October 17, 2011

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Hand picking weeds

Controlling Weeds OrganicallyThis is a page about controlling weeds organically. There are many effective ways to control weeds without the use of herbicides. With just a little extra elbow grease you can safely destroy those weeds.


Blue gloved hand cleaning mold on shower walls with a toothbrush.

Homemade Mold and Mildew Surface...This page contains homemade mold and mildew surface cleaner recipes. Mold and mildew can not only cause terrible allergic reactions and asthma attacks, but also can be difficult to remove, especially in wetter climates. Many commercial cleaners are both expensive and toxic to use. Homemade cleansers are often just as effective and gentler on both the environment and the person doing the cleaning.


A trio of savory Asian sauces.

Homemade Asian CondimentsThis is a page about making Asian condiments at home. These spicy, sweet or highly flavored sauces can be traditionally found in countries such as Japan or Vietnam, or can be influenced by modern Asian Fusion cooking.


Man's hands cleaning a leather couch.

Leather Furniture Cleaner Recipes?This page contains recipes for leather furniture cleaners. Leather furniture is big investment and needs to be cleaned properly.


Pastel swirled marshmallows in various shapes.

Making Homemade MarshmallowsThis page is about making homemade marshmallows. Once you have made your own marshmallows you may never again want the store bought kind. They are easy and very tasty. You can use homemade marshmallows in any recipe calling for these light puffy treats.


Painted Chinese furniture.

Cleaning Painted Wood Furniture?This is a page about cleaning painted wood furniture. Painted furniture adds a colorful touch to your decor. However, when cleaning you want to be sure not to damage to painted finish.


Antique wood three drawer table and upholstered side chair.

Cleaning Antique Wood FurnitureThis is a page about cleaning antique wood furniture. Cleaning antique furniture presents its own special considerations. The finishes on antique wood furniture are quite different than those on modern pieces. Care needs to be taken not to damage these lovely heirlooms or unique shopping finds.


Hardboiled Eggs

Cooking Hard Boiled EggsThis is a page about cooking hard boiled eggs. Cooking hard boiled eggs is easy, but if you haven't done it before it can be difficult to know what steps to take to get a perfectly smooth thouroughly cooked egg.


Getting Rid of Fleas in Bedding. Upclose photo of a flea.

Getting Rid of Fleas NaturallyThis is a page about getting rid of fleas naturally. Whether they are in your home, on your pet, or in your yard fleas are a nuisance to have around. Killing them without toxic chemicals is possible and affordable.


Black and white Pitbull puppy.

Training a Pitbull to Not BiteThis is a page about training a Pitbull to not bite. Puppies love to play rough and tumble and biting is a part of that play. However, when they grow up biting is no longer acceptable and potentially dangerous. Training your Pitbull not to bite is a process you can undertake successfully at home.


Rolls of Toilet Paper

Storing Toilet PaperThis is a page about storing toilet paper. Buying toilet paper in bulk is a common way to save money on this staple bathroom item. However, all those extra rolls can take up a lot of space.


Hot coffee mug on wood table.

Removing Heat Marks from FurnitureYou have just enjoyed a steaming cup of hot coffee. When you move the cup, to your dismay there is a heat mark on the table. This is a page about removing heat marks from furniture.


Dog Pulling on Rope and Tennis Ball Toy

Homemade Dog ToysThis is a page about making homemade dog toys. Dog toys can come in all shapes and sizes. Good dog toys don't have to come for the pet store; you can make great toys for your best friend at home.


Girl Making Her Bed

Bed Making TipsThis is a page about bed making tips. Making your bed is a chore that many people avoid. However, it can be fast, easy and is the first step in making your room look tidy.


Organized Items in a Car Trunk

Organizing Your Car's TrunkThis is a page about organizing your car's trunk. It's important to carry emergency supplies in your car. However, if you have too much it can get disorganized and even reduce your gas mileage.


Getting Rid of Fleas in Bedding. Upclose photo of a flea.

Brewer's Yeast for FleasThis is a page about using brewer's yeast for fleas. There are many ways to get rid of fleas from you pet, home and yard. Avoid the toxic and expensive chemicals at the pet store and try a non-toxic home remedy.


A large stack of fabric.

Storing FabricThis is a page about storing fabric. When storing fabric, it is best to do so in a way that allows you find what you are looking for, and in a manner that keeps the fabric clean and ready to use.


Husband and Wife holding a baby

Adopting a Child?This is a page about adopting a child. Adopting a child is a rewarding process. There are many steps to be taken from the point you have made the decision to adopt to when you get to bring your new child home.


Paper with letters spelling Happy Mother's Day, ribbon, flowers, and glitter hearts

Homemade Mother's Day GiftsHomemade Mother's Day gifts are always a hit. Whether it is the construction paper artwork of a small child or a handicraft made by an older one, moms love handmade gifts. This is a page about homemade Mother's Day gifts.


Preparing Your Car for an Emergency, Photo of a car emergency kit.

Preparing Your Car for an EmergencyThis is a page about preparing your car for an emergency. You never know when an emergency is going to happen.


White rings left by drinks on a wood table.

Removing Drink Rings from Wood FurnitureThis is a page about removing drink rings from wood furniture. When cups are set on wood furniture without a coaster and a ring can be left behind creating an unsightly blemish on the surface of the wood.


Messy Room Needs Organization

Motivating Yourself to OrganizeThis is a page about motivating yourself to organize. Getting organized is a big task, especially if it has been neglected. A few simple steps each day can make a big difference in how organized your are. Staying motived to get those things done can be difficult.


Coffee liqueur and Irish cream in a glass.

Homemade Kahlua RecipesThis page contains homemade Kahlua recipes. If you enjoy coffee flavored liqueur, you may be considering making some yourself. There are a number of recipes for this beverage.



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Lenticchie (Italian Lentil-Sausage Stew)An Italian tradition is to serve Lenticche at midnight on New Year's Eve, to bring good fortune. The lentils symbolize little coins.


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Homemade Egg NoodlesMy mother and grandmother taught me to make them this way.


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Pot Roast Plus Two Leftover MealsThree meals with minimal cooking. And, they are all great-tasting.



Sweety the Cat looking at the Camera

Sweety (Domestic Shorthair)Sweety is a 4 year old domestic shorthair. We got Sweety in late spring of 2007 when she was about 12 weeks old.


Reassembled heater.

Don't Give Up On a Dirty HeaterI recently bought a heater from a Goodwill "As Is" store, and brought it home only to find plugging it in set off the smoke alarm. Not good.


Decorative hair clip with clear faceted stones holding recipe.

Use Hair Clip for Recipe CardsSince my hair is now short and likely to stay that way, I find uses for these wonderful clips all over the place.


Apple shaped and stemmed glass dishes after cleaning.

Citrus To Remove White Buildup on DishesIt was either throw out my apple shaped dish and several others if truth be known, or figure out how to get that ugly white film off of them. Elbow grease is not my favorite way of doing anything so desperation took over.


Quilt made from concert t-shirts.

Reuse Favorite T-shirts As A QuiltThrough our teenage years, my brother and I went to hundreds of concerts. We've collected many a precious T-shirt while following our favorite bands on tours. Now we have outgrown them, but wanting to keep them alive for our memories, we've had our mother turn the T-shirts into quilts.


Miss Chloe the Cat Laying by Halloween Pillow

Miss Chloe (Cat)Miss Chloe is an 8 year old cat. I had recently lost a cat and wanted a black and white kitty to replace the one lost. As I was walking through the shelter, this little orange kitty reached out and grabbed the sleeve of my shirt.


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Purchase Dollar Store Fly Paper InsteadI found a recipe on ThriftyFun once for making my own fly paper. What a mess and a bigger waste! It's easier, just as cheap, and much neater to get fly paper at the dollar store! I just bought a 10-pack for $1.00! And they don't drip!


Tow completed mummy juice boxes.

Mummy Juice BoxesMake your kids mummy juice boxes for Halloween. Easy to create and great for a kid's party or to send to school.


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Home Office TipsMy desk is against one wall. I have a computer and printer on it. I have velcro strips holding all the cords together with the name of each cord written on it with black felt marker.


Bat cupcakes with cookie wings.

Halloween: Bat and Skull CupcakesI used to make a batch of these every year for my now 20-year old daughter to take to school. She still asks for them, to share with her friends.


Giraffes of Ireland With Rainbow Behind Them

Travel: Giraffes (County Cork, Ireland)We had gone there to Fota, in County Cork, Ireland that rainy day recently with our Grandsons to view the wild animal park. The rain had cleared and that beautiful rainbow formed, and the giraffes continued foraging in the grass for a bit of food.


Food Strainer for Cleaning Up Hard Boiled EggsMy husband loves hard boiled eggs for a quick, healthier, more than normal snack. With time, I've tried other tips I've read about concerning hard boiled eggs and would like to share my recent discovery.


A dog lying on a green couch.

Salt for Inexpensive Flea PreventionWhen I lived in OK, I lived in the country as it was less expensive. However, there were fields and woods in my neighborhood. Fields and woods means lots of wild animals; including deer and mice. I constantly had fleas and ticks and they were a nasty problem, for a while.


Spooky Bat Decoration 2

Halloween Bat BranchesMake spooky branches covered in cob webs and glittery bats to decorate for Halloween this year!


Lincoln head penny

Create a Budget and Cut ExpensesIt took me 7 years to pay off my student loan and I had only a small loan. When paying off your student loans, you need to create a budget where you allocate for making that payment every month.


Choosing The Best Color For Your Bridesmaid DressesIf you're arranging a wedding, you will find plenty of details to arrange and choose upon, from picking your wedding dress to setting a date and booking a photographer.


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My Frugal Life: Grocery ShoppingI make it a habit of being open to food-shopping deals whenever I go anywhere. Today I stopped in at an independent dollar store, where I found a quart of lemon juice at 2/$1.00. That'll last a good long time.


Orane Sunset With Trees in Foreground

Scenery: Orange SunsetIt was getting late in the day when I noticed an orange glow outside. I grabbed my camera and captured this beautiful sight. I couldn't get over how brilliant the orange color was outside.


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Use the Litter Box Liners with HolesWith this system you use clumping litter and every other day lift out the layer on top and it sifts the good litter down for the next day. Then just throw away the layer with the soiled litter.


finished board

Magnetic Chalk Memo BoardI do monthly grocery shopping, when I buy groceries in bulk. However, I buy fresh produce and items such as bread and milk, on a regular basis. Sometimes, though, I run out of milk, because I tend to forget that the milk is running low.


Crab in Green Anemone

Wildlife: Sea Anemone (Sunset Beach, OR)This is from one of our many journeys out to explore the trails and shores around Sunset Beach just outside of Charleston, Oregon. While excitedly adventuring around a rocky shore filled with tide pools, I found an area with brilliantly green sea anemones!


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Shop Bargain Outlets For BrasI shudder when I see bras for $30-40 or more. That's a lot of money to me! I discovered that I could get perfectly good ones from dollar stores! I have gotten Hanes unstructured bras from the 99 Cent Store here in Los Angeles.


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Humming Bird Expert RecipeThe mixture is 3 parts water to 1 part sugar. There is no need to boil the water, just use hot water, mix and stir. Add a tiny drop of red food coloring (so you can see when it is empty).


Simple drawing of 2 bottles used for this tip.

Killing Vines Without Damaging SoilI heard this solution on the French radio. It was given by the chief gardener of the Versailles palace in France. It works to get rid of vines like bindweed using strong systemic herbicide but without damaging the soil or other plants.


Finished basket storage, with balls of green and purple yarn artfully arranged on top.

Hide Stuff in Yarn BasketI recently redecorated the bedroom by turning it into the "combo room". Very soon you will see the massive job it was, but for now, this is what I came up with.


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Mean Green and Vinegar for Pet StainsI have been using Mean Green to shampoo my carpets for years. I use about 1/2 cup per gallon of water and it doesn't clog up your pump like pine oil will.


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Bequest Craft Supplies In Your WillHas anyone ever thought about what will happen to all of our craft things when we die? It's kind of a morbid thing to think about, I know, but has anyone ever thought about it? I did, and actually put it into my will what I want done with it.


Young Man Headed out for the Last Day of School

Photo: Last Day of SchoolThis picture was taken on my son's last day of freshman year - high school - May, 2009. Still half asleep, shoes untied. He truly looks like he's ready for school to be over.


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Store Light Bulbs in Liquor BoxesGo to your local liquor store. Find out when they get their shipments in, and ask them to save boxes for you. They have many boxes that already have dividers that you can put individual light bulbs/items in.



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Removing Dirt and Pet Odors from a Couch?I have 2 dogs and they like getting on my couches. I need to clean them not only to remove the dirt but the dog smell. Any good ideas of what is the best rental cleaner to use or home remedy?


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Bedroom Paint Color Advice?I have mahogany colored cherry wood furniture. What would be a good color to paint my walls in this room? Thank yo.u


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Homemade Ensure Type Nutrition Shake?I am wanting ideas for a homemade nutrition shake for the elderly similar to Ensure.


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Lighten Your Hair with Lemon Juice?Does lemon juice work on medium brown or light brown hair? I heard that lemon doesn't work on colored hair. I colored it before with henna. It didn't make it red, thank god, it just gave me little orange highlights not the full-on orange.


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Shopping for Plastic Snaps Used in Making Un-paper Towels?Where do you find the plastic snaps used in the un-paper towels? I'm making them for my daughter-in-law. The tutorial was posted in 2010. Thanks!


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Growing Root Vegetables?What is causing my root vegetables to grow only surface roots?


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Selling Crafts Using Licensed Fabrics?What licensing steps do I need to take to sell aprons at craft fairs or out of my home? On the bolts of fabric it often says, "licensed for home use only" or "not for commercial use".


Installing Self-Adhesive Floor Tiles Around a Toilet?How does one make the pattern for laying adhesive floor tiles around the bottom of the toilet?


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Waxing Gym Floors?How do I apply wax to a gym floor?


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Getting Rid of Morning Glory and Buttercup?How do I kill morning glory in my garden? Can I cut it at the base by the ground? How do I kill off buttercup in my lawn?


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Cleaning a Sticky Portable DVD Case?I have a cover for a portable DVD player that is either rubber or vinyl. It has become sticky. How do I clean this sticky surface without more of the same happening?


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Making Clothes Pin Doll Furniture?Does anyone have instructions for a round table made with clothes pins?


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Kitchen Wall, Counter, and Backsplash Color Advice?I have a fairly large kitchen with lots of golden oak cabinets. My flooring is one year old and is brown and beige. It is linoleum, but has the look of ceramic tiles. My appliances are stainless steel. I am looking for suggestions for countertop and backsplash colors, as well as, paint colors.


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Planting a Vegetable Garden?When would be a good time to seed veggies seeds and also when to plant?


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Shopping for Mauve Throw Pillows?Where can I get mauve throw pillows for a living room sofa?


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Boy's 10th Birthday Party Ideas?My son is turning 10 in November and he wanted to have a party at home with 10 of his friends. It's pretty cold here in November, so it would have to be inside or short lived outside. I haven't had an at home party in years so my brain is stuck on smaller kid games. Any suggestions?


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Using Coffee Cans to Make Candles?Can I use a large or small coffee can to make candles?


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Kitchen Paint Color Advice?We need help choosing a paint color for our kitchen. We do not want to remodel right now, just want to spruce it up with some paint. We removed the existing wallpaper. We have almond countertops and refrigerator. We have a black stove. The cabinets are maple.


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Shopping for a Belt for a Ruby Treadle Sewing Machine?I have a 1895 Ruby treadle sewing machine. I do not know what belt size?


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Rusty Cookie Cutters?Dose anyone know how to get rust off metal cookie cutters? Thanks.


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Troubleshooting Computer Problems When Keyboarding?My computer keeps jumping around. I can't write a complete sentence. What could be the problem?


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