July 21, 2014

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pink flowering plant in decorative pot with  small gardening tools

Holiday Gifts Ideas for Every GardenerThis is a page about holiday gifts ideas for every gardener. There are lots of fun tools and plants that an avid gardener would enjoy.


Kale Salad

Kale Salad RecipesA hardy cabbage relative, kale can be used for a very nutritious salad. This page contains kale salad recipes.


Paper Bag Birthday Party Hat

Making a Birthday Party HatThis is a page about making a birthday party hat. There are many fun ways to create a personalized hat to help celebrate someone special's birthday.


Woman Having Salad for Lunch

Packing Salad for LunchThis is a page about packing salad for lunch. Many delicious combinations of vegetables, fruits, cheeses and/or meats can create a fresh healthy lunch.


Plant Stem

Repairing a Broken Plant StemThis is a page about repairing a broken plant stem. There are ways to help support a broken stem, so it can sometimes repair itself.


Girl Selling Textbooks Online

Selling Textbooks OnlineThis is a page about selling textbooks online. Through eBay and other websites you may be able to sell your textbooks that you no longer need.



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Seasoned Rice MixThis is a big time saver!


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Dry Onion Soup MixHere is something to make when you do not have any dry mix!


Caprese Scramble

Caprese ScrambleI brought up fixings for Caprese salad using tomato, red onion, basil, and fresh mozzarella on a camping trip. The next morning, we used the leftover salad to make the most amazing breakfast scramble over the fire. This is sure to become a camping staple for our family.



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No-Blow Picnic TableclothWhen I was a kid, we picnicked a LOT in the summer. My mom got tired of the table cloth blowing up and tipping everything, so she began packing a twin-sized fitted sheet in the basket. It fit the public tables perfectly, and no more blowing tablecloths.


Hairdryer for Thawing Frozen Pipes

Hairdryer for Thawing Frozen PipesI forgot to insulate my pipes before the temperatures dropped. See how I fixed my big mistake without it costing me an arm and a leg.


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Laundry Basket to Transport Warehouse PurchasesWhen we are going to be shopping at Sam's Club, where they do not bag the groceries we purchase, I put my laundry basket in the truck of the car. When unloading the shopping cart, we put the items into the laundry basket.


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Do Not Trust Online Inventory DatabasesMy advice is not to trust the online store inventory databases. Go to the store and see for yourself.


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CDs to Keep Birds from Eating FruitI have 2 apricot trees that I started from seed. They are now over 7 feet tall, after only 5 years. When they start to bloom, I hang old CDs from a string on the branches. The birds don't like the reflections, especially if there is a breeze to move them around.


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Natural Ideas for Ant ControlMy neighbor had a huge pile of cement ants. She used a mix of 50/50 baking soda and powered sugar. They were gone the next day. I thought the sugar would attract them but it worked.


A grater in a bowl

Onion Snow from Frozen OnionsWhen I cook, I love onion but not in large pieces or strips. None of the kids I know like them that way either. When the Vidalias are in season, I buy several and freeze them whole.


Muffin Tin for Draining Glasses

Muffin Tin for Draining GlassesI recently cleaned out a garage and found tons of things others could use. However, they were only usable after about 8 hours of washing and bleach rinsing.


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Making a Grave BlanketI've made six grave blankets at Christmas time in the past. When I make one, I use chicken wire, about 5 ft tall and the regular width of the chicken wire.



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Antique Encyclopedia Values?I'm wanting to find the value of Funk and Wagnels 1932 - 25 volumes, Britanica 1911 11th edition - 29 leather volumes, and Universal Dictionary of the English Language 1898 - 4 leather volumes.


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12th Birthday Disco Party Ideas?I'm having my daughter's 12th birthday at the local club disco 1:30 till 4pm. I can't plan much else as I will be just getting of hospital at that time. So I'm trying to get everything ready early. I was looking at lolly bags, but I think that is a bit old. I am looking for ideas.


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Value of Old Encyclopedia Set?I have a two set volume of Phillips & Hunt People's Cyclopedia of Universal Knowledge, dated and signed 1883. The cover is in good condition, and the pages are in excellent condition. What would this set be worth?


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Halloween Party Gold Mine Theme?The theme for this year's Halloween party is "The Old West" and we plan to decorate the hallway like an old gold mine. Any ideas on how to create the look of gold on the walls using light? We will have the walls draped in black fabric.


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Puppy Needs Help?I have a friend whose puppy seems to have parvo. The friend is on assistance and needs help. This poor little puppy is running out of time.


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Recipe for Pickles Using Dill & Grape Leaves?I've misplaced my recipe and I want to can again. Our youngest daughter wouldn't eat any other pickles. The recipe I used was in the 80's and early 90's.


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Fixing Kitchen Table Chair Legs?Are there any thrifty solutions for my kitchen table chair legs that have become unlevel and rock? Must I spend the money for new rubber caps that fit at the bottom of each leg?


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Cleaning Vinyl Shower Flooring?How do you clean permanent rubber vinyl shower flooring? It is 10 years old and badly stained.


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Value of Redwood Tree?We have a redwood tree in Rochester NY, on our 3 acre property. We would like to sell the wood. How much can we expect to get for this wood?


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