February 2, 2015

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Old Violin

Information and Value of Old Fiddles (Violins)This is a page about information and value of old fiddles (violins). It can be a challenge to determine the value of an old musical instrument without professional advice.


Antique Dolls

Removing Musty Smells from Dolls?This is a page about removing musty smells from dolls . Improper storage can give dolls a moldy odor that can be challenging to remove.


Gardener trimming Hedge

How Property Laws Affect GardenersThis is a page about how property laws affect gardeners. When landscaping your yard you want to make sure it will all grow within your legal property lines.


Bread Maker

Replacement Parts for Regal Bread Maker?This is a page about replacement parts for regal bread maker . Finding the correct parts to keep your bread machine working may be a challenge.


Olive Garden

Olive Garden Copycat RecipesThis page contains Olive Garden copycat recipes. Make your own copycat versions of popular meals you've been served at the "Olive Garden Italian Restaurant".


Sweet Bread

Sweet Bread Machine RecipesYou can use your bread machine for a variety of sweet yeast breads. This is a page about sweet bread machine recipes.


Carrot Cupcakes

Carrot Cupcake RecipesThis page contains carrot cupcake recipes. A more nutritious and delicious cake can be made with carrots.


Creative Wallpaper

Creative Wallpaper IdeasThis is a page about creative wallpaper ideas. There are many interesting ways to cover your walls with labels, maps, custom paper, or fabric.


Lacing Toy

Making a Preschool Lacing ProjectThis is a page about making a preschool lacing project. Using cardboard, laces and beads there are fun projects to make that can improve a youngster's dexterity.


Colorful Push Pins

Decorating with Push PinsThis is a page about decorating with push pins. These pins can help add other decoration to a wall or designs on a bulletin board.



Marshmallow Cream Frosting

Marshmallow Cream FrostingOnly recently did I discover the wonders of a Snowball confection. I was in search of a good marshmallow frosting to make my own version of a Snowball, but the recipes I tried were too runny. So, I concocted my own frosting and put it atop a chocolate cake and then topped it all with pink coconut.


pigs in a blanket with ketchup

Crescent Roll Pigs in a BlanketPigs in a blanket are a childhood favorite of mine. These are a simple, yet delicious snack for a party or anytime.


Easy Cookie Sheet Sliders - melted cheese

Easy Cookie Sheet SlidersThis is an easy way to make sliders for a large group. We made them for the Super Bowl and they were a huge hit!



view of finished candle out of the mold

Coffee Bean CandlesI saw these coffee bean candles and really wanted one. They were so neat looking and I imagined they smelled wonderful. But, then I realized that I could probably figure out how to make it myself. You don't need candle-making supplies for this one. It's pretty simple to make.


My Handy Helpers

Keep Chore List for HelpersEighteen months ago I lost my husband of 42 years. Ever since, my children have me use one of those magnetic chore pads that stick to my refrigerator and as I see a light bulb out, a leaky faucet, etc. I write it down.


profile of face

Gus (Great Dane)I got Gus on May 2011, from an older lady who had 10 puppies. He was the only Mantle. Adorable. Love at first site.


Logo for ThriftyFun Tips

Old Computer DisposalGoodwill has a 'Green' partnership with Dell Computers; In most areas of the Country you can get rid of your old PC or Laptop at a Local Goodwill Store!



mother and son

Getting Hair Back to Natural Color?My hair is naturally a dirty blonde. My roots are grown out about two inches now and I'm wanting to get my hair back to my natural color, without having to bleach it.


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Small Bathroom Paint Color Advice?I have gray floor tiles and gray matching wall tiles with white toilet, sink, and tub. The bathroom is small 5'x5'. What color paint would I use for the wall?


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Freezing Cucumbers?Why do you have to add sugar? Will this not make the cucumbers too sweet?



Identifying Porcelain Dolls?I am looking to find out which brand of doll my collection is comprised of.


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Fleas on My Dog?My dog has flea patches will they go away? I wash her 3 times a week. I just brought a product called Bug Off, but couldn't use it tonight because I combed her too much and her back is pink. I'm frightened this spray may sting.


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Dyeing Black Hair to Light Brown?For a few years, I've been dyeing my hair a black color. Now I am bored with black hair. What should I do to change my dyed black hair into light brown hair? Please advise me how best to do this.


white and black dog

What Breed is My Dog?What breed is this puppy? I was told Border Collie, but I think it's mixed with something?


dolls in boxes

Value of Seymour Mann Dolls?Are my dolls worth anything? 1. Victoria Rose Collection - 1996- girl in sunflower dress with braids.2. Seymour Mann Connoisseur Doll Collection- Paula


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15th Birthday Party Ideas?Okay so my fifteenth birthday is coming up quicker than I realized. I'm wanting to throw a party this year since I haven't had a birthday party in a long time. I can't think of something that would really sound fun to do though.


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Swordfish Appetizer?I have a leftover grilled swordfish. How can I turn that into bite size appetizers? Marinade? cook?


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Cleaning a Cloudy Glass Bowl?I have a very plain clear glass serving bowl, very sturdy. It needs to be cleaned, as it has that 'older foggy' look. What is the best solution to soak this in?


mold on wall

Household Mold Problem?My house have a very bad mold problem. I see myself getting sick often. This situation is worrying me. My husband and I have a very low income. We would love to repair this problem, before it gets worse.


white dog

What is the Breed of My Dog?My dog's body and tail are clearly not Lab, but he sometimes looks like a Lab in his face.


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Ceiling Connection Shorted Out?I was changing my ceiling fixture and blew the circuit now my wall plugs won't work.


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Valentine Ideas for a Long Distance Relationship?I was introduced to this girl through a common friend last Christmas. I have been communicating with her via text messages for about a month now and it has been going good, but I would like to move to the next level.


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Survivor Benefits and Adoption?My son has been receiving survivor death benefits in the state of Florida since 2005. If he is adopted by a stepparent will his benefits end?


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Social Security Survivor Retro Payments?If my sons' dad passed on 11/29 and they were approved for retro payments, will they count November as the first benefit month or December?


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14th Birthday Party Ideas?It's going to be coed and the theme is magic! I could rent the pool and gym for about an hour, but I also want to have a movie. The girls will have a sleepover and we'd do like a spa night. I'm not sure if I'd want to have the boys over the day after the sleepover or the night before.


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Kitchen Wall Paint Color Advice?What is the best colour to paint kitchen walls when the units are white but with black tiles?


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Value of 1934 World Book?I have a full set of 1934 World Book encyclopedia. What might this be worth for the collector?


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Easy Inexpensive 14th Birthday Party?My birthday is the day before Valentine's Day and I don't know what to do, but whatever I do we have to end the night off with a sleep over. Something you may need to know about me is I love volleyball and being social. I hope someone can help me.


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Name and Logo for Real Estate Business?I am starting a real estate business. Now I want to create a good and attractive name and logo for my company. So please suggest some ideas.


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Value of Cathay Collection Porcelain Doll?I have a Cathay Collection porcelain doll, it is in great condition, has never been used and has been sitting in a closet for years. It came with a certificate of authenticity, stating it is limited edition. It also says it is number 78 out of 5,000, and it says the doll's name is "Vanessa".


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Interior Design Firm Name Ideas?I would like suggestions for a name for an interior design firm.


beige medium dog

What Breed is My Dog?My dog is about 50 pounds and is some kind of mix. He has a lab face, but super soft, thick, short fur and a bushy, slightly curled tail. Also, he completely blew his coat in mid-November.


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Value of a Mary Kay Collection Doll?I have a doll, Emily, of American Girl, Mary Kay collection. She is 18 inches, she is #4 of 50, from 1993. She is in her original outfit and in like new condition, no box.


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