March 3, 2012

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Making a Jello Fish Bowl

Making a Jello Fish BowlThis is a page about making a Jello fishbowl. When looking for a fun dessert for kids to help make and eat, consider this cute Jello fish bowl.


Broken terra cotta planter used to retain garden plant.

Reusing Terra Cotta PlantersThis is a page about reusing terra cotta planters. Terra cotta planters can still have a useful life in your garden even after they get broken.


yellow and orange dahlias.

Staking DahliasThis is a page about staking dahlias. Large dahlia plants often require support for proper blooming.


Faux stained glass window.

Faux Stained Glass WindowsThis is a page about faux stained glass windows. You can easily create beautiful stained glass looking windows using recycled windows and adding paint or other embellishments.


Drying and Storing Herbs

Drying HerbsMany useful herbs to dry can be bought at the market, grown in your garden, and collected in the wild. This page is about drying herbs.


Dark red dahlias.

Wintering Dahlias?At the end of the growing season, it is time to think about overwintering your dahlias. This is a page about wintering dahlias.


Orange Dahlias

Growing DahliasThis is a page about growing dahlias. Dahlias with their beautiful array of colors and ease of growing make a great gardening choice.


Kitchen knives in storage blocks.

Storing Kitchen KnivesThis is a page about storing kitchen knives. Storing kitchen knives properly will not only prevent accidents, but also extend the life of these tools.



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Saving Money on Printer InkSome of us have printer/fax machines that are costly. I know that after purchasing my Canon printer, I began to regret it because I felt that I couldn't afford it.


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Tips for Hair LossYears ago, my mama was a caregiver to a very health conscious lady. She had two "healthy hair" hints that mama took to heart and still uses to this day and so do I.


Maggie Mae (Longhair Chihuahua) in profile.

Maggie Mae (Longhair Chihuahua)Maggie Mae is 3 years old and a longhair chihuahua. I had been looking for a while when I saw in the paper that they were having chihuahuas at a nearby antique mall. I went and didn't have to look any further once I saw her.


Snow Drift Snowman

Dress-a-DriftMaybe there isn't enough snow on the ground to build a proper snow man, or you are lacking the energy to do it. You can still create a cheery buddy. Just find an accessible snow drift.


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Understanding Alzheimer DiseaseI have no tip for preventing or curing this awful disease, but I have a dear friend who works at a care facility for advanced Alzheimer and brain damaged adults. Her main suggestion is to never, ever argue with them.


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Saving Money on Piddle PadsWe buy incontinence pads at Sam's Club for piddle pads. They are about $20 something for 120 pads.


Hank (Yorkshire Terrier) and Harley (Miniature Doberman) - looking out the window.

Hank (Yorkshire Terrier) and Harley (Miniature...I took this picture of my Yorkshire terrier, Harley and my miniature doberman, Hank. When I raise the blinds in my bedroom, they both love to get up on the bed and watch people and cars move through the parking lot.


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Recycling Older SweatersI like making them into pillow tops. The sleeves can be bolsters and the backs can be the main front of the pillow. Keep in mind that some pillows are for decoration only, so it's OK to put things like the buttons, any rosettes, embellishments, etc. on them.


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Use CarTalk To Find a Good MechanicI think is by far the best solution to finding a good mechanic and figuring out what is wrong with the vehicle. I have been able to find good mechanics for my kids when they've been 3,000 miles from home.


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Going Overboard with SanitizingSanitizing is a good thing. I think we all know that. But I have read so many tips about being sure to wash hands after this, that, or the other and it's getting ridiculous.


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Trusted Online Sources to Sell Your StuffHere are some places to sell online that have worked well for me. I have tried eBay and found it to be too cumbersome to bother with at times. I looked for other venues in my niche.


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Finding a Good Auto MechanicI found an excellent mechanic on the NPR radio auto mechanics, The Tappett Brothers site. They do not recommend anyone but provide a list for your area of the top mechanics according to the feedback they receive from satisfied customers.



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Cleaning a Cappuccino Machine?I am looking for a cleaner recipe for my cappuccino machine.


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Removing Underarm Odor on Dry Clean Clothing?How do I remove underarm odor on a black, dry clean only, suit?


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Determining the Value of a Silver Tray?I have a silver serving tray. How can I tell what it is worth? It's about 13 x 16 inches. It is stamped with: Rogers Bros. Made and Guaranteed by Mariden Company 295 1/2. Below that is a 20. It weighs 5.2 lbs and was dated and engraved March 15th, 1917.


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Training a Three Legged Cat to Use a Litterbox?My friend and I recently rescued a kitten that had been thrown over her fence. It turns out the kitten has radial paralysis and a break. The vet said he may need to amputate his front leg. How do I teach him to use a scratch tray when he will only have one front paw?


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Wax Begonia Died Suddenly?Have any of you ever had a potted plant that died of jealousy when you brought other potted plants in, within a day? I have this little wax begonia plant that I have in the house. It was thriving and I talked to it all the time and told it how beautiful it was.


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Getting Rid of Black Widow Spiders?I am looking for an organic way to get rid of black widow spiders.


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Filling a Gap in Laminate Countertop Before Painting?I am truly working on budget here. I have read the many posts as to how to paint counter tops and am excited. But, I also have an issue with the counter top in that it was not cut straight where the two pieces join at the corner.


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Shabby Chic Garage Studio Remodel?I have made a studio in my garage. I want it to be a bit shabby chic and need something for wainscoting. Any ideas? I thought of old barn wood, but there are not many of those in New Mexico.


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Dyeing a Dog's Fur Safely?Can I dye my Yorkie like a poodle?


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Finding a Reliable House Cleaner?I would like advice on how to find a reliable house cleaner. I am interested in a housekeeper for monthly visits. The possibility of extending to biweekly is possible in the future. I have a 2300 sq. foot 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom home that I keep tidy,


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Avocado Leaves Turning Brown?My avocado tree has leaves that are turning brown. There is very little new growth. Please help.


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