November 26, 2014

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Making Ghee or Clarified Butter

Making Ghee or Clarified ButterGhee is the pure butter oil, minus the water/butterfat and is credited for being healthier to use in cooking. It is pretty expensive to buy but oh so inexpensive to make!


Vietnamese Beef Ragout (Lagu Bo)

Vietnamese Beef Ragout (Lagu Bo)This is yet another delicious Vietnamese dish my mother-in-law makes. This is the Vietnamese version of Ragout. It is called sup lagu (lagu soup) in Vietnamese which sounds like ragout in French.



Fabric Yo Yo Turkey

Fabric Yo Yo TurkeyThis cute little yo yo turkey can be used as an ornament or even attached to elastic for a napkin ring.


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Stock Up to Save on Butter All YearButter is one of those budget busters but it doesn't have to be. Around the holidays butter is often priced at its lowest. So how can you take advantage of this?


finished card

Christmas Stocking Christmas CardMake a Christmas card with a Christmas stocking as the focus point. Fill the stocking with memories of love, joy, and peace, and you are ready to share some special Christmas wishes with friends and colleagues alike. The beauty of this card is that it requires few materials, and is really a thrifty way of spreading some festive cheer.



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What Breed is My Dog?My dog is female German Shepherd mixed with male Dogo Argentino. So I want to know the type of breed I have.


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Removing Fabric Transfer Dye from ClothingMy son was working with this transfer dye at school, but someone bumped into him and he has got it on the back of his school shirt. I don't know how to get the transfer dye out of it.


porcelain doll

Information on Porcelain DollI came across an Ashley Belle porcelain 4 foot doll named Beryl. Can you tell me anything about it and what it's worth?


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Excessive Foul SweatingI am 25 years old male and have seriously excessive foul smelling sweating, just from my underarms. I have tried several antiperspirants, however none seem to help.


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Getting Rid of Flea EggsMy head was itching and when I scratched my head, I found a flea. I immediately took a shower and washed my hair very thoroughly. I didnt find any more fleas but when I scratched my head again.


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Survivor BenefitsI have a 5 year old daughter. Her father was killed in 2011. He had received SS benefits since the age of 6. I tried twice, to get her his benefits but they told me she couldn't receive any because her father never worked.


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Raising Zebra FinchesI have two female zebra finches and they are building a nest together and dancing together like they would if it was a male and female. Is that normal?


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Making Wine Label Stone Absorbent CoastersHow can I use wine labels to make stone absorbent coasters.I know how to make stamped stone absorbent coasters and I know they need to be baked, but can I do it with wine labels and also bake them to make them permanent?


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Zipper Foot for Older Brother Sewing MachineI recently inherited an old Brother SA141 sewing machine, but I'm having a hard time finding parts for it. I believe it was made in the 1970s? In particular, I'm looking for a zipper presser foot. Is there another model that is compatible? Thanks for your help!


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Buying Plastic CanvasI just purchased a pattern book to make a plastic canvas doll house. Now I am having difficulty purchasing the 12' x 18' stiff plastic canvas. I live in a small town in Saskatchewan, Canada. Can you offer any suggestions? Does it have to be 12 x 18? I can find the smaller sizes much easier.


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Dog Was Exposed to Parvo Won't Gain WeightI recently found out that the dog I adopted about 2 months ago was exposed to parvo as a puppy and the owner never took him into the vet to get any vaccinations. He was extremely skinny when I got him and I just thought that he was underfed by his previous owners


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Using Borax in the LaundryI just bought a 7kg front-load washer. I expect to use 1/2 cup borax per load. However, we normally wash in cold. Does borax dissolve effectively in cold water?


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Windshield Washers Not SprayingI have a 2006 Honda CRV. The windshield washer spray only dribbles out when activated. If I release the hood latch, it works great. The nozzles seem to be clearing the hood, no water on hood. Is there a ground involved here?


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Value of Children's Encyclopedia BritanniaI have volumes 3-7 of 1960-61 Children's Britannica and was wondering what value they have if any.


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Removing a Stain from Oak FloorMy oak floor is stained by my dog being sick on floor in the night. It is dark brown in color and the size of a medallion. Can I ever remove this? I have wiped it over and it doesn't budge.


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Finding Glass Doll CoverWhere can I find a glass cover for a 15 inch porcelain Shirley Temple doll?


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VA Disability and Child Support ArrearsI recently was awarded disability by the VA. I have child support arrears and wanted to know is there any way they can be eradicated or reduced.


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Life Insurance MoneyMy father passed away when I was about a year old. I will be 18 in 2 months. When wil I get the insurance money that he has left behind for me?


A poinsettia tree sitting on a small table.

Cleaning Cigarette Smoke from a Fiber Optic Poinsettia TreeI have a fiber optic poinsettia tree. How would you clean this tree? It comes from a smoker's home. Does anyone know how to clean the tree?


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