February 26, 2015

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Votive Candles

Using Votive CandlesThis is a page about using votive candles. Votive candles are an easy way to add color and light to a room. They are inexpensive and come in any color or scent you might want.


Rust in Water Pipe

Removing Rust From Inside Water Pipes?This is a page about removing rust from inside water pipes. If you have water pipes with rust in them, it will make your water difficult to drink and rapidly clog filters. Cleaning out the interior of a pipe is not easy, but it can be done.


Woman using Hair Dye

Fixing a Hair Dye DisasterThis is a page about fixing a hair dye disaster. Sometimes when you get your hair dyed, it just doesn't come out the way you expected. When this happens, getting your hair back to a color you are happy with is a major priority.


Cleaning Ceramic Tile Grout

Cleaning Ceramic Tile GroutThis is a page about cleaning ceramic tile grout. Tile grout in bathtubs and showers can be difficult to get clean. Getting the grout white again will make your bath area much pleasant and sanitary.


Home Decor Shop

Name Ideas for a Home Decor BusinessFinding the right name for your decorating business is essential to your business identity. The name should impart your sense of style and how you would like patrons to remember your home decor business.


McCormick's Copycat Spices

McCormick's Copycat Recipes?This is a page about McCormick's copycat recipes. McCormick's makes a variety of popular spice and food mixes. If you have run out of your favorite spice mix, you might be able to recreate it from spices you have on hand.


Room With Many Doors

Decorating a Room With Many Doors?This is a page about decorating a room with many doors. Decorating a room with a lot of doors can provide a unique challenge. While multiple access points to a room makes moving through the room easier is does break up any decorating scheme often.



2 Ingredient Pancakes

2 Ingredient PancakesThese two ingredient, gluten free pancakes are super simple to make. Learn how with this short video.


Seedling Pots From Phone Book Pages

Seedling Pots From Phone Book PagesIf you have access to phone books, the pages are the perfect size for seedling pots. Without any cutting, and depending the size of your form and how the page is folded, you can make pots in a variety of sizes.


A completed crocheted flowering dishcloth.

Crocheted Flowering DishclothLet's face it, doing the dishes and wiping the counters is no fun. I can't help enjoy it just a bit more when using a pretty, homemade dishcloth.



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Remedy for Pain from New Dentures?I got my 2nd set of dentures today and it feels weird. I can't eat anything as chewing feels terrible. Will it get better?


Name Ideas for a Real Estate Company?Please assist me in deciding on a name for a real estate agency. The agency will focus on residential and commercial property sales. I will buy/sell/rent flats, offices, warehouses, and guest houses. The name may be attractive and professional.


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Shaving the Bone to Fit Dentures?I had my remaining upper teeth pulled and immediately had dentures put in on 2/5/2015, 3 weeks ago tomorrow. I am getting many ulcers on the front of my upper gums and now the dentist said she thinks they need to go in and shave down the bone for the dentures to fit properly.


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Repairing a Janome MC6500 Sewing Machine?What does a TD init error code mean and how do I fix it?


closeup of face

What Breed Is My Dog?I need to get into a rental and there are a lot of restrictions on dogs. I have no idea what my Izzy Bear is. I got her from the shelter when she was four months old. She is now going to be two. Any ideas? All suggestions would be so helpful!


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University of North Carolina Spartans Cross-stitch?I am looking for a pattern for the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, Spartans.


black dog

What Breed Is My Puppy?I just got him and was told he's 1/2 German Shepherd and his other half is Boxer, Lab, and Mastiff. Everyone thinks he's a Pit Bull.


Gunner now

What Breed Is My Dog?I rescued my beautiful dog Gunner in June 2014 from a shelter. They gave me a long story about how he was half Weimaraner and half Boxer due to his parents accidently "getting together" at a AKC dog show. He looked a lot like a Weimaraner as a puppy; he also has webbed feet. I can see Boxer now, too.


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Value of World Gallery Porcelain Doll?I have a porcelain doll from World Gallery. It is a limited edition by Bonita Worthing. The doll's name is Baby Kay. I can not find information anywhere. I want to know her value. She is still in the box.


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Water Turned Laundry Yellow?We had dirty water from a frozen pipe. I did my undies, some are white, and now they are yellowed from the dirty water. This happened on Saturday. They fixed the pipe, but here it is Wednesday and this happened. When will my water clear up?


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George Foreman Grill Replacement Plates?Where can I buy the replaceable plates for a George Foreman grill, Model GR72RTP?


full length back view

Remedy for Hair Damaged by Perm?My hair was permanently straightened and I used to go for touch ups after every 3-4 inches of new hair growth. I continued this process for almost 3 and a half years, from early 2010 till late 2012, as straightening gave shine and softness to my naturally dry, rough, and wavy hair.


tan puppy and dark brownish grey puppy

What Breed Is My Dog?I have just got these two puppies from the shelter and am curious about their breed?


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Getting a Copy of the EZ Bow Maker Instructions?I'm hoping Elaine can get me a copy of the instructions for the e-z bowz maker. The phone number on the package is no longer in business. I lost my instructions this past Christmas and I'm trying to get new instructions before I put it away.


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Faded Quilter's Cutting Mat Lines?What can I use to redo the lines on my quilter's cutting mat? They are very faded in some places.


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Age Limit for Child Dependent on Taxes?Can you still claim a child who 17 as a dependent?


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House Trained Dog Pooping Inside?My mini Schnauzer is almost 4 years old and fully house trained. He used to come to my bed, if we're sleeping, to wake me up to take him out. He no longer does this and poops on the floor. He is very aware that he is wrong because he hides after he does it. Why is this happening now?


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Kitchen Paint Color Advice?I have dark red countertops and a dark red tile floor. All my appliances are black. What color should I paint my cabinets and walls?


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Identifying an Odor in Home?A few months ago I had a very bad odor in the attached garage. The smell appears to be gone. Now there is now an odor in the house. It is an odor I have difficulty describing. It doesn't smell like something dead, sour, or filth.


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Storing Homemade Soup?I'm single and made a large pot of soup. I wanted to save some. I put the hot soup in a jar with a tight lid. It cooled and the lid popped in good seal. How long can I keep in refrigerator or not and be safe?


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