June 19, 2011

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Potato SaladA classic picnic or pot luck recipe. Also a classic of my mom's.


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Fruit and Yogurt Ice Cream TreatEasy, refreshing, and will keep well in the freezer for about a week should you decide to double, triple, or quadruple the recipe.


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Coconut Butter Pecan Pound CakeThis cake is so easy to make and it tastes wonderful. The pecans and coconut give it a very moist texture.


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Carrot CasseroleGreat casserole dish! I like the stuffing mix in it.


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Chicken Roll-UpsThese are so good! Great for brunches or to have for an evening with friends. Another one I've found kids to like.


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Garlic BreadWe make this all the time with spaghetti, lasagna, and other Italian dishes.


Potato stuffed with cheese, jalapeno, and toppinds, served on plate

Teresa's Stuffed Baked PotatoesFast, easy, and tastes good. It is different than plain old oven baked potatoes. I like it, because everything is cooked in the potato and all I add after it is cooked is sour cream.



An African Gray parrot on the back of a chair.

Smokey (Congo African Grey)Smokey is a 17 year old Congo African Grey. I got Smokey when he was 4 months old. I had to feed him with a syringe twice a day, as he was learning how to eat on his own.


LuLuBelle Cat Birman mix

LuLuBelle (Birman Mix)LuLuBelle is a 13 year old Birman mix. She was one of our barn cat's kittens, that we brought inside when she was about 6 weeks old.


Gray kitten with a colorful scarf.

Scarves For Pet Photo BackgroundsColorful silk scarves make excellent backgrounds for pet photos. These make the animals happy, since they like to feel of them. The colors just pop out when they are used as a background or the pet is laying on them.


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Using Dark or Light Baking PansWhen you are baking breads, cakes or cookies, if you prefer a darker bottom or crust, use darker pans to bake them in. The dark pans absorb more heat and will brown your food item to a darker color.


A green decorative tray painted with gold leaves.

Decorative Wooden TrayOne can change a relatively simple tray into something quite unusual through the application of painting and stenciling techniques.


Hens and Chicks plant

Growing Hens and ChicksHen and Chicks are interesting, low-maintenance perennial plants that are rarely troubled by pests. They are also suitable to almost any outdoor garden environment - especially the rock garden. Here's what you need to know to start growing them.


hand holding a bunch of radishes

Guide to Growing RadishesThe radish is a root plant belonging to the mustard family. It is usually red, white or purple in color with a round, oval or elongated shape and peppery flavor.



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Best Paint for Clay Walls?What is the best option (oil paint, emulsion, or distemper) for walls made of clay soil mixed with rice husks?


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Freezing Cooked Corn on the Cob?Today I cooked some corn on the cob on the stove. I had a lot of leftover cobs. Is it safe to freeze them and then heat then up again in a week or so?


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Removing Gel Ink Stains From Clothing?How can I remove a gel ink stain from clothing? The suggested method on this site does not work.


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Growing Garlic?When is the best time to put in garlic bulbs?


tan cat lying on tile floor

Male Cat Won't Pee in Litterbox?I have a male Persian cat and he is peeing almost everywhere and not using the litterbox at all. But in the case of poop, he uses the litter box or the bathroom very properly. Please help me find solution; it's urgent.


Husky puppy lying on a bed

What Type of Husky is This?I've got a Husky puppy, but I have no clue what kind she is. When I got her all the owner said was she's a Husky around 3 months old. So can anyone tell me what she is?


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Inexpensive 11th Birthday Party Ideas?I need some cheap party ideas for an 11 year old girl.


Tan pup with white spot on forehead and nose sleeping on couch

What Breed is My Dog?Can someone help me on finding out what breed my 5 month old puppy is? I've only had him 2 weeks, and the people that gave him to me said he's a Pit, but I know he's not full Pit cuz he's too big.


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Fabric Material for Rice Bags?I bought a linen fabric with 50% linen and 50% rayon. Could I use it to make rice bags?


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Protecting Plants from Potato Beetles?What can you do to protect your potato plants from beetles?


Calico cat sitting next to a red apple

Cats Not Using the Litter Box?I need some help; I have a cat the has a tendency to poo on my laundry room floor. The litter pan is in the same room. What do I do? I also have one that has a tendency to pee on my bathroom floor. He also pees in my tub.


top  view of circular planter with succulents

Ideas for Hypertufa Projects?Although I have been making Hypertufa pieces for 10 years (planters, troughs, bird feeders, frog houses, etc.) I am always looking for new ideas and projects, any ideas out there?


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Troubleshooting a Pool Vacuum?I cannot keep dirt off the bottom of the pool. The vacuum will not suck up the dirt off the bottom.


yellowish leaf with dark green edges

African Violet has Long Slender Two Toned Leaves?I have five African violet plants. Only the two with white flowers had lower leaves that were long and slender, mostly light yellow in the center with a thin edging of dark green, while their newer growth has come in with more normal looking rounded dark green leaves.


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Getting Rid of Gnats in the House?We have gnats which are taking over. What is the safest way to get rid of them? They are in our bedroom, as well as the rest of our home, but mainly concentrated in the kitchen and our master bedroom.


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Keeping Neighborhood Dogs and Cats Out of the Yard?We have feeders and bird baths out for birds, I don't want to deter or harm wild birds nor upset my cat who likes to sit and lay on the window sill when the window is open. So how do we deter those neighborhood "poopers"?


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Name Ideas for a Real Estate Business?I am desperate for a name for my real estate business. Along with the real estate services, I'm doing construction, and supply marble. So I need a name that covers all these things.


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Fleas on Dog and Cats After Treating?I have a Shih tzu/Cocker mixed dog who is about 17 years old and also 6 cats. The dog is the only one that goes outside. She is so eaten up with fleas and has been chewing and pulling her hair out on her back to her tail. I have tried everything.


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Cleaning Diamonds at Home?Can you use white vinegar to clean diamonds?


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Removing Crayon from a Down Comforter?How do I remove crayon from my down comforter and cover?


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Thumb Screw for George Foreman Rotisserie Model GR82B?I have a George Forman Jr, rotisserie model GR82B. The thumb screw that holds the end wheel of the rotisserie broke and I cannot buy a thumb screw anywhere.Please help as now I cannot use the the rotisserie.Thanks.


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Making a Pet Bed from Wool Strips?I was blessed with tons of many styles and patterns of wool fabric strips. Most are 1 inch to 3 inch strips. I really would like to make several pet beds for pets in shelters or for their fundraisers.


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