May 31, 2012

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Uses for Baby Blankets

Uses for Baby BlanketsThis page is about uses for baby blankets. Once those babies no longer need all those blankets, there are a number of ways they can be re-purposed.


Growing Peonies

Growing PeoniesThis page is about growing peonies. These hardy perennials come in a variety of colors and produce beautiful flowers year after year.


Remedies for Pet Anxiety

Remedies for Pet AnxietyThis page contains remedies for pet anxiety. Whether your pet is new to your home or gets upset during storms, there are rescue remedies and creative ways to calm them.


Stinky Feet on Hardwood Floor

Remedies for Stinky FeetThis page is about remedies for stinky feet. Avoiding unpleasant odor and embarrassment when removing your footwear, can be accomplished.


Dairy Products on White Background

Saving Money on DairyThis page is about saving money on dairy. Whatever dairy products you may need, there are ways to save money on what you purchase.


Growing Summer Squash

Growing Summer SquashThis page is about growing summer squash. An easy, quick growing vegetable that produces lots of fresh squash in the summer and fall.



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Lip Stain and PlumperPut 1 teaspoon of lemon berry drink mix and 1 teaspoon of lemonade into a bowl. Sprinkle a little water until drink mix is dissolved, then stir in 3 teaspoons of vaseline until smooth.


Easier S'mores

Easier S'moresWhy try to make s'mores from graham crackers and chocolate? Why not buy striped shortbread chocolate cookies instead? I use 2 cookies and 1 large marshmallow to make my s'mores. Yummy!


Closeup of Scooter.

Camping with My Pup (Torreya State Park)I love my little Scooter! He's such a good little camper and companion. I just had to share this picture of my precious pup when we were camping at Torreya State Park.


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Cleaning Old Stained Cookie SheetsPut the old cookie sheet in the sink add a little water and add some baking soda and peroxide. Leave it soak for about 1 hour and the grime should wipe right off.


First Aid Basket

First Aid BasketKeep all your first aid stuff in a small fruit basket with a handle. Put your peroxide, bandages and gauze pads, etc. Then it will be easy to carry with you on picnics or to the park.


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Broccoli All Summer LongIf you have planted a garden and grow broccoli, once you have cut the main head off, leave the plant alone. It will produce side heads of broccoli, quite a bit smaller than the main head, but still just as edible as the main head.


Old oak tree in park.

Torreya State Park (Florida)I loved this big old oak tree at Torreya State Park in northwest Florida.


Bunny in the bushes.

Baby Bunny in Back YardThere were 3 little bunnies in my back yard this spring, and this little one allowed me to get close enough to take a picture. Love those tiny little feet. :-)


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Walnuts for Hardwood Floor ScratchesCrack open a walnut and rub the nut "meat" against cracks and scratches in hardwood floors to repair them. The nut meat fills in the scratch with a color resembling the wood.


Monty in the grass

Monty (Dog)Monty is 5 months old. My husband rescued him, we have had him for 2 months. He loves to play with our other dogs. I must say his favorite thing is to ride on the 4 wheeler, boat, tractors and car rides.


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Save Those Bread Bags for Dog WalksIf you have a pup to clean up after when you go for your walks, save those bread bags to use for that chore. They are free, thick, nice and long, and kind of like a "glove" and they work great!


Bee on Flower

Bee On Flower (Hartshorne, OK)This is a picture that I took as I was walking around the property. I'm not sure what kind of flower it is, I just thought it was a beautiful pic. I just walk around with my camera and take pictures of things that capture my attention.


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Oven Baked Hot DogsThis is a great way to spice up your hotdogs. Everyone will love them.


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Homemade Fire StartersRecycle used toilet and kitchen rolls, fill with newspapers.


Write date that milk is opened on cap.

Shelf Life of MilkEveryone knows someone who can't tell when milk has gone past i's prime. Right? If you live with one of these people, I have a remedy for the age-old question: "Honey, does this milk smell bad to you?"


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Tea Cup and Saucer Tea Light HolderTea cups and saucers make nice tea light holders. Just put the tea light inside and you have a nice candle. Makes a nice gift too.



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Planning a Girl's 11th Birthday?My child's birthday is coming up and I don't know what to make the theme because my best friend's daughters' birthday is on the same day and we are chucking a joint party.


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Transferring a Picture to a Plate?I want to transfer a picture to a plate. How do I do that?


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Tomato Leaves Turning Yellow?I am not sure if it's a disease or what? Not all my tomatoes' leaves are yellow. They are brown at the end of the leaves, too.


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Frugal Living Tips?What is frugal living? Where can I learn more about it?


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Mower Won't Start?I replaced the spark plug and it has gas in it, but won't start. It kind of coughs, but can't ignite the engine. What do I do?


White vainty with black sink top.

Bathroom Vanity Unit Has Bad Smell?The unit is 6 months old from Harvey Norman. I think it is melamine. It has a terrible chemical type smell. I have washed it and put perfumed things in drawers, but nothing helps.


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Kenmore Ice Maker Only Makes Crushed Ice?My ice maker is working, but it won't change over from crushed to cubes. The light on the front lights as though the cube option is working, but all we get is crushed. What do I need to do to fix it?


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Good Housekeeper Sewing Machine User Manual?I need a user manual for a Good Housekeeper sewing machine S#37026. Do you have any idea where I can find one?


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Shopping for Awesome Cleaner in Canada?Where can I buy awesome cleaner in Canada?


Freezing Radishes?Can you freeze radishes?


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Homemade Pizza Dough?How do I make a pizza base? I need help on how to do this. I tried and it was a disaster. It didn't rise and it went rock hard in the oven.


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Verbena Not Flowering?Why isn't my container verbena plant flowering, even though it's in direct sunlight and I water it?


Catchy Cleaning Business Name?I am starting a cleaning service (home and office) with my daughter and we are trying to come up with a catchy business name. My last name is "Bright" and both of our first names start with "J".


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Reducing Junk Mail?I am trying to help my elderly parents to get their name off mailing lists. I feel they are getting targeted for buying things they really do not need. I have seen this happen to other older people. Please advise me how to stop junk mail as a free service. Thank you.


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Ideas for 50th Birthday?I would like suggestions on things to surprise this person. Any suggestions to help make her day worth remembering? And any ways to be just a little mean. Funny sayings also would help.


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