December 11, 2014

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deer standing in a meadow

Deer Photos and InformationThis page contains deer photos and information. There are many species of these elegant animals found in much of the world. They are often seen in parks and gardens in search of tasty flowers, fruits and vegetables


spilled ink on document

Removing Ink From PaperThis is a page about removing ink from paper. Once ink has been applied to paper, it can be a challenge to remove with no trace or without damaging the paper.


volunteers collecting trash in a park

Making a Litter Bag HolderThis is a page about making a litter bag holder. A handy tool you can make to keep your trash bag open when doing home, community, or roadside clean up.



finished card

Singing Angel Christmas CardRalph Waldo Emerson once said: "Let us be silent that we may hear the whisper of God." An angel is a messenger that brings holy messages, and during Christmas time it is a festive symbol that most of us can associate with. Make a Christmas card with a little angel as the focal point.


Sugar and Spice

Sugar and Spice (Tabby)These are two little kittens were born to a stray mom that my neighbor took in and now cares for.


Pumpkin Carrot Bread

Pumpkin Carrot BreadThese are a hit for the holidays and great for gifts.


Use Clear Nail Polish To Seal Costume Jewelry

Use Clear Nail Polish To Seal Costume JewelryDo you have a costume jewlery ring that makes your finger green? You can prevent the discoloration on your skin by painting the inside of the ring with clear nail polish.


Easy Lavender Sachets

Easy Lavender SachetsThese lavender sachets are made with the minimum of sewing, but still give the impression of traditional craftsmanship.



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Porcelain Doll Leg Repair?My porcelain doll's leg is broken. I have all three large pieces, but one piece was replaced unevenly. It is not visible to the eye, and I can only feel it by rubbing across.


small dog

What Breed is My Dog?I know he is Chihuahua, but I think he is mixed with something else. He is 4 to 5 months old. Any ideas?


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Caring for a Rolly Polly?What do rolly pollies eat? What do I keep them in? Where should I keep them? What things do they like in their habitat?


book case with books

Value of New Popular Encyclopedia 1902?I have a Full set of 14 volumes The New Popular Encyclopedia 1902. Is it of any value all in very good condition? Thank you


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Finding Recipe Book and Manual?I need to find the recipe book and instruction manual for an Hitachi HB - 201 bread machine.


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Value of Encyclopedia Britannica 1963?What is the value of 24 books? All are in good condition.


white dog on halter near fire hydrant

What Breed is My Dog?I don't know his past. His tail is long but not bushy, only his neck has 'some wrinkles', like too much skin but only there. He has a brown nose and eyes. It looks like he'll be big, only 6 months now.


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Washing Long Hair?I am 14 and have hair to my waist. I love it, but it can be really hard sometimes. I am trying to keep it long so when I cut my hair, I can donate it. I have read a lot of articles on keeping my hair good. My only concern is how many times I should wash my hair each week?


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Singer 3116 Handwheel Won't Turn?I had to replace a needle in my Singer 3116 today. After properly replacing the needle, the handwheel will not turn "at all" and needle not moving as a result. I opened up my machine to clear out any dust or threads, checked the bobbin, and ran through the trouble-shooting steps in the manual.


small dog

What Breed is My Dog?This little guy is about 30 lbs, 13" from floor to top of back. He has a curly tail, and wiry hair. Any idea what breed(s) he might be?


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Singer 6268 Stopped Sewing?My old Singer 6268 machine died. Does anyone know if the problem is the motherboard and if so, where can I purchase a motherboard?


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Real Estate Company Name?I am looking for a realty company name. I have a partner and we are trying to come up with a catchy team/group name. We represent a custom builder, but are full service and represent both buyers and sellers of new construction and existing homes.


bride doll

Porcelain Doll Identification?Can someone help me find out how old my porcelain doll is? She doesn't have a stamp. I don't know the name, age, or make of her.


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Freezing Buttermilk Pie?May I freeze it for Christmas?


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Slugs Coming Down Chimney?Every morning we are getting up to find slug trails at our fireplace. I have also seen snails there. What do we do too stop this?


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Making a Grasshopper Habitat?How do I make a grasshopper habitat?



What Breed Is My Puppy Mixed With?I was given a German Shepherd mix puppy named Shelby over a month and a half ago. She is now 3 months old. She is a great dog, very energetic, friendly, and loyal. Shelby's father is a full German Shepherd, but I was told by my grandfather that my puppy's mother is a white medium-sized dog.


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Replacing Elastic in a Fitted Sheet?When replacing the elastic in a fitted sheet, what size, type, and style elastic should I use?


brindle puppy

What Kind of Dog Am I?I'm wondering what kind of puppy this is? When we got him I was told he was a full bred Boxer, but I'm seeing Pit Bull. Please, I need to know since my neighborhood does not allow Pit Bulls, which is dumb.


books on a shelf

Encyclopaedia Britannica 9th Edition?I am looking for the value of the Encyclopaedia Britannica, 9th edition, published by Adam and Charles Black of Edinburgh, dated 1875-1889. I have full set (24 volumes and index). Volume 1 has a broken spine, other than that the set is in excellent condition for it's age.


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House Trained Dog Pooping in House?My mother owns a 1 year old Boston. He is an intelligent dog and has been house trained for a long time. He typically rings the bell or sits at the door. His day to day activities include waking up early around 5:30AM to go outside. He is walked a long distance and does his business.


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Viking Sewing Machine Not Feeding Fabric?I have my mother's old Viking and the feed teeth won't come up. I can't sew because the material won't advance. My daughter, to whom I am giving the machine, moved some buttons or knobs and now it won't work, and I don't have a manual to figure this issue out.


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