January 27, 2015

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Family Eating Dinner

Eating Dinner as a FamilyThis is a page about eating dinner as a family. A great time to have good family communication is around the table for regular dinnertime meals together.


Reel Lawnmower

Finding Replacement Wheels For Reel...This is a page about finding replacement wheels for reel lawnmower. When your push lawn mower is old it may be a challenge to find wheels to fit.


Birthday Party Magic Show

Planning a Magic Show for a Birthday PartyThis is a page about planning a magic show for a birthday party. A fun birthday celebration can include a magician to thrill the participants with their tricks.



Ice Cream Snowman

Ice Cream SnowmanThis ice cream snowman perfect way to honor the snowstorm of January 2015 or a perfect treat on a summer day.


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Gluten Free Kohlrabi FrittersTired of pancakes? Try gluten free Kohlrabi Fritters.



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Add Fresh Scent to Toilet PaperWhen you are ready to change the roll of toilet paper. Put a few drops of essential oils on the inside cardboard roll or spray your favorite fragrance into the cardboard roll.The roll will absorb the scent.


baby wearing bow

Infant Bow TieI made this bow tie for my son's 1st birthday. They are easy to make and would be great for any special occasion.


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Swallow Pills with FoodI have a lot of difficulty taking pills and vitamins I was thinking I have no trouble swallowing food, so what I do is when I'm eating I take my pills just before I swallow my well chewed food.


three examples

Rice Ice PackThis is a simple and quick project. We keep ours in the freezer and they are always ready for the large amount of boo boos in our house. They always seem to make the kids feel better. You can use scraps of material, since you don't need too much.


closeup of woman wearing necklace

Ribbon-Covered NecklaceA while back, I was leafing through a magazine and fell in love with a beautiful ribbon-covered necklace. But it was $49! I just couldn't spend that much money on a few beads and ribbon. Recently, I realized, "I think I can make that" and I did. It's very inexpensive to make.


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Add Sun-Dried Tomatoes to Frozen PizzaIf you have a basic ready made margherita (cheese and tomato) pizza from a supermarket, consider making it a bit special by adding sun-dried tomato, which really intensifies the tomato taste.




What Breed Is My Dog?I rescued this girl at 10 weeks old from St. Croix. I was told she is a Lab/Terrier mix. She is brindle. Do you see Pit? And what kind of terrier?


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Looking for Quilt Batting Donations?I work with the Neighborhood Youth Association (NYA), a non-profit organization serving underprivileged youth in the Mid-City, Downtown L.A., South Central, Mar Vista, and Venice areas.


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Laying Adhesive Tile in Bathroom?What tools are needed to go around the toilet and how do you do it?


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17th Birthday Party Ideas?I turn 17 in November 2015. This my first time planning a party. I don't know what drinks I should give out, since most of my friends are drinkers. I wanted to hand out soda, but I'm stuck on this one.


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Name for Bath Products Line?I am starting a new natural bath products shop and need help coming up with a catchy one of a kind name. I want it to emphasize natural organic products with a light hearted whimsical feel. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Finding Out Name of a Doll?I have a 26 inch doll with blonde hair and a lilac ribbon. She is a young girl doll with her mouth open. She is wearing a cream dress with a purple patterned jacket that falls to her hips. She is a very pretty doll, numbered 138/1200. How can I find out her name and other information?


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Living Room and Kitchen Wall Paint Color Advice?The color of the rug that I purchased is a dark blonde, with darker waves for accent, of course that is the living room. The color for the wall I thought of was one wall, make that an accent wall possibly a mocha color, then the rest of the walls, go with an almond color.


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Dog Pees and Poops Inside When Left Alone?I have a mutt that is 5 years old. We rescued him from the pound when he was one. When we leave, he poops and sometimes pees in the house. Even if we take him out right before we leave, then forgot something and 1 minute later go back inside he is in the act of pooping.


floor and cabinets

Kitchen Wall Paint Color Advice?We are in the process of remodeling our kitchen and I am having a difficult time deciding what color to paint the walls. I have rustic cherry cabinets, white with brown shades of specks countertops, and different shades of brown stone vinyl. Any help greatly appreciated. Thank you.


brindle dog sleeping

What Breed Is My Dog?We got him when he was 12 weeks old. We were told his mom was part coyote. He is 6 months now.


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Overhead Ceiling Fan Light Not Working Properly?The overhead ceiling fan light will not turn on with the wall switch. If I leave the switch "on" the light will suddenly come on hours later. Is this a fire hazard?


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Removing Mold and Musty Odor from Furniture?I have an antique mahogany table and an antique chest; I am not sure what type of wood it is. These items were stored for several years in an area that became damp and moldy. The table has what looks like mold spots trying to bleed through. The chest has a bad odor, but I don't notice any mold spots.


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11th Birthday Ideas?My daughter is turning 11 in March. She doesn't want a party and says she just wants to spend the day with me, her dad, and 3 yr old brother, she doesn't want to invite friends at all. I have no idea how to celebrate her birthday; she's into everything, I mean everything.


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Removing Pearls Glued Onto Wedding Gown?I recently acquired a wedding gown from about 1988, and I would like to remove the pearls, but they are glued on. Is there any way to remove the glue safely? The gown is matte satin and lace.


brown dog with white face lying down

What Breed Is My Dog?She has long legs and has a goofy personality. She looks like she's galloping while she runs. She also has a pointy snout.


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Dye Transferred in the Wash?I washed my daughter's purple duvet cover and it's dyed 2 white t-shirts. How can I get the dye out? I have tried bleach stain remover and still nothing.


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Slogan or Motto for Daycare?I'm looking for a catchy slogan or motto for my daycare. The name is Silly Monkeys Childcare.


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Value of Porcelain Doll?I have a collection of 9 dolls of varying sizes. One of which is a Knightsbridge heirloom collection doll called Lara, number 352/2500. She is 2 ft tall and is dressed as a bride.


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Grease Stain on Satin Wedding Dress?I got a light grease mark my wedding dress and two small yellow spots. How do I remove them?


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Thomas Kincade Library Edition?What is the difference between a library edition and just a painting?


doll in box, very dark photo

Value of Paradise Galleries Porcelain Doll?How much is a porcelain 1998 Christmas premier edition doll worth? She sings 18 note musical movements, holiday favorites, such as Silver Bells. She was made by Patricia Rose and bears the artist's signature of approval. She is in mint condition, she's still in her box and has never been taken out.


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Freezing Dried Beef?Can you freeze Armour jarred dried beef? I did not use it all when I opened it.


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Agencies That Help After a Fire?Is there any help for a single parent whose house burnt to the ground with no insurance?


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Finding Help With Roof Repair for Elderly Man?My grandfather who will be 80 later this year and is living on Social Security only is in need of some roof repair. My brother and I, with our spouses, have been trying to make the other repairs that are needed. I still have to save the money for painting the inside of the house.


two painting of California wildflowers

Value of Nicholson Oil Paintings?Do you know the value of these paintings? They are of wild flowers by Chas. W. Nicholson.


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Gift Ideas for Wife's 50th Birthday?I am a bit stuck at the moment and need help. My wife's 50th will soon be upon me. I have two sons age 7 and 13. What can I get for my wife from my sons? They are ready and willing to do anything, but money is very tight!


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Name for Early Childhood Centre?Any nane suggestions for our centre, we are catering to children 2yrs - 5yrs? Our theme for deco is Nania, but don't like that.


view of kitchen

Kitchen Cabinet Paint Color Advice?I have the original 90s honey oak cabinets in my kitchen. The walls are painted in a golden yellow with a brown glaze. The counters are a Rainforest Silestone with a black base color and flecks of dark green and golden yellow. My appliances are black and the floors are a basic beige tile.


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