December 14, 2011

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Chocolate mousse in a glass dessert dish.

Creamy Chocolate MousseThis recipe is quick, easy, and absolutely delicious. I am a sucker for chocolate and this tasty treat makes for a perfect dessert after a fancy meal or evening. With Christmas quickly approaching, I thought it would be perfect for the season.


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Ham BallsThese have always been a favorite of mine! Very good recipe and also nice because it's pretty simple.


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Granny CasseroleThis is kind unique. Love the Doritos!


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Vegetable SaladLove the tangy dressing that goes on this salad. Also like the combination of veggies.


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Peanut Butter BallsThis is a favorite of my son in-law! Very good holiday candy!


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Chicken ChiliThis recipe is really good, especially on cold days.


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Feta, Mozzarella and Olive Topped Baguette SlicesHere is a really easy appetizer to make ahead. Serve spooned onto French baguette slices. Lightly toast the slices if desired.



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Store Glue Sticks In FreezerKeep glue sticks in the freezer until ready to use.


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Folding Sheets for Easier Bed MakingTry this way of folding a queen size top sheet so that it can be laid by the top of the bed and unfolded to end up exactly where it should be on the bed.


Tri-colored dog lying in the grass.

Homemade Flea RepellentCut 6 lemons in half, boil a quart of water, add lemons to water and let steep for a few hours. Then strain the solution into a spray bottle. Spray on pet's fur; do not use on the face. You can also apply spray to your hand and rub on your pet's fur.


Final view of the card holder box.

Christmas Card Holder BoxI like to keep all the Christmas cards I get from year to year. I like to go through them each year and just enjoy them.


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Buying the Right Size Dog CollarAlong with other things that I keep in my cell phone, like hubby's shoe size, friend's birthdates, gym lock combination (don't use that often enough to remember!) I note (in inches) my dog's collar size.


Organizing an Apartment

Organizing an ApartmentIf you live in a small apartment, you might find that organizing it and keeping it free of clutter can be difficult. Where do you put all of your stuff when you don't have enough room to store it in?


Anna's hummingbird closeup Zoom

Anna's HummingbirdThis Anna's hummingbird was approaching one of our feeders near the kitchen window. I used my telephoto lens from about 10 feet away, inside the house and through the window.


Organizing Magazines

Organizing MagazinesDo you have tons of magazines that you want to keep but don't know what to do with? Are your magazines taking over your living room or other areas of the house that you didn't particularly want them in in the first place?


Cookies stacked in 8 oz. water bottle with ribbon and decorations tied around the center.

Water Bottle Holiday Gift PackageThis is a great way to use some of those empty water bottles. Fill them with treats then decorate them up a bit, and you have a great package ready for gift giving.


Child in bunny hat coloring.

Recycled Rainbow CrayonsHere is a good use for all those broken crayons that we all throw out; it seems wasteful. Gather them up, peel off the paper, and add about 10 different colours into your measuring cup. Melt the crayons in the microwave.


Completed train with hanger.

Candy Train Ornament (aka "The chocolate...Little Christmas train ornament any boy or girl would enjoy.


A curtain made of strung bottle caps.

Bottle Cap Screen DoorPlastic bottle caps can be used to make fly and insect door curtains. Measure a piece of timber dowel the width of the door. Drill a small hole in the centre of each cap and string them together like beads, with knots along the string to keep them separate from each other.


Folded money bracelet.

Money BraceletRemember the bracelets you made as a kid from gum wrappers and candy? Well these bracelets are the same principle, but made using money instead.


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Sewing on ButtonsBanty gave a nice tip about sewing on buttons. I have another that makes the work look nicer. If you are using a button that is "not" a shank type, make your knot at the end of your thread as usual.


Houseboat on the Bayou

Scenery: Houseboat on the BayouTravel down the bayou in the comfort of a houseboat. Fish and crab off your front porch for dinner. No motor, no clock, no worries, just you and the good Lord. (Bayou Signet)


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Mouthwash Keeps Cats from Urinating on FurnitureI'm not going to tell you what the smell was like. All of you who have this problem know the odour too well!


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Homemade Flavored Lip GlossTo make chocolate gloss, use equal parts of shortening and Vaseline. Melt in your microwave using only short increments of time as not to overheat. Heat only until melted. You can also do this in a double boiler. Then stir in cocoa powder to taste.


Up close photo Gidget.

Gidget (Pit Bull)We adopted Gidget in February. She is a 2 year old Pit Bull. I was searching the internet to help my mom find a new kitty friend. I came across Gidget's profile on a a rescue's website and fell in love.



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Cleaning a Polyester Scarf?I just bought a new red polyester scarf; it states to spot clean with mild soap. Can I hand wash it in a basin with Boraxo or what? Anyone have one?


Two views of the white Christmas tree.

Refurbishing a Once White Christmas Tree?My aunt bought an artificial tree that was at one time "white". Now I guess from age, or exposure to the sun it has turned a dismal cream color.The tree is wired with lights so it is not an option to just douse it in a bleach/soap solution. Please help!


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Replacing Electric Circuit Breakers?How hard is it to replace a circuit breaker in the panel?


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Dress Form Cross-stitch or Plastic Canvas Pattern?My daughter-in-law has a shower curtain that has French looking dress forms on it. I would like to make her a tissue cover to match it. Does anyone have a plastic canvas or cross stitch pattern?


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Discontinued Eisenhart Wallpaper?I am looking for an Eisenhart wallpaper, pattern #CA06893. It features hydrangeas. Any leads will be welcomed! Thanks ;-)


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Spider Plants in Cold Weather?I live in a climate where the temperature is about to go down below freezing. It will stay there at night for about 6 more weeks. I have a wonderful spider plant that is doing very well in a quiet protected nook, but I am wondering about the next few weeks.


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Shopping for Zach's Creme Drops?Are they are available 2011 Christmas?


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Bread is Dark from Edge into the Loaf?When I make a sweet bread loaf (no yeast), the outer edge and into the loaf is dark, though not burned. I use a convection oven and make several loaves at the same time. Any ideas?


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Growing Mushrooms?Has anyone tried growing mushrooms? if you have, what variety and was it difficult to do?


Two brindle coated puppies with dark muzzles.

What Breed are My Dogs?I adopted these little ones about 1 1/2 months ago and they were advertised as Boxer/Lab mixes. However, everyone seems to think they are Pit. The vet said maybe a little, then called another woman in the room and she said no Pit, so


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Getting Rid of Fleas Naturally?I really need to get rid of fleas on my cat. I am wondering if baking soda will help in the carpet and maybe on the cat.


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Chiles Are Brown on Top Instead of Red?My chile plants that I have had for years that always produced red chiles are now producing brown chiles. It kind of appears to be only where the sun gets on the fruit, for example on the top and not the bottom. Have my chile plants gotten some kind of disease?


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