October 2, 2014

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bowl of marinara sauce

Freezing Spaghetti SauceYou can save time preparing meals by making a large batch of your favorite Italian seasoned tomato sauce and freezing it. This is a page about freezing spaghetti sauce.


curious young raccoon

Coexisting with RaccoonsThis is a page about coexisting with raccoons. As we are invading more and more species habitats, there are more instances where wildlife and humans having a hard time living together.


Ebola Virus Test

Ebola Virus CharitiesThis is a page about Ebola virus charities. The Ebola virus outbreak has overwhelmed the Guinea, Sierra Leone, Liberian medical infrastructures. You can help contain the spread of the Ebola virus and provide vital relief for the infected areas by donating to charities that will be sure to get the money and supplies to Western Africa.


family arriving at grandmother's house

Etiquette for Visiting Family?This is a page about etiquette for visiting family. Make sure you are a welcomed visitor and will not cause hardship to your family members, when you plan to visit.


disco ball with colored lights behind

Disco Birthday Party Ideas?This is a page about disco birthday party ideas. A fun decorating idea for a retro dress, music, and dance party can be a discotheque theme.


kitchen maid

Making a Kitchen Maid or MateThis is a page about making a kitchen maid or mate. Make a cute kitchen assistance to store kitchen tools or cleaning supplies together for your home or as a gift.


hands washing a cup

Saving Money on Dish SoapThis is a page about saving money on dish soap. There are a number of thrifty ideas to use less dishwashing soap when cleaning the dishes.



Jack-O-Lantern Planter

Jack-O'-Lantern PlanterHere is a fun twist on the classic jack-o-lantern. The perfect fall project for a gardener.


Mason Jar Jack-O-Lanterns

Mason Jar Jack-O'-LanternsUse a few old Mason jars to make some cute glowing jack-o'-lanterns that you can use year after year. They make awesome decorations on a table or in a window.


Graveyard Brownies

Graveyard BrowniesThese brownies are the perfect dish to bring to a Halloween party.


Fixing Engine Stall on Gas Powered Trimmer

Fixing Engine Stall on Gas Powered TrimmerIf your gas powered trimmer is having trouble running when you turn the choke off after starting it, this tip may help you. Check out how we fixed this problem.



Top 5 Best Ebola Virus Outbreak Charities

Top 5 Best Ebola Virus Outbreak CharitiesThe recent Ebola outbreak in Texas has been a sobering wake up call to the world. The virus needs to be contained as quickly as possible and health care workers need to be protected from patients exhibiting symptoms. We all want to help but we also want to make sure it goes to the people who need it most. I took some time to look for the best choices for this current crisis.


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Stuffing Your Thanksgiving TurkeyI still like to put my stuffing directly into the turkey cavity. My mother did it for years and so have I and it's perfectly safe. No one has ever gotten ill from this. However, scooping the stuffing out can be quite messy.



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Finding a Vet That Takes Payments?I was holding my puppy and he jumped out of my hands his leg is broken he can't put any weight on it. I don't have any money and I need to take him in; I need payment plans.


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Getting Rid of Fleas on Kittens?I need home remedies to deflea infested kittens.


stain on bathroom wall

Removing Hair Dye from Bathroom Walls?What do I use to get brown hair dye off bathroom walls?


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Sewing Machine Won't Pick Up Bobbin Thread?I have a Kenmore that is 40 years old. It sewed fine till just this week. I started to use it and the needle would not pick up bobbin thread.


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Toro Mower Won't Start?I was driving my Toro and I ran something over. It stopped immediately. I made sure that nothing was stuck and the blades were all clean. Now the mower won't start. It makes no sounds at all.


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Egg Yolks Taste Sour?Is it possible the yolks of my eggs taste sour, or have I just got a funny taste in my mouth today?


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Dog Started Pooping and Peeing in House?I left my 1 year old Cockapoo for the first time about a week ago with a wonderful woman in her home. There are a few other dogs also there. When I picked up "Oliver" (my Cockapoo) everything seemed fine.


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Birthday Party Ideas?I have 2 days to make my principal's birthday special with some homemade idea.


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Kitchen Paint Color Advice?I am having a hard time picking out a color for my kitchen walls. I have oak cabinets, oak trim base board, blue pearl granite counter top, light blue pearl granite back splash, and what frame windows.


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Middle Aged Cocker Having Accidents?My middle aged Cocker is having more defecting accidents in the house. He also pees in my house every morning after my dad goes to work, or immediately after he thinks someone has left the house.


view of cabinet fronts and countertop

Floor Tile Color and Backsplash Color Advice?What colors for my tile and backsplash should I get to coordinate with dark green marble countertops and light pine cabinets?


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Concerns About Unsupervised Activities for Young Teens?I have concerns about a 13 year old girl and her 14 year old friend being dropped off at concerts/theme parks with no adult supervision. Are her dad and I overreacting or is this neglect?


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Hurricane Spin Mop Reviews?I am thinking about buying a Hurricane Mop, but first would like to know if this product really works. Does anyone own one?


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Damaged Hair From Perms?I got a wave perm last week. After I shower, my hair still feels dry, and is extremely tangled to the point where I have to start combing it out, and the hair is almost impossible to comb.


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My Dog Has Gas?I have a 6 month old Pitbull. He has had gas for three days. It is bad. What can I give him for it?


closeup of sewing machine bobbin.

Needle Not Moving on Sewing Machine?I have gained a Toyota Atlantis 3 machine, and when trying to sew recently (fairly inexperienced user!), the machine whirs but the needle doesn't move more than a stitch or two. It will move up and down when I use the handwheel.


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Value of the Britannica 1888 9th Edition?Some have bad covers. Are they worth anything?


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Finding a Site for Accelerated Reading Tests?I am trying to take a test, but I can't find a website that lets me.


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