July 15, 2011

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Growing Tulips

Growing TulipsThis is a page about growing tulips. Tulips are a very popular flower the world over. Learn how to grow these lovely flowers in your own yard.


Clothes inside a dryer.

Keeping Your Dryer Duct ClearThis is a page about keeping your dryer duct clear. A clogged dryer duct can prevent your dryer from working efficiently. It also poses a potential fire hazard.


Stacks of board game boxes

Saving Money on Board GamesThis is a page about saving money on board games. Board games are a great source of frugal entertainment for the whole family. Finding ways to save money when you buy them is even better.


Sliced Grapefruit

Selecting Good GrapefruitGrapefruit is a wonderful tasty and healthy treat. Knowing how to pick the best ripe grapefruits at the market can be very helpful. This is a page to selecting a good grapefruit.


Yellow birds in a cage.

Keeping a Bird Cage CleanThis is a page about keeping a bird cage clean. Birds can be messy pets. Cleaning their cage on a regular basis helps prevent the mess from building up.


Two echinacea flowers

Dividing PerennialsThis is a page about dividing perennials. Growing perennials is like having a plant factory in your own backyard. You will need to periodically divide and transplant these hardy flowers. Done properly this will provide you with a host of new plants.


A cat sitting in a garden bed.

Keeping Cats Out of the GardenThis is a page about keeping cats out of the garden. Have your or the neighbor's cats decided to use your garden as their personal litterbox? What are some effective methods of keeping our furry friends out safely?


Financial Planning

Finding a Good AccountantThis is a page to finding a good accountant. Keeping track of your finances and taxes can be real chore, especially if you own a small business. An accountant can save you a lot of money and headaches in the long run.


Man's hands sharpening scissors on grinding wheel.

Sharpening ScissorsThis is a page about sharpening scissors. It is very frustrating to grab a pair of scissors only to find that they are too dull for the job. Taking them in for sharpening can be inconvenient and costly.


An open refrigerator.

Organizing Your RefrigeratorOrganizing your refrigerator can be a daunting task. However, it can help you avoid having foods go uneaten or spoiling. This is a page about organizing your refrigerator.



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Crockpot Spaghetti SauceIt is always very hot where I live when the tomatoes and peppers are ripe, so I constantly seek out crock pot recipes. Here is one I use for spaghetti sauce.


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Marinated Greek OlivesThese olives will keep well for two weeks if kept refrigerated.


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Sopapilla CheesecakeFound this recipe online and tried it. So easy and yummy!


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Corn DogsHomemade corn dogs are the best. You can use your kids favorite brand of dogs or even use cooked sausage of choice. What is even better, is that you can vary the recipe.



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Keep Game Instructions In BinderI decided to make a copy of the instructions for all the games, put them in a centrally located loose leaf notebook binder, and if need be, make copies from this binder to include in the small bags.


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Painting Mortar Between BrickWe painted a brick house recently, and we were puzzled about how we were going to get the mortar painted short of taking a brush and painting it by hand. We took a sprayer used to fill with weed killer and thinned down the paint and sprayed the mortar in the brick.


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Use Clip Lock Bags for Freezing LeftoversI really think that the introduction of Clip Lock bags (Freezer Use) are the next best invention since sliced bread! I usually go over the top and make too much of a particular meal/soup sauce (all the kids have now left home and sadly I still cook for 6 rather than 2!).


a typical medium sized cache with our signature zilla figurine included

Geocaching: A Thrifty Adventurous New HobbyMy boyfriend Douglas introduced geocaching to us as something we could do together with my 9 year old son. It's become our newest hobby, we're totally hooked and go even when my son isn't with us.


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Saving Money For CollegeI suggest buying savings bonds for an easy way to double your money. I also suggest either saving all your spare change or just a specific coin of your choosing. We saved coins for one year and just put $651.62 in the bank.


Vintage 1940's picture of mother giving toddler drink of milk

Photo: Mom and My Sis (1940's)My mom was giving Sis a drink of warm cow's milk from a canning jar on my Uncle and Aunt's farm. She was born in 1941, and she looks to be about a year old. We had no idea milk came from cows, but Sis liked it so much she decided to take off with it.


The World Trade Center 911 Memorial being constructed in New York City.

Travel: 911 Memorial Construction (New York...My brother and I visited New York City in May. We were walking to the ferry to see the Statue of Liberty on a rainy morning and we passed the World Trade Center site.


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Meals Ideas from a Roasted ChickenEach week I buy an already roasted chicken for $4.98 from Sam's and can put together a different quick meal from it using the following recipes.


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Organizing Change the Easy WayI found four piggy banks, each one different, and put them on my night stand. Before going to bed, I get out my change from the day and place the change in the bank just for that coin.


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Easy FrostingLemon juice and some powdered sugar will make a nice glaze for a plain cake or quick bread. Just put a cup of sifted powdered sugar and a teaspoon of lemon juice in a bowl.


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Fragrant Bed PillowsI love it when the air around me smells fragrant. Here's a tip for good smelling bed linens. Find a fabric softener sheet whose scent you love, and cut it in half.


Closeup of love bottlecap magnet

Bottle Cap MagnetsThese bottle cap magnets are to hang on your fridge. You can design them any way you like, with words or even pictures.


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Iced CoffeeI don't drink a whole lot of coffee at one time, so when I am done with the pot I have made, I pour the remainder in an old, cleaned out flavored creamer container.


Duck floating on water

Wildlife: Yellow-billed Duck (Austin Roberts Bird...I went to the Austin Roberts Bird Sanctuary for some quiet time, and saw this little fellow lazily swimming around. The calmness of the water, and the beauty of the surroundings were exactly the perk-me-ups I needed!


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Selecting a Good WatermelonThe best tip I heard for choosing a ripe watermelon, is to find the darkest green one you can find without any bruises or soft spots.


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Buying Jewelry OnlineWhen you look at jewelery online, it is sometimes difficult to gauge size. If you can see the individual links or prongs, chances are it's smaller than you realize. Also, look at the hand, tweezers, or object the item is shown against.


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Cleaning Teapot and CupsI drink a pot of tea daily. My teapot and cup are white and get stained by the tea. I use a small amount of powdered dishwasher soap in the bottom of the teapot and cup, fill with hot water, and let soak for at least an hour and the stains are gone.


Pink hibiscus flower

Garden: Hibiscus Finally in BloomEvery winter our Hibiscus plants get hit hard. It takes this long for them to revive, even here in Florida. I am always amazed at how precise mother nature is with flowers.


Gramma and baby wearing white hats

Photo: White HatsWhile admiring Josephine's white hat, Nana donned a white hat. I wondered what Josephine would think if we were both wearing white hats?


Doberman wearing iPod nano

Amber Graces (Doberman Pinscher)Amber Graces is an 11 year old Doberman Pinscher. We bought her as a pup at 6 weeks old. When we went to the beach in Florida, she loved playing in the waves. We would have to keep a leash on her, so she wouldn't swim out to sea.


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Value from Alternate Classic BrandsJust picked up some little spray bottles of the classic French scent Intimate - from the 99 Cent Store! I looked it up, and it is a brand from a 50's French designer. the price at which I got it was 1/2 off even the net's discount price.



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Concord Grapes Not Setting Much Fruit?I used to have a bountiful crop. Now, even though pruned properly there are lots of leaves, but very few grapes dropping tiny bunches. What is left is uneven.


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Removing Grease Buildup on Stove Burner Control Panel?The old stove (rented apartment) has badly built up grease on the backboard where the burner knobs are. How can I remove this without removing the painted part of the finish?


Tree with spent flower stems.

What Kind of Tree is This?What kind of tree is this? It's growing in the parking lot at my office and when the flowers are blooming it makes it hard for me to breathe.


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What is This Meat Loving Flying Insect?I am an American, living in London, England. Recently, we had a problem with mice in our home. They were so numerous, you could hear them fighting and smacking into each other in the walls and behind cabinets.


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Paint Color Advice for Bathroom with Tan and Black Flecked Floor Tiles?I would like some advice on a bathroom wall color to go with medium tan ceramic tile floor and black with little green, gold, and red speckles? What do you suggest for the all color?


Closeup of plant in pot.

What is This Plant?I am trying to identify my plant. I have had it for several years and it is dying. I want to revive it, but even when slightly touched the leaves fall off. The root structure is barely there, it lays just under the top part of the dirt, but doesn't go beyond 1/2 inch or so.


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Remedy for Powdery Mildew on Succulents?I recently noticed that one of my succulent houseplants, a kalanchoe, has powdery mildew on the leaves. I just moved and it is in a new location, but nothing else has changed. How to I treat the leaves? They now have brown spots where I have wiped it off. Thank you for your suggestions.


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Choosing a Reputable Dog Breeder?I went to a breeder to pick out a Shih Tzu; she is 8 weeks old, and I really adored her, but I was a bit concerned because she had a very unpleasant wet dog smell. The breeder also had cats and a big German Shepherd who continuously licked the pups.


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Why is Step Parent's Income Included in Calculating SSI Benefits?My son is autistic and receives SSI. His biological father and I are divorced and I will be remarrying in September of 2011. My question is why would his (new husband) income be counted?


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Organizing an Upright Freezer?Is there a certain way to stack food in your upright freezer? For example, should I put meat on top shelf, ice cream on second shelf, etc.?


Determining House Cleaning Rates?I am helping out one of my good friends who is a single mom and has a booming photography business, with house cleaning. It is her and her two children. She has a four bedroom house and is looking to have me come every Saturday and do a whole house cleaning.


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Preventing Your Seatbelt from Ruining Your Clothes?Last year I bought a new 2010 Chevy Silverado pickup truck. It wasn't long until I noticed all my shirts and even my sweaters, over the winter, had what I would describe as piling or fuzz on them. I'm sure it's the lap belt part of the seatbelt.


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Buying Stick Incense?Where can you buy stick incense?


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Transplanting Wild Sweet Peas?Sweet peas grow wild along the sides of the road, where I live. Can I dig them up as the they bloom, or is it best to find them and dig in early spring?


Large brown mixed breed dog on patio.

Older Dog Has Started Peeing Inside Where He...My dog "Hoss" has started peeing where he is sleeping in the house at night recently. He has never done this before. He is only 7 years old, a German Shepherd/Lab mix. Maybe he has a UTI or needs Proin?


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Making a Three Bean Salad?I am just looking for a good old fashioned recipe for a three bean salad.


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What's Biting Me?I have bugs that keep on biting me. I've had this problem for a year and I can't get rid of them! You can't see them unless you look closely. They're white and oval shaped with no visible legs. They are kind of hard, but can be squished.


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Homemade Birthday Gift Ideas for Mom?What should I make my mom for her birthday (using household items)? I don't have much time for huge projects like sewing her a homemade patch. I only have one month and thirteen days. Please help. I need to start soon!


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Removing Greasy Buildup on Kitchen Cabinets?In my rental duplex, the kitchen cabinets are really a mess. There is years of greasy build-up. I have tried scrubbing with scrubbers, brushes, pot scrubbers, and every cleaning product I can think of. Nothing helped.


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Canister Vacuum Cleaner Reviews?I need to buy a canister vacuum with cleaning attachments. I'd appreciate hearing about brands that you've had good results with.


Yard swing with canopy.

Finding a Replacement Cushion for a Porch Swing?Where can I get a replacement cushion for my swing?


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Cleaning a Dooney and Bourke Fabric Purse?How do I clean my white fabric Dooney hand bag? I put it through the gentle cycle in the washer and hung it to dry and it is still not clean!


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Fast Growing Vines for Zone 4?Is anyone aware of a very fast and hardy vine, that will re-seed itself like the morning glory and can handle shade or all day direct sun? I want some hardy and fast climbers, that will come back year after year and be thicker.


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Recommendations for Books on Homemade Gifts for the Nonseamtress?Does anyone have any favorite books with instructions and ideas for homemade gifts? I looked at the selection in my local library, but they are full of sewing projects, and I am a wretched seamstress. I'd love to hear about people's favorite titles for making homemade gifts!


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