June 15, 2011

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Easy Pinto Bean Chili SoupA cool variation on chili recipes. Like the Mexican flavor.


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Make Your Own Trail MixSummer is here, and there all sorts of activities that are made more enjoyable if you have a nice little bag of your very own special trail mix in your pocket.


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Oatmeal CookiesOne of my favorite recipes.


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Salmon and Bacon SandwichUsing leftovers and a few pantry items, this makes a delicious and filling lunchtime sandwich. I've used the spread as a veggie dip for years and thought it might work on this - and oh, does it ever.


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Broccoli SaladThis is a recipe my stepmom used to make when my dad was alive. It was a family get together favorite.


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9 Layer Chicken CasseroleI love casseroles! This is one of the best I've had, and so easy!


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Coke Cherry SaladI remember my Aunt making this yummy treat in the hot summer months! It only takes a very few minutes to make, at any time of the year. Just 5 ingredients. I have shared this recipe with so many people!



Baby armadillos outside in Louisiana.

Wildlife: Baby ArmadillosHere in Louisiana, armadillos are far from rare, but seeing these babies was a real treat. Pictured are three armadillos. They are always born as quadruplets, but one was a little camera shy!


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Wax Car FreshenerI love scented candles, and now I use the wax that is left to freshen my car. I always have a big chunk of wax left when the wick has burned through. Put the wax in a baggie or on a paper plate and pound or cut into chunks.


Tracing a pattern using recycled liners from cereal boxes.

Cereal Box Liners For PatternsYou can use cereal box liners for tracing patterns and cutting sewing patterns. When cereal box liners are empty, carefully pull them apart to flatten at the seams. If done slowly, they won't tear.


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Keep A Notebook By Your Bed For Night IdeasI always keep a small book or paper and a pen by my bed, so I can write down ideas that come to me during the night. I have even written down poems in the middle of the night and things I want to remember to tell people about or to do myself.


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Extending Fragrance Of A CandleI had a Febreeze Candle that was getting towards the bottom. I decided to add some hot water which helped the fragrance last a little longer.


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Reuse Takeout Containers For LeftoversI save most of the better take-home containers we get from eating out at restaurants, some are quite sturdy. Whenever any of my married kids comes over for a meal at my house, I'll usually send some leftovers home with them for their lunch the next day.


A white ferret coming out of the wire cage.

Other Uses for CardboardI use cardboard squares, which I cut out of cartons, etc., to put in the corner of the guinea pig cage and also in the ferret cage. These animals usually pick a couple of places to go and go there all the time, making this idea work.


An orange and white cat on a harness outside.

Use a Cat HarnessI have just recently moved into a senior's complex and do not like to let my cat roam on his own. He has never been on a harness before and quickly got out of any I tried.


A brown and white dog looking at the camera.

Gabby (Boxer)Gabby is a 3 1/2 month old Boxer. I got her 2 months ago, at the age of 6 weeks. She likes to play with her ball and wrestle with Madison (my other dog). She's so silly and just loves to make me laugh.


Homemade Pedialyte

Homemade PedialyteTo make your own Pedialyte, mix 2 quarts of water with 1 tsp. baking soda, 7 tsp. sugar, 1 (1/4 oz.) package of powdered drink mix like Kool-Aid, and 1/2 tsp. salt.


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Use Coffee Maker for Hot WaterWhen you need hot water, use your coffeemaker. When a recipe calls for a cup of hot water, run the water through the coffeemaker.


A card with a black and white photo of a man in a car.

Vintage Photo Father's Day CardI recently discovered some old family photos in my mother's cupboard. The photos are more than 50 years old, and all of them are coming from the era when black and white photos were still regarded as fashionable.


Finished apron made out of a canvas bag.

Canvas Bag ApronTurn a canvas bag into an easy to make apron. Great for use at summer barbecues!


A stack of fabric flower bowls in blue and red.

Fabric BowlsMake a few denim fabric bowls for your next picnic. They are stackable, sturdy, washable, thrifty, and easy to construct. Use scrap denim, contrasting fabric scraps, and something for batting.


A white cat hiding behind some grass in the yard.

In Memory of Sebastian (Cat)Sebastian would be 10 years now. In January of 2001, my sister and I got Sebastian as a birthday gift for our dad, so he couldn't say no! The woman who found him as a kitten had already taken care of his shots.


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Keeping Garden Flag on HolderI have a darling little garden flag on a stake in my flower bed that the wind whips it until it comes off the curved end!


An oriole looking through the window from outside.

Wildlife: Oriole Pecking at the WindowThis spring I put up a oriole feeder, with the hopes of attracting these beautiful birds. What a surprise we had, when they arrived. One came to the window, tweeting and pecking. Our feeder was not near the window.


A small shallow river running through some woods.

Scenery: River (Hinckley, Ohio)When I lived in Hinckley, Ohio, we had a beautiful river that ran for miles and miles. I walked along this river. It was only 2 feet deep, when I got to my end which was Hinckley Lake.



Peonies from My BackyardI cut these peonies because a thunderstorm was coming. I took this picture, because I think they are really beautiful. Hope you like them, too.



Small dining table in corner of room

Accent Wall Paint Color Advice?I am trying to decide what color to paint for an accent wall. They are cream, in between a yellow and white right now with white trim. My sofas are red, mostly all my living room furniture is black, but I have paintings that have very vivid colors in them, blues, greens, reds, browns.


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Where Can I Buy Borax?At which store can you buy borax in Bellbrook, Ohio?


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Vegetable Plants Wilted After Spraying With Spectracide?Spectracide insect killer was applied to our garden two mornings ago with a hose end sprayer and now the squash, cucumber, and tomato plants are all wilted. Will they come out of this?


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Cleaning Grease Buildup on Kitchen Cabinets?Does it hurt to use Dawn dishwashing liquid on oak kitchen cabinets to remove grease build up?


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What is Cilantro?Can you please explain to me what cilantro is? There is a nice recipe from Robin which uses cilantro and I have to idea what this is.


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Marbling Fabric Using Liquid Starch?How do I use Sta Flo starch to print on fabric?


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Flower Safe Weed Killer?What weed killer can I use that won't kill my flowers? They are beginning flowers that have not budded yet, they are cock's combs. Please help. There are so many weeds mixed in with them and I'm afraid to pull them because I am pulling the roots of the flowers up too.


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Removing Stains from a Zinc Plated Wall?Please advise me on how to remove stubborn stains from a zinc plated wall. Thanks.


Plant with red trumpet shaped flowers and dark green leaves

What is This Flower? (Mandevilla)I bought this flower recently, but am not sure what its called. Does anyone know?


Toddler Cries Excessively?I am a mother of two. I have a 4 year old and a three year old. My 4 year old Zoey is no problem and is very well behaved, but my 3 year old Ashlyn cries over everything way more than a 3 year old should. She is very clingy to me and will not ask her dad for anything. She always asks me and she cries over everything from her sister playing with a toy she wants to not being able to put on her shoes by herself. When we try to tell her that everything is OK and to stop crying and use her words she somewhat calms down, but is still upset over the situation and continues to whine.


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Depression Era Cookbook?Is there someone out there who has a "Depression Era cookbook" that they are willing to share with me? I would appreciate it so very much. Thank you for your time and kindness. Take care, God bless you, and your loved ones.


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Using Lime Leaves to Repel Mosquitoes?Do lime leaves repel mosquitoes?


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Water Not Getting to Icemaker?My ice maker is no longer making ice. The water doesn't feed into the icemaker, but I get water from the dispenser. We have cleaned out the ice bin and used the hair dryer to defrost everything. Any suggestions? The refrigerator is about 5 years old.


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Using Air Wick Refills in Glade PlugIns?Do Air Wick refills fit in Glade PlugIns?


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Getting Rid of Gnats with Pets in the House?I have a cat, but we just started to get gnats and were going to fog the house. We don't know what to do with our cat Davy. Help please!


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Cat Splashes Water Out of Bowl Then Drinks?One of my two tabby cats, the older (age 15ish) paws most of the water out of their water bowl. He then laps it up off the floor. This happens about 80% if the time. I've seen him drink out of the bowl normally.


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Buy Now Pay Later Clothing Sites?I am looking for clothes I can get buy now and pay for months later. Please help me find a business that offers this as an option.


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