May 13, 2012

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Sliced okra on pile of fresh okra

Recipes Using OkraThis page contains recipes using okra. These immature seed pods of African origin are a versatile southern favorite, and great in soups and stews.


A boy lying with his orange cat, Tigger.

Keeping Children Safe Around PetsThis page is about keeping children safe around pets. There are many ways to keep children and pets safe during their time together.


chili with ground turkey

Chicken Chili RecipesUsing chicken in chili recipes can provide a low fat, healthy, and delicious alternative to beef. This page contains recipes for chicken chili.



Photo of two boxes of Pop Tarts.

Larger Packages Aren't Always CheaperBe careful not to always grab for the biggest package assuming you are getting the best deal. Sometimes the smaller version may be on sale, making it cheaper. Believe it or not, sometimes they actually charge more for the "bulk" version of products.


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Salisbury SteakThese are super good and easy to make!


Sally and Jake the Minpin

SallySally is 7 1/2 months old. I found Sally and her 6 brothers and sisters abandoned by their mother. I kept Sally and took the others to our local animal shelter. Sally is on the right in the photo. That's Jake our Minpin on the left enjoying his morning dog bone! She finished hers earlier.


Monk holding a monkey on his lap

My Frugal Life: Buddha's ExampleThe Gautama Buddha, over 25 centuries ago, commended frugality. As an example, he taught the first monks and nuns to make their robes from "pure cloth" that is cloth that no one wanted.


Table set for a holiday meal.

New Uses for Formal China Tableware PiecesDuring the holidays and other special occasions when I use my china, it has pieces that were for rather old fashioned formal services. So I use my formal pieces for other creative dishes.


Two story house in the snow.

Home Sweet Home (Richings Park, Iver,...Mum and Dad's house in England where I grew up. Taken just after a snow storm last winter. The silence was deafening.



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Zucchini Not Setting Fruit?My zucchini plants look beautiful and have large green leaves. They were grown from seeds (which were planted 1-16-12). There are beautiful large blooms, but no zucchinis yet. What is the problem?


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Weight Watchers 1980s Program Information?I, too, am looking for the menus and exchange lists from the Weight Watchers Quick Start Program from 1984. I would appreciate anything at all anyone can e-mail me. I remember going to meetings with my mom back in the 80s and this program was simple, easy, and it worked!


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Getting Rid of Bed Bugs?We don't know were they came from, but they have invaded my leather couch and the store bought sprays are not working very well. Does anyone have a better idea?


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Retirement Party Ideas?I am having a retirement party for my boyfriend who is only 43 yrs old. He retired from a fire/EMS agency after 20 yrs. The party is being held at a local bar/grille and I need some neat ideas on funny things to do!


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Removing Tape Residue?I bought a used side by side refrigerator and on the freezer size someone had put, of all things, packing tape on the rubber seal. They did this to keep the seal in place because they had taken the door off and didn't take time to put the rubber seal back in its place correctly.


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Cleaning a Stainless Steel Pot That Boiled Dry?How do I clean a stainless steel pot that has been boiled very dry?


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Sofa Color Advice?My living room is light grey with a burgundy accent wall, what color sofa and decorations should I get?


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Making a Lego Table?I am wanting to make a Lego table for older kids (not preschoolers). Ideally I am thinking of using a table with a drawer in it, and gluing the Lego base plates too it. But, I am open to suggestions. Has anyone made one? How did it turn out? Any suggestions or regrets?


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Cleaning a Mould Off Faux Suede Lounge?My suede-look lounge has been in storage and is now covered in mould. Can anyone tell me what I can use to get rid of the mould or even if I can get it off.


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Making Fertilizer from Horse Manure?How do you water it down to make fertilizer?


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Invisible Eyebrows?I am nineteen and for long as I've known myself I've never had eyebrows. I feel a little hair when I touch my forehead, but they are invisible. When I was 16 I figured a way to hide it using my bangs, but I'm tired of it.


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Freezing Ketchup?Can you freeze ketchup?


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Looking for Information on American Furniture of Martinsville?Both parents have passed and we have some furniture from American Furniture of Martinsville. The drawers have an emblem that states it's Wonderwood. I can remember it being delivered to our home as a child. I believe it was mid to late 1960s.


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Removing Wood Stain from Carpet?I was painting with red wood stain/paint and spilled it on a cream color carpet. How can I get the stain out of the carpet?


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Getting Rid of Copper Green Smell?I painted the basement wall using Copper Green. I don't know if it is toxic, but the smell is awful. I have a little baby who is only 9 months. How can I get rid of the smell? Please help me.


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Porcelain Doll Value?I've had this porcelain doll for about 15-20 years. Its a Geppeddo, her name is Grace. She is porcelain all over and it still has the price tag on it. The price tag says $30.95, with blanket included. Grace is praying with her eyes closed. She has never been out of the box.


Two small dogs on floor.

Potty Training Older Possibly Abused Dogs?I just moved back in with my parents to help them out, but their dogs (a Beagle/Pug mix and a Chihuahua/Pug mix) pee in the house. They were both adopted and we suspect an abusive past. Plus they aren't the sharpest tools in the shed.


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Removing Cigarette Odor from a Leather Purse?Anyone got any ideas on how to get the smell of cigarette smoke out of a leather purse? I have tried Febreze and saddle soap, but neither made much difference.


Riding Mower Won't Start?I have an riding mower and the battery is newer, but just recently had a full charge put to it. When I try to start my mower it is dead, no spark, no nothing. What do I look for to track down the problem?


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Freezing Green Beans?I want to freeze fresh green beans. How do I?


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Traveling With Plants?I will be traveling with my plants (a large number of container plants) from Washington to Texas and will have to transport them in a U-Haul. I plan on making many stops for watering and light. Is there something more I can do to help them to survive the trip?


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