mine.


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Distilling Water at Home?If I put some water in a jug and let it sit, is that like distilled water?


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Dye Transferred in the Wash?I put a children's t-shirt in with my wash, by mistake. The t-shirt is white, the front is white and pink, it came out of the wash light blue.


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Getting Rid of an Armadillo?How do I catch or trap an armadillo? It is digging up everything.


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Removing Water Stains from Barn Board Paneling?Does anyone know of an inexpensive way to remove water stains from barnboard paneling? I have gone on Google and tried the mineral oil method, but the wood doesn't seem to be drying.


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