July 3, 2013

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College loan paperwork.

Paying for College?This page is about paying for college. The cost of a college education keeps going up. With planning you can determine the best way to afford the education you need.


Using a flat iron to straighten hair.

Remedies for Hair Damaged by a Flat Iron?This page is about remedies for hair damaged by a flat iron. Regular heat from a styling iron can damage your hair.


Laminate Floor

Buffing a Laminate Floor?This page is about buffing a laminate floor. Maintaing a shine on your wood floor usually requires some polishing.


Spinach Casserole

Spinach Casserole RecipesA very, nutritious vegetable that is a flavorful addition to a baked dish. This page contains spinach casserole recipes.


Tree Saplings

Getting Rid of Tree Saplings?All kinds of tree seeds are carried by the wind and can start to grow in your garden. This page is about getting rid of tree saplings.



Pencil Topper Craft IdeasThis page is about pencil topper craft ideas. A simple, easy craft to make a decorative erasers for pencils.


Homemade Cat Litter Box

Homemade Cat Litter Box IdeasThis page contains homemade cat litter box ideas. You may need a litter box of a different design than you can find to buy.


Creme De Menthe Pie

Creme De Menthe Pie RecipesThe perfect cream pie to make for mint lovers. This page contains creme de menthe pie recipes.


Cooking on a Public Grill

Cooking on a Public GrillThis page contains tips for cooking on a public grill.When camping or picnicking you may want to use the firepit grill at your campsite.


Using a flat iron on hair.

Cleaning Hair Spray Off a Flat Iron?This page is about cleaning hair spray off a flat iron. Removing styling product build-up from the blades of a hair iron, can be a challenge.


dog on a blanket

Cleaning Dog Blankets and BeddingThis page is about cleaning dog blankets and bedding. Keeping you pet's bed clean will help control fleas.


Contractor on a job site.

Name Ideas for a Contractor Business?This page contains name ideas for a contractor business. When choosing a name for your new business venture you want to make sure it is easy to remember.


A cutting board with ground spices and fresh spices on it.

Ground Spices vs. Fresh Spices?This page is about ground spices vs. fresh spices. The presence of fresh spices can sometimes taste better than convenience, dried ground spices.


Making Hand Painted Coasters

Making Hand Painted CoastersThis page is about making hand painted coasters. Ordinary wooden coasters can be turned into something decorative with some paint and stencils.


arabian magic lamp

Arabian Themed Party IdeasThis page is about Arabian themed party ideas. Having the food, decorations and clothing Arabian, will make for a memorable party.



Pie in a JarPie in a jar is a great way to make mini, one serving pies.


M&M CookiesOur daughter took these to school as a birthday treat.


Pesto Pizza Bagels

Pesto Pizza BagelsThis is a short video on how to make pesto bagel pizzas.


Sponge Splash BallsOur kids really wanted to have a water fight today.



grilling meat

Using a Grill SheetIf you decide to grill while camping or at a local park, you may find that the grills are pretty gross. One way to avoid contaminating your food is to use a grill sheet.


Fluffy white dog sitting on bottom with paws up.

Solo Awesome (Pom Chi Mix)Solo is the son of my dog Maxwell and best friend's dog Sarah.


Max on a small blue chair.

Maxwell (Pom\Chi Cross)I got Max at 8 weeks old. I purchased him from a family friend.



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Cat Urine on My Furniture?I don't mind that my cat is on the furniture so much really, he's really good about not scratching, but lately he's been using it as his litter box! Is there anything I can use or do to keep him from peeing/pooing on the couch, but still allow him to be on the furniture?


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Cost of a Toilet Running 24/7?We have a old toilet and sometimes the handle gets stuck. I was wondering what this is costing us in water if it ran for 24 hours?


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Book About Carving Watermelon Centerpieces?What is the name of the book for watermelon carvings? I would like the stencil of the watermelon bridal shower lighted centerpiece, as soon as possible. Thanks in advance.


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Remedy for Diarrhea?What will stop diarrhea?


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Soaking Dentures?How long can I keep my dentures in water if I am not using them?


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Removing a Stuck Recessed Light Bulb?I have a recessed spotlight in my kitchen ceiling that seems to be corroded because I can't twist it out. I have no way of doing the tape wrap trick either as it is too recessed to work around. Any suggestions as how to remove without shattering the light bulb?


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Fee for a Move Out Cleaning?I'm going to be cleaning a whole house. It's going to be a completely empty because they're renting it out. The job includes: bathrooms, bedrooms, window sills, stove, tile/wood floors, vacuum/shampoo carpets, and maybe garage. It's an average size house possible 2 story house.


Passion Fruit Flower

Growing a Granadilla Vine (Passion Fruit)?I live in Cape Town, South Africa. In February (end of summer) I planted a young granadilla vine which has since had quite a lot of upward growth on the one main leader (about 2m/6ft), but has only developed one short lateral branch.


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Easy Chicken and Potatoes Recipe?I want to try this recipe (Easy Chicken with Potatoes recipe listed in About.com, Southern Food) tomorrow (July 4th). It doesn't seem to call for any liquid at all. It mentions 1/2 C Italian salad dressing, but goes on to say "sprinkle with half of the Italian dressing" which would indicate yet another dry ingredient.


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Mower is Stuck in First Gear?I own a 2010 Troybilt 17.5hp Pony riding mower. I can't shift out of first.


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Recycled Greeting Card Projects?Does anyone have any ideas for using used greeting cards for craft projects?


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Shrinking a Leather Dog Collar?I just got my Doberman a nice thick, studded leather collar. I knew it would be too long, but there was quite a bit of length on the holed end. So I put my own hole in as far up as I could. The collar is still about an inch or 2 from a perfect fit.


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Safe Way to Move Bird Eggs?A female laid eggs on the boat. We must move the boat. How can I move the eggs, so that the female can care for them? I am on a busy sport lake in Michigan.


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White Deposits in Dishwasher?I have a Bosch dishwasher in my home. I found chalky/white deposits inside. How to clean that residue on the stainless steel interior?


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Feeding an Old Cat?My cat has always eaten canned food, but he is not eating now. What can I feed him? He is almost 18 years old.


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Name Ideas for Interior Design and Decor Business?I am planning to start a new business for interior designing as well as home decors. I would prefer 2 words starting with V and A letters. The name can contain synonyms of decor, trend, fashion , etc.


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Feeding a Tortoise?What is the feed for a tortoise?


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