October 21, 2011

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A Sharpie marker with its lid off.

Removing Permanent Ink (Sharpie) from...This is a page about removing permanent ink from fabric. Permanent marker is called "permanent" for a reason. It's very difficult to remove. While difficult to remove, there are some things you can try.


Close up of housefly on white background

Homemade Fly TrapsThis is a page about homemade fly traps. Houseflies can be extremely annoying and hard to get rid of. They can also carry many diseases. Once they get in your house they're nearly impossible to get rid of. Stop these pets and save money by making your own fly traps.


A Sharpie marker with its lid off.

Removing Permanent Ink (Sharpie) from a...This is a page about removing permanent ink from a computer screen. It can be difficult to remove Sharpie from your computer screen. Abrasive clothes and certain cleaners cannot be used on your screen.


A Sharpie marker with its lid off.

Removing Permanent Ink (Sharpie) from Plastic?This is a page about removing permanent marker from plastic. While it's never easy to remove permanent marker, there are some things you can try.


A Sharpie marker with its lid off.

Removing Permanent Ink (Sharpie) from a CD or...This is a page about removing Sharpie from a CD or DVD. Removing permanent ink from a CD or DVD can be difficult. When removing the ink you need to be careful to not damage the disc.


A baked potato with a lot of toppings.

Baked Potato RecipesBaked potatoes can be a meal by themselves or as a side dish. There are a number of different ways to cook a baked potato. This is a page about making a baked potato.



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Homemade Apple PectinApples are very high in pectin, used to thicken jellies and jams. Pectin is very good for you, and is even added to supplements and touted as being good for your heart. I can't vouch for their health benefits, but you know what they say about apples and doctors!


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Broccoli and Toasted Almonds with Lemon ButterIf you're looking for a quick and easy dish and like these four ingredients what's not to love?



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Homemade JelloIt is so easy to make Jello at home. Making it at home gives you endless flavor possibilities. Be creative and enjoy!


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Protecting SeedlingsMy sweet grandson always comes over to weed eat in my yard. He cannot tell a weed from a new plant I've put out and has hacked a few of my plants down by accident. Now I cut the top and bottom out of a tin can.


Two bikes hanging from J hooks.

Store Bikes On Your Garage WallWhen I dropped off my bike to be serviced at the local bike shop, the salesman showed me how they hang the bikes on large J-hooks and alternate the height of the hooks so they can hang them closer together.


Grasshopper Eating

Wildlife: Feeding GrasshopperI've always been curious about what grasshoppers eat. While walking the dogs with my husband, one day I found out.


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Variation Of Square Foot GardeningI had a nice 15x15 foot garden plot roto-tilled and weeded midsummer. I felt overwhelmed by the work it would take to organize, maintain it weed-free, and then plant it next spring. I happened to read about square foot gardening and decided to do a variation on that.


Kahlua Sitting by Brick Wall

Kahlua (Afghan Hound)I adopted Kahlua during Thanksgiving weekend of 2009. I saw her online at the local SPCA shelter and went to go look at her. I fell in love when I saw her skinny little self behind the cage door, I just had to add her to my family.


Tri-colored dog sitting on a deck looking up at camera.

Mineral Oil For Dog's EarsTake some mineral oil and put a few drops in your dog's ear with a baby's ear dropper or ask a pharmacist for one. Gently rub your dog's ear to get the oil inside the ear and let the oil stay in the ear for about 3-5 minutes.


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Waxing "Rough" ZippersI have a couple of pairs of jeans with zippers that are difficult to zip up. They do not zip as smoothly as they used to. I took an old tapered candle and rubbed it up and down both sides of the zipper to coat the metal teeth. Zips so much easier now!


Hot Air Balloons Reflected in Water

Scenery: Hot Air Balloon Reflections (Rio...While I was taking a balloon ride, these two balloons were side by side. Their reflections appeared in the water as they gently floated above the Rio Grande River in New Mexico. Thought it would be an awesome photo and it was.


Stream in White Mountain Wilderness

Scenery: Fall (White Mountain Wilderness,...My husband and I took a 4 hour hike along Trail #22 in White Mountain Wilderness, Ruidoso, New Mexico. I was moved by its beauty. This is a place we return to every year.


White Pygmy Goat

Mary (Pygmy Goat)Mary is a 7 year old Pygmy goat. When I was in high school, my mother ran a daycare service out of our country home. Two little girls, who she watched, lived just down the road from us.


Container planters on a porch.

Preparing Container Plants for WinterFor most of us, the first hard frosts of fall mark the end of container gardening season. Here are some tips for tidying up your dead or dormant plants, moving your favorites indoors, and cleaning up and storing your containers for the winter.


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Caution when Reusing Food ContainersI have a habit of re-using containers from food and drink items. This morning my visiting son yelled to me that the coffee creamer had gone bad. I knew immediately what had happened.


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Toothpaste for Silver JewelryRub on toothpaste and just wash off. This works great for silver jewelry!


The three lengths of rope after separating it.

Unravel Rope For Multiple CordsThe long stemmed flowers were all on the ground. There was a need to tie them up a bit, but I didn't have enough of the end of a cord roll to do both. So, I unraveled the tri-cord and then had three separate cords.


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Bug Scoop For Removing Stink BugsMy trick to removing stink bugs is to use an empty Christmas wrapping paper tube. All you need to do is fold over one end, and use that one for a 'handle' Then you can get those crawling, flying pests; just 'scoop' them up.


Closeup of Bee on Red Flower

Bee on BorageI thought this guy was absolutely adorable! He crawled around on my husband's organic borage blossoms for a long period of time, offering me ample opportunity for shots!


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My Frugal Life: Of Misers and MotherhoodMy father shared the title of his self published book "The Miser's Muniment." In the mid eighties, with freewheeling credit within the reach of practically everyone, hardly anyone was interested in reading about misers.


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Keeping Jewelry Neat and OrganizedI have found that using a piece of plastic canvas to store earrings keeps them organized, together, and visible. I cut a doorknob hanger shape into the plastic canvas and hang my earrings on the inside of the bedroom door.


White Nedi pot on mat on table

Tips for Cold Prevention And TreatmentI can't tell you how many people, either in my life or on Facebook, have already been struck down this year with a cold; not just a sneeze, but really ill. So here we go again; what do we do, is there anything?


Harvest Moon Through the Trees

Scenery: Harvest MoonI took this picture of the moon last winter.


White Lily Bloom in Pond

Scenery: Water Lilies (Kew Gardens, England)I was fortunate enought to be able to go to England. Kew Gardens is the home of King George. Remember the movie "The Madness of King George"? It is a beautiful place with history, flowers, statuary, and educational exhibits.


Bunch of purple roses

Garden: Lavender RosesThese lavender roses were a birthday gift from DD. They looked like "Sterling Silver". But they didn't smell like them nor did they open like them.


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Keeping Costs Down For A PartyWhen my daughter was little, the Dollar Tree didn't exist. I found things at thrift shops and made things. I always made sure it wasn't "age specific". In other words, the streamers, banners, etc. were generic.


Glow in the Dark Slime

Glow-in-the-Dark SlimeThe perfect Halloween craft for kids, glow-in-the-dark slime! Also makes a great Halloween party favor for kids. Free gift tag printable.


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Use Spray Household Cleaner For Dry Erase BoardI simply use household cleaner spray (409 in my case). Everything comes off easily. A few spots might need a little scrubbing, but not much. And the board comes out sparkling white.


A finger reading braille writing on a page.

Surviving on the Blind SideI've noticed more than one of my TF family is experiencing vision loss. This article is for you.



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Cheap Candle Making Kits?Does anyone know where I can get cheap candle making kits? I have collected a bunch of beer bottles and other types of used glass bottles from my fridge and cupboard and wanted to make a ton of candles for the winter time (to line the yard with candles for Christmas instead of using paper bags).


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Name Ideas for a Cake and Candy Making Business?My sister-in-law and I make cakes, cupcakes, and chocolates for all occasions and are going to be starting a business. We need help coming up with a name. Right now we do it out of her home, but we eventually are going to rent a building. Please help.


Boxer and two Frenchies eating.

One Dog Food for Older and Younger Dogs?I have a 13 year old Boxer (who thinks she is 5, very playful still) and I have 2 Frenchies, 8 months and 1 year old. Buying three different kinds of food is breaking me. All three of them seem to hate dry food. Is there anything out there all three of them can eat?


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Determining the Value of Porcelain Dolls?I have about 20 or more porcelain dolls, in glass cases wrapped in plastic. None have ever been opened or touched. I also have a princess Diana doll in her wedding gown standing own a rod. How do I find out the value?


House plant with gold speckled leaves.

What is This Houseplant?Do you think it is a type of croton, or pothos, or?


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Sneakers Smell Like Petroleum After Washing?I washed my sneakers in the washing machine. Now they have a petroleum-like odor. I have tried baking soda, bleach, vinegar, dryer sheets, and repeated washings. Any other ideas? The shoes were relatively new and this was the first time to be washed.


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Steel Food Barrels?I was wondering where I could get used steel food barrels for a project I want to make at home. Thank you.


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Painting a Ceiling With Can Lights?Is there a easy way of painting a kitchen ceiling that has downlights fitted into it? Do I have to try and pop them out or must I navigate around them? Any advice would be appreciated.


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Removing a Decal from Clothing?I have a cloth type jacket and I want the decal taken off. How can I do this?


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Using Salt to Kill Fleas?Should the salt be made into a powder before putting it on the carpet?


White Chihuahua puppy.

Is My Dog a Pure Bred Chihuahua?She was given to me and I just wanted to know if she was pure bred?


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Charities to Help With Christmas?I need help badly for Christmas this year. Ccan anyone help me please? God bless you.


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Dog Chews Up Bedding When Left Home Alone?My dog has everything a dog can have, even more; she lives better than many Americans in this hard economic situation. My dog needs attention and love I guess every second because if not she destroys things.


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Discontinued Target Tablecloth?I bought a table cloth two years ago at Target. It has stripes of brown, orange, purple, rust, cream, and green. I love it and want another, anyone out there have what I am looking for? Thanks for any type of help!


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