October 30, 2011

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Woman tanning next to a pool.

Homemade Tanning Oil RecipesThis page contains homemade tanning oil recipes. Using tanning oil can enhance your tan when you lay out or use a tanning bed. You don't need to buy the expensive oil at the store if you make your own at home.


Plate of Swedish meatballs with mashed potatoes and lingonberry sauce.

Swedish Meatballs RecipesThis page contains Swedish meatball recipes. Swedish meatballs make a tasty main dish served with mashed potatoes and traditional lingonberry sauce.


Upclose photo of a fruit fly.

Preventing Fruit FliesThis is a page about preventing fruit flies. Fruit flies can be a real nuisance in the house and can make it difficult to keep fruit out on the counter. Preventing them from multiplying in your house will ensure that they don't take over your home.


Halloween punch with a hand made of ice in the middle.

Halloween Punch RecipesHalloween punch is perfect for your Halloween party. There are lots of options for making this spooky concoction to serve your guests. This page contains Halloween punch recipes.


Wood with a screw in it.

Fixing a Loose Screw in WoodThis is a page about fixing a loose screw in wood. When a screw comes loose in wood, it can be difficult to get it to stay in again. There are ways to fill the hole and get the screw to hold in the wood again.


Spraying shower spray on tile.

Homemade Shower Spray RecipesThis page contains homemade shower spray recipes. Shower sprays can help prevent soap scum and other grime from building up in your shower. There are homemade shower spray options that can work as well as the store bought ones without the harm chemicals.


Tortilla on a grill with man rolling torillas in the background

Flour Tortilla RecipesTortillas are thrifty and quite easy to make at home. Freshly made tortillas will enhance any meal. This page contains homemade flour tortilla recipes.


Woman carrying a laundry basket full of socks.

Keeping Track of SocksThis is a page about keeping track of socks. Socks are notorious for seeming to constantly lose their mates. Many of us routinely empty the washer or dryer only to find one sock instead of a pair. Then the hunt begins.


Bowl of salsa surrounded by tomatoes.

Mild Salsa RecipesThis page contains mild salsa recipes. Making your own salsa not only allows you to use fresh ingredients, but you can also adjust the heat. Mild salsas are easy to prepare using the milder varieties of chilies.


Cleaning Tile Floors, Textured blue floor tile.

Cleaning Textured FlooringThis is a page about cleaning textured flooring. Textured floor tile and flooring presents its own cleaning challenges. The textured surface collects dirt and makes it difficult to remove. This type of flooring can be cleaned with a little extra effort.


Woman holding a dog in arms.

Removing Pet Hair from ClothingThis is a page about removing pet hair from clothing. Those of us who have pets try to wear all of that hair proudly. However, generally we want to get the hair off of our clothing easily.


Paper pieced quilt top, endless chains pattern.

Making a Paper Pieced QuiltThis is a page about making a paper pieced quilt. Paper piecing has become a popular way to piece a quilt top. By sewing through the paper pattern the crafter is able to create a very intricate block more easily.



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Grilled Spinach BurgersSaute the spinach in olive oil until it wilts. In a large bowl, mix the turkey/beef, spinach, lemon zest, garlic, salt and pepper.


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Apricot-Pineapple JamDelicious and beautiful, too. It sounds excessively sweet, but the lemon juice does cut the sweetness. I add less sugar anyway, between 4 and 5 cups. Also, different brands of pectin have different instructions for use.



Sofia Mae the Dog by Leather Couch

Sofia Mae (Portuguese Water Dog Mix)Sofia Mae is a 9 and a half year old Lab and Portuguese Water Dog mix. I adopted Sofia Mae from the Sacramento Animal Shelter in June 2001 as a companion for my German Shepherd mix, Colton.


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Store Mushrooms in Paper BagRemove the store bought mushrooms from any plastic bag coverings and place in a paper bag.


Finished milk jug ghost. Black eyes and black mouth painted on white milk jug.

Milk Jug GhostHere's a cute way to recycle your gallon milk jugs!


After picture of cabinet.

Organizing a Lazy Susan CabinetWe have a large lazy susan in our corner cabinet. I have organized it and labeled it before but it is now in disarray, making it impossible to know what we have or ensure that food does not expire. So the other day I decided to tackle the mess and make it a more functional space.


Ghost Light Decoration

Ghost LightThis holiday craft was created by recycling a terra cotta tray and frosted light globe. It would make a great Halloween centerpiece!


Happy witch with orange hat.

Pop Can WitchesNo one would be scared by these witches, but they will be bewitched! With a soda can and scraps of fabric, felt, and a little paint you can ward off the real thing with this fun project.


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Homemade Thundershirt for DogsDo you have a dog with a fear of thunderstorms? There is a product on the market called a Thundershirt, but they are very expensive, so it may be too costly to buy one just to see if it will help.


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Reuse Parmesan Container for Shredded CheesePut shredded cheese into a cleaned and dried plastic Parmesan cheese container with a dual lid. This makes sprinkling the cheese so much easier, with little mess. Great for salads, tacos, pizzas, etc.



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Repairing a Microwave Turntable?My turntable stopped working. It just makes a lot of noise. How can I fix it?


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Removing Grout Stuck to Bathtub?I used a vibrating hand tool to remove grout on a bathroom wall and it appears that I burnt the grout onto the tub. I have tried a couple of methods to remove the grout but to no avail. Help, the wife is yelling at me.


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Refurbishing Candles?How do you refurbish candles?


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Rotary Cutting Mat Repair?My mat for rotary cutting has grooves worn into it. Can these be repaired?


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Dog Losing Fur on Chest?My 7-year old long hair Doxie, has a horrible skin rash on her chest and arm pits. She is losing her fur and has an odor. The vet gave her a cortisone shot about a month ago, but that has not helped the rash. She doesn't scratch as much, but it doesn't look good.


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Repotting a Bromeliad?I was given a bromeliad last November. The original plant died down, but there are four healthy looking new ones growing around it. It has been outside all summer, but I must bring it in now. Should I separate the new shoots and pot them?


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Chef Randall Turbo Cooker Junior?Any information on the"turbo cooker junior" please? I purchased one of these cookers and noticed on the enclosed DVD that there is a "junior" model. Unfortunately I have not been able to get any info, hence my request for assistance.


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Adding Scent to a Melted Candle to Reuse?I use a vanilla candle on a warmer. The candle melts down, but then there is no scent left. Someone thought if I put in a new wick, that the scent would come back. What does putting in a new wick have to do with it when I don't light the wick anyway?


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1996 S10 Heater Not Working?My truck is a 96 S10 2.2l with a manual transmission. The heater is not functioning. I have flushed and back flushed the heater core already and changed the coolant and flushed it too. So now I don't know what to do. I need help guys.


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Cleaning Smelly Towels?What can I put in the washing machine when washing towels and washcloths to eliminate a strange odor that occurs when using them. I have tried baking soda, Biz, vinegar, and cannot get them to smell nice and fresh.


View into the bobbin area of machine.

Thread Keeps Getting Tangled in Bobbin Casing?I have a top loading Singer heavy duty 4411. I got it today and it worked fine for a while, then for some reason it would jam. When I managed to get the fabric out, I saw that string from the top had gotten tangled in the bobbin casing.


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Cover on Dishwasher Dispenser Broken Off?The cover of the dishwasher detergent dispenser broke off. Do I actually need it or can I just add the detergent without a cover?


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Repairing Loose Screws Mounted in Grout?How do you fix a loose connection (screw) in grout between tiles in the bathroom?


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Shopping for Rich's Dinner Rolls?Where can I find Rich's frozen dinner rolls in my area? I live in Gallatin, Tennessee. I do 99 percent of my shopping at Publix and they do not have them. Thank you.


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Freezing Cabbage?Can you freeze fresh cabbage?


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Growing Moss?How do you go about growing moss using buttermilk or yogurt? I need moss for bonsai.


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My New Kitten Has Fleas?I just got a new kitten and have found a dozen or so fleas on her in the last 5 days, she has a lot of flea excrement on her, but no eggs or larvae. Is bathing her and treating the floors and bedding enough to make sure this doesn't become a problem?


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Converting Mac Files to PC Windows 7 Documents?I have some old Mac files that I badly need to convert to PC files in Windows 7 or XP environment. My MacDrive 2000 can do that very well except it is not compatible with Windows 7 or XP.


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