July 25, 2011

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Closeup of HDMI Cable

Saving Money on HDMI CablesThis is a page to saving money on HDMI cable. If you own an HDTV, then you want to get the best picture possible when you are watching TV or movies. HDMI cable offer superior picture quality, but the price of some of the cable on the market can really give you sticker shock.


Green apple sitting on the lid of a canning jar.

Canning ApplesThis is a page about canning apples. Sometimes the best way to buy apples is in bulk. If you can't eat them quickly enough, consider canning them.


Woman's Feet Running on Treadmill

Losing Weight With a Treadmill?This is a page to losing weight with a treadmill. Whether it's at the gym or in your own home, treadmills are a great way to burn some excess fat. It's an easy to exercise to multitask with other activities like reading a book or watching TV.


Homemade Wine in Glass Carboy

Making Your Own WineMaking wine at home is a fun and rewarding hobby. With the cost of some wines on the market, it's easy to save money while enjoying an excellent wine that you made. This is a page to making homemade wine.


Picture of crayon stains on a dryer door.

Cleaning Crayon Out of a DryerThis is a page about cleaning crayon out of your dryer. There is nothing worse than opening up your dryer and seeing crayon stains all over your clothes. Cleaning the stains off the clothes is only half the battle, cleaning the crayon out of the dryer can be daunting as well.


Cell Phone User Making call with Card

Saving Money on Phone CardsThis is a page to saving money on phone cards. Phone cards can be a great way to save money on long distance phone calling, especially international calls. They can also very helpful in maintaining your budget for long distance calls.


Frozen cherries.

Freezing CherriesDon't let your leftover cherries go to waste. Preserve your cherries for use throughout the year by freezing them. This is a page about freezing cherries.


Printer ink color cartridges.

Saving Money on Toner & Inkjet CartridgesThe computer printer has become a household necessity for many of us. However, the cost of toner and ink cartridges can be very expensive. This is a page about saving money on toner and Inkjet cartridges.


Piece of Lemon Cheesecake

Lemon Cheesecake RecipesLemon cheesecake is a wonderfully refreshing summer dessert treat that your whole family will enjoy. This page contains lemon cheesecake recipes.


A kiwi cut in half on top of a pile of whole kiwifruit.

Selecting Good KiwifruitThis is a page about selecting good kiwifruit. Kiwifruit, that fuzzy green fruit, is certainly a unique. It is important to find a good kiwifruit to ensure a delicious flavor.


Two ripe figs hanging on branch.

Growing FigsThis page is about growing figs. Are you considering planting a fig tree? In addition to the varieties for the traditional hotter climates, there are some that will thrive even in the Pacific Northwest.


Slice of cantaloupe with other cantaloupes in the background.

Peeling and Slicing MelonThis is a page about peeling and slicing melon. Melons are a refreshing fruit to eat in the summer. Peeling and slicing melons allows you to eat it more easily or add it to a fruit salad.


A bowl of fig jam and some fresh figs.

Fig Jam RecipesThis page contains fig jam recipes. If you like figs, you may also enjoy fig jam. Making jam is a great way to preserve your figs and share them with friends.


Bananas growing on a tree.

Growing BananasThis is a page about growing bananas. Bananas are a great fruit to grow if you live in a tropical climate.



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Selecting a CantaloupeSmell the end of the cantaloupe. You should be able to smell the sweetness.



Attend Free Summer Community EventsThis weekend, we attended Celebrate Hillsboro, an annual summer event provided by the businesses and city of Hillsboro, Oregon.


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Watch For Deals On JewelryI've found great deals on real jewelry like Seiko Watches for $1.99, only needed a battery. I've also bought pretty jewelry (not real gems) at the $1 store. It came with a necklace and earrings.


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Stock Up With Meat SalesI wait on our local Winn Dixie to have their "buy one get one free" sales on meat. This definitely saves our budget a lot of money.


Pearly button earrings

Recycle Buttons Into EarringsYou can make fun and inexpensive earrings out of buttons. You'll need a pair of cute buttons that attach to clothing with a shank, rather than flat buttons with 2-4 holes. Use wire cutters to remove the shank.


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Use Wine Racks For StorageThe people had taken one wall in their living room and instead of the normal box shaped shelves, they used the diamond shaped racks like they use to store wine on. They painted the whole thing to match their decor, and stacked magazines and books on it.


Reindeer and Lion Magnents

S.W.A.K. CrittersSend a kiss to someone you love by way of these cute little critters. With just small pieces of felt and some magnets, your love will soon be on the way. They make a cute gift for any occasion.


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Selecting a Good CantaloupeMy mother always told me to sniff the end of the melon where the stem was attached. If you can smell cantaloupe, it's ripe. The stronger the smell, the riper it is. This has worked for me every time.


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Check For Free Tree RemovalWe live in a mobile home park. There are California State rules for them which must be followed by all park owners. One of them is that if a tree poses a danger to people or property, the owner of the park must remove it.


Tublar firewood rack.

Storing FirewoodKeeping firewood elevated is so important. It not only keeps it safe from rain and the damp ground, but all the bugs and critters are less likely to move in. By keeping our wood off the ground, we have found that snakes are less likely to crawl in too.


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Lemon SherbetThis is a refreshing summer dessert that I have made time and time again. This can be made ahead if you are planning on company.



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Dyeing a T-shirt With an Existing Motif?I bought this t-shirt that has some Asian motifs on it and it is 100% cotton, but is a really bright pink.


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Repairing the Burners on a Gas Stove?I have a four-burner gas stove. However, only the two left burners work. What steps should I take to fix this? Thanks so much!


White cat laying on a couch.

Cat Has Itchy Scabs Around Neck?My cat has very itchy skin around his neck ever since he had to wear an Elizabethan collar post-op. A cortisone injection cleared up the itchy scabs, but now they've come back, and the poor old boy is scratching a lot. Is there an alternative to cortisone to ease his itching skin?


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Freezing Uncooked Potato Chips?How do you freeze uncooked potato chips to use in a restaurant? After two days, they start to change colour?


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Dog Keeps Barking at Cats?My daughter just moved and her new landlord won't let her have a pet. She gave me her Yorkshire Terrier, Bella. She is sweet, the only problem is we have cats. Every time she sees them she barks and tugs on her leash.


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Permanent Marker Stains on Clothing?Is there any way I can get permanent marker out of a top?


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Removing Odors from Carpet?We just moved into a new home, with new carpet! Now the dogs are having accidents (or are they?) on the carpet. How do I get the smell out of the carpet without spending a fortune?


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Canning Squash?Can you can squash in quart jars, if so how?


Black leather women's shoes.

Fixing Up Leather Shoes?One of my kittens attacked one of my nice leather heels I need for work. They aren't destroyed, but they certainly don't look nice anymore. There are a lot of little holes and dents in them now.


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Cleaning Zinc Canning Jar Lids?Does anyone know how to clean the metal (zinc) jar lids or covers without harming them. These are the ones that were used years ago for canning.They have a glass liner in the top of the inside cover. Thanks


Remedies for Dog With Hot Spots?What can I use on my dog that has hot spots on his skin? He is always scratching and biting his skin. Thanks I need some hope.


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Current Rates for Housekeepers?What is the going rate for a housekeeper once a week?


Two trunk tree on a hill.

Getting Rid of Tree Stump?I have a tree/weed that I need to kill. I cut it in half. It's still about 9 ft. tall and 6 ft. in diameter. I think it's a brush wattle. How do I get it gone?


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Inspirational Romance Novels for Older Adults?I love to read the short inspirational novels, the Love Inspired and Harlequin, but they are all geared to younger adults. I would love to read stories about baby boomers or 50+. Does anyone know of a series or author that writes this type of novel?


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Using Kilz Exterior Primer Inside?Can I use Kilz exterior primer as an interior primer in my bathroom?


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Cutting Down One of Two Apple Trees?We have two apple trees in our back yard. This year we have so many apples and we do not eat them. We were thinking of cutting down one tree, but would the mate survive after 40 years?


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