August 28, 2014

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custom bleached denim with an intricate design

Bleaching DenimThis is a page about bleaching denim. Your denim clothing can be bleached to lighten a dark color or you can get creative and bleach designs onto the fabric.


pots of lipstick

Making LipstickThis is a page about making lipstick. If you like making your own beauty products, try making your own lipstick or colorant.


exfoliating glove

Using an Exfoliating Glove for CleaningThis is a page about using an exfoliating glove for cleaning. Your exfoliating gloves is not just for cleansing your skin. They can be put to use in other cleaning tasks.


small bottle of alum

Uses for AlumThis is a page about uses for alum. Alum is not just for cooking or canning, there are a surprising number of other uses for this food additive.


dog in large sweater

Inexpensive Dog SweatersThis is a page about inexpensive dog sweaters. You don't have to spend a lot of money on a sweater for your pet.



Predicting the WeatherThis is a page about predicting the weather. We have been predicting the weather long before the 6 o'clock news brought us the daily report.


shelf of interfacing

Using InterfacingThis is a page about using interfacing. Interfacing is used in sewing clothing, attaching appliqués when quilting, and for other crafting and mending tasks.


bored couple sitting at a coffee counter

Activities to Overcome BoredomThis is a page about activities to overcome boredom. The funny or not so funny thing about being bored is how difficult it can be to break out of it and get going.


grating carrot

Using a GraterThere are numerous tasks you can complete in the kitchen and elsewhere in you home using a grater. It is not just for cheese. This is a page about using a grater.


closeup of electric toothbrush

Using an Electric ToothbrushThis is a page about using an electric toothbrush. Many dentists recommend that their patients use an electric toothbrush.


preparing gingerbread cookies as a gift

Homemade Christmas Presents for AdultsThis is a page about homemade Christmas presents for adults. Christmas is a wonderful time to give homemade gifts to children and adults alike.


various colored petunias

Choosing A Petunia VarietyThis is a page about choosing a petunia variety. There are hundreds of petunia varieties. Choosing the best one for your gardening needs can be fun, plus with so many choices you can have these colorful flowers in any sunny location in your garden.



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E-Mail for NewbornsWhen you have your baby, set up an email address for him/her and add pictures throughout the years, as well as special events such as first day of school, first birthday, and any other special events.


Stopping Up a Vent Hole

Stopping Up a Vent HoleI am trying to clean up an old laundry room for storage and this old vent hole was going to let in creepy crawlies. I also had an old flashlight that had corroded connectors for the battery.


Keeping Contained

Keeping ContainedShrubs and herbs fluffed out with geranium and fuchsia cuttings from last year. Tomatoes grown from seeds recovered from last year's fruit. Upside down plant pots and kiddies' plastic chairs help create levels.


Blackberry Coconut Pops

Blackberry Coconut PopsThese pops have real pieces of fruit in them. They also have little pieces of coconut. They are very easy to make, as well.


two five point stars

Easy Five Point Crochet StarI wanted to post a few examples of five pointed, crochet stars. Thus far I have reworked one posted some time ago by one of our members and one taken from the Wool and Hook website. Today I am sharing an nifty star pattern designed by Melissa Masterton.


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Shucking CornCut off both ends of the corn. Peel off all but 2 -3 layers of the husk. Then either steam for 8 - 10 minutes or wrap in a damp towel and microwave for 1 1/2 - 2 minutes per ear.


Removing Salmon Skin

Removing Salmon SkinWe like to eat salmon for dinner, but to be honest, eating around the salmon skin grosses me out. Last night, I saw the cheese slicer next to the sink. On a whim, I used it to peel the skin off. It worked perfectly!



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Slugs in the HouseDo slugs' slimy trails cause any health problems for humans? They have been coming into my home for a couple of months now. I am at my wits end; I do have a dog as well. Thanks.


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Social Security Death BenefitsIf I would pass away before the age of 62 would my wife and daughter be a eligible for survivor benefits?


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Using Dawn Soap for Fleas in CarpetHow much Dawn soap do I use to put on my carpets? And does it work and how often can I use it?


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Felt Pads Left Marks on Furniture FinishI use felt pads on lamps to keep lamp movement from scratching. I notice though that when I change objects or lamps there are sometimes circular rings from the tabs. They will not wax or buff out. How do you remove them?


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Selling Lumber from Large Oak TreeWe live in Hot Springs Arkansas. We paid a lot to get a large oak tree cut down. We need to find someone that wants this large tree.


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Freezing Cheese SauceI had a gallon of milk and lots of cheese and I was going on vacation and I didn't want to throw them away. I made a large batch of cheese sauce and I wanted to know if I could freeze it and if so for how long?


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Discontinued Village BordersI'm trying to find Village border #592812; it has been discontinued. I don't want to take down the whole thing, but need to redo some.


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Removing Liquid Paper (Wite Out) from ClothingHow do you remove Wite Out from clothing?


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White Clothing Turned Grey in WashDoes anybody have any ideas as to why my underwear has turned grey especially my bras? I have already tried using a whitener product like a sachet in the back of the machine which is supposed to get rid of the grey and take laundry back to white, but to no avail.


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