July 20, 2013

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Light brown leather car seats.

Softening Leather Car UpholsteryThis page is about softening leather car upholstery. When leather is used to cover auto seating, it can dry out from the sun and general usage.


Green and purple kohlrabi.

Canning KohlrabiThis is a page about canning kohlrabi. Kohlrabi or turnip cabbage can be canned to preserve a portion of you harvest. Pressure canning is not recommended for this veggie, however, there are a variety of recipes for pickling it.


Lab in a kennel.

Cleaning a Dog KennelThis page is about cleaning a dog kennel. When dogs need to be kenneled, it is important to keep their environment clean and safe to maintain their health.


A pink bag filled with potpourri hanging from a door handle.

Uses for PotpourriThis is a page about uses for potpourri. Potpourri has been used for centuries to disperse lovely fragrances in homes and other spaces.


Dog playing in paint.

Removing Paint from Pet FurThis page is about removing paint from pet fur. When your furry friend wants to be near you, they can sometimes end up wearing some of your project.


Spearmint growing in a container.

Growing SpearmintThis is a page about growing spearmint. Spearmint like other mint plants, is an easy to grow, spreading herb that can actually become invasive if not controlled. Its many culinary and medical uses make it a popular garden plant.


spray bottle

Homemade "Clorox Cleanup" RecipesThis page contains homemade "Clorox Cleanup" recipes. Although convenient, Clorox general purpose cleaner can seem expensive. To save money, but still have the convenience of an easy to use spray or premoistened wipe, make your own.


A dog reading a paper.

Paper Training a PuppyThis is a page about paper training a puppy. Some pet owners, of small dogs, opt to paper train their puppy rather than train them to go outdoors.


Vinyl raft.

Repairing a Hole in a RaftThis is a page about repairing a hole in a raft. If your inflatable raft gets punctured it can usually be easily repaired so you can get back on the water soon.


Boxer puppy chewing on a plastic bone.

Training a Boxer PuppyThis is a page about training a Boxer puppy. Training puppies of all breeds begins early and needs to focus on patience and consistency in the training process.


A hamster in it's cage.

Saving Money on Litter for Small AnimalsThis is a page about saving money on litter for small animals. Keeping the litter for your small animals clean and fresh normally involves regular changing, which can be expensive.


A white bottle of household ammonia.

Cleaning Up Spilled Household AmmoniaThis is a page about cleaning up spilled household ammonia. Ammonia is used by many people for household cleaning jobs. Occasionally, there may be a resulting accidental spill.



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Store Used Grounds for CompostWe use the empty coffee containers, without the lid, to store our used grounds from the coffee maker each morning. When yard clippings and leaves begin to build up, the grounds are mixed in.


Leopard Dreams (Kitten)

Leopard Dreams (Kitten)We seem to often have an old bathtub full of foster kitties this time of year! Mom is weaining them at 5 1/2 weeks and they are eating solid food and having a blast.


Rolling foil lid off of single serve dog food.

Open Dog Food Containers More EasilyMy fingers don't work as good as they once did so I find ways to help with opening things. If you are feeding your dogs these little packages with aluminum lids, then just roll the pencil around the aluminum and you have leverage.



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Peppermint Mouse RepellantWill peppermint extract get rid of mice in the walls or will the peppermint oil only work?


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Making Round Paper BeadsI'm new at this, and I'd like to know how to make the round paper beads. I can make the others, but not the round ones. Are there square ones too?


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13th Birthday Party Ideas for DaughterMy daughter will be 13 next year and we are thinking of things to do. She is half and half she plays sports softball and basketball and loves to swim and most of her friends are girly. We need something that will keep the teens happy and active. Can someone please respond as quickly as possible.


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Thread Not Catching When Sewing Lightweight FabricI have a singer, not sure of model but I threaded my machine as always. I tested it on a piece of brown cotton to make sure all is well. It works perfect, So now I try to sew a dress (made of viscose, polyester, elasticine) and it's not sewing.


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Enclosed Porch Outlets Are Not WorkingMy mother has an enclosed porch and there are outlets on the wall of each side of the room. Neither of the outlets are working. My mother said she could have shut something off (last fall?), but I don't ever remember her shutting anything off before.


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Prognosis for 11 Week Old Puppy with ParvoI took my Pit to the vet to find out she has parvo. The are having me do under the skin hydration twice a day at 150 ml of fluids with b-12. They also put her on an antibiotic and a pill for diarrhea.


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Remedy for Elderly Dog With ConstipationWhat is a good remedy for dog constipation? My English Bulldog is eleven years old. He is on Lasix to clear fluid out of his lungs, and now he has become extremely picky about food. He will only eat if we hand feed him meat, so he has become constipated.


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Making a Jacket from a SweatshirtHow does one make a jacket from a sweatshirt?


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Fungus Gnats in Closed TerrariumsFungus gnats are in my closed top terrariums. I have tried every method that I have found on line (yellow paper with fly strips, and I have killed a lot, but not all). I found out that plants brought inside can have them so I took them all out on the front porch and put sand in the top.


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Growing a Japanese RoseHow tall does the Japanese rose bush get?


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Removing Tree Sap from Child's SwingHow can I remove dried on, harden tree sap from a Little Tike swing?


Mower Doesn't Start When PrimedSo what is the next step, when the primer doesn't seem to be working properly?


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Remedy for Bad Dog BreathWe have a mixed small breed dog who is 13 yrs old. His teeth were bad when we got him and he will not let us anywhere his mouth. His breath is horrible and he has to eat soft food because his teeth are so bad.


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Windshield Washers Quit SprayingThe front and rear windshield washer are not working; they quit at the same time. I have tried blowing out the lines from the pumps. I also checked the fuses, tried two used pumps, and have tried putting in different relays (used). When I push the buttons neither one does anything.


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Making a Float with a Mountain ThemeAny ideas on how to make a realistic looking mountain float for the back of a half ton truck? I only want a one peak mountain and I will be adding pictures to the mountain. I already have a wire frame, but was wondering how I could decorate it to look like a mountain.


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Mower Won't Stay RunningI have a 14.5hp Briggs and Stratton mower. It starts and runs, but then it stops.


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Maytag Error CodeMy 2000 series Maytag clothes washer is showing an E1 code. What does this mean?


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