March 17, 2015

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templares and fabric cutouts for making hearts

Making Fabric HeartsFabric hearts are a fun craft project for making decorations for Valentine's Day and other occasions. This is a page about making fabric hearts.


dramatic lightning display

Lightning PhotosThis is a page about lightning photos. Lightning is such a striking natural phenomenon that it is a common photographic subject.


pattern books for making Cabbage Patch Kids and clothing

Finding a Cabbage Patch Doll PatternOriginally created in 1978 and called Little People, these dolls are still popular today. You can make the soft sculpture version of this doll at home. This is a page about Finding a Cabbage Patch doll pattern.


felt Christmas bulb garland

Making a Felt Christmas GarlandThis is a page about making a felt Christmas garland. Felt is so easy to work with it is the perfect material for making a variety of garlands to decorate your home for the Christmas holidays.


felt heart tree on mantle

Making a Felt Heart Valentine's Day TreeEvery holiday should have its own tree decoration. This is a page about making a felt heart Valentine's Day tree.


hand holding a carrot pen

Making a Duct Tape Carrot PenThis cute carrot pen is a great Easter craft for the kids, young and old. This is a page about making a duct tape carrot pen.


closeup of embroidery detail

Adding Embroidery Details to a Baby QuiltThis is a page about adding embroidery details to a baby quilt. Adding embroidery details is a great alternative to actually quilting your patchwork projects. This decorative embellishment is a nice complement to a tied quilt.


planted veggies 1

Making a Felt Veggie GardenThis is a page about making a felt veggie garden. Your little one can garden rain or shine with this felt veggie garden. It would also be a fun gift for a gardening enthusiast.


carseat pillow

Making a Child's Handle PillowThis is a page about making a child's handle pillow. This small pillow is perfect for your child's carseat. The handle allows them to easily carry it themselves.


main pit with sculptures

Visiting the La Brea Tar Pits (Page Museum)This is a page about visiting the La Brea Tar Pits (Page Museum). Travel back in time with an exciting visit to this Los Angeles science attraction.



St. Patrick's Day Sherbet Float 1

St. Patrick's Day Sherbet FloatThis citrusy treat is a perfect way to celebrate St. Patrick's day!


Homemade Hummus with Flavored Tortilla Chips

Homemade Hummus with Flavored Tortilla...With the price of hummus in the store, I decided to make some from scratch. Delish! I added a few finishing touches to some store bought tortillas to make the perfect snack at home.



Photo Tiles without brushstrokes.

Preventing Brushstrokes on...When using Mod Podge to seal your photo tiles and you want to avoid brushstrokes, take a piece of sponge and stipple it on top. You could also use a clear spray lacquer instead.


black and brown dog

Sierra (Yorkie MinPin)Sierra is a Yorkie MinPin mix that I rescued from a local shelter.


Pampering Lemon Peppermint Bath Bombs - Supplies

Pampering Lemon Peppermint Bath BombsThese bath bombs combine the refreshing scent of lemon with the relaxing scent of peppermint to create a bath bomb that will knock the socks off the ones you buy at the mall. With an infusion of oil and sea salt in them, your skin will feel like it has spent the day at the spa.


A screen shot from the video blog telling how to fix any lawnmower

Fix Any LawnmowerI created a video blog on fixing a mower. It is a step by step process. It was much simpler than taking a thousand pictures and typing all that I wanted to say.


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Use Tea Towel as Cafetiere CosyIf you need to keep coffee warm in your cafetiere or French press, take a 20x30 inch linen tea towel. Fold it in half lengthwise to 10x15, and wrap around the cafetiere, starting at the handle. Position overlapping ends over handle and fasten large spring clothes peg over ends and handle.


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Hook Keychain Ring to ZipperIf you have kids, you know their zippers are always coming down on certain pants. Hook a keychain ring on the part with the little hole on the zipper pull. Zip it up and hook it over the button and do up the button. No more flying low.


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Bulk Buy Used ClothingSome eBay sellers offer bulk secondhand items very cheaply. What I do is to choose the items I want to keep, and designate others to be offered to other family members, given to charity shops, or upcycled.


add inner ears

Felt Easter Bunny PinThis sweet little bunny pin is a perfect pin to wear for Easter or all spring long!


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Upcycle Wine Boxes for Bathroom StorageChristmas cheese and wine hampers are often presented in high quality wooden boxes. I recently took one which has slots for two bottles of wine and two pieces of cheese above them, stood it on end, and used it for toiletry storage in the bathroom.



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Value of Collier's Encyclopedias?I have a set of 25 Collier's Encyclopedias By Macmillan Educational Company. I have different volumes from 1950-1987. How much are they worth and where can I sell them?


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Dental Work With No Insurance?I need a tooth pulled and have no insurance.


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Curtain Color Advice?I have sand color deep beige walls with chocolate brown furniture. I just stared to add teal, off white, and gold accents. What color window treatments would work? I also have wood blinds on the windows.


black and white dog sitting on chair

What Breed Is My Dog?My little girl is six months old. I got her from people who got her, but did not know how to take care of a puppy. They did not know what she was. Do you know what breed she is? She has got webbed feet.


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Cleaning Healthy Choice Steamers Bowls?Are the bowls from Healthy Choice Steamers dishwasher safe?


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White Sharks Not Eating?I bought a pair of white sharks around 7 months ago. They were eating properly, but suddenly last week they stopped eating properly. They swim around, but don't notice the food. I have 10 more fish in my tank and I bought them at the same time.


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Riding Mower Won't Start?I have a new battery. I put it on and turned the key to start and nothing happens.


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Cleaning Company Name Ideas?My target will be small business offices. Does anyone have any suggestions?


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Clearing a Washer Error Code?How do I clear the "long drain" error code?


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Flooring Color Ideas for a Bathroom?What color flooring would go with harvest gold tile on the wall and a harvest gold tub?


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Changed To Dimmer Switches and Other Lights Not Working?I recently started switching some of my rooms to dimmer switches. I changed the kitchen switches without a problem. Then we go upstairs, and I switch bedroom #2 to a dimmer. I go to turn the power back on and notice although bedroom #2 works fine, now bedroom #3 and the bathroom lights don't work!


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Cleaning an Above Ground Swimming Pool?My husband drained our above ground swimming pool for the winter. Now I'm trying to clean it. There is like dry mud and I have been brushing the bottom and it is coming off, but taking forever. Yes I know now that he should not have done that. It is very bad.


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Kittens Peeing Everywhere?My boyfriend has recently gotten two kittens. We were told the female is nine weeks old and that the male was six weeks old, but we believe he was about four weeks old. They use the litter box, but have started peeing on the beds, couches, and pulling anything to the ground to pee on it.


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Dark Stain on Wood Furniture?What caused and what can fix a large, dark, oval stain on my dining table?


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Value of Goldenvale Doll?How much is a Goldenvale porcelain doll "Agatha" worth?


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15th Birthday Party Ideas?I'm turning 15 in two weeks. As of today, I don't know what my party's theme should be. I also have asthma. I don't want it at my house. All I need is party ideas.


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Value of a Seymour Mann Doll?What is the monetary value of a Seymour Mann Connoisseur Collection Doll (MCMXCVI) bridal doll in original box and in mint condition?


black dog with some brown, closeup

What Breed Is My Dog?I adopted this dog from a rescue nearly 2 years ago. He's almost 3 years old now. Do you have any idea what breed he is? I was just told at the time he's a cross breed.


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Mower Won't Restart?I was mowing with my Gravely 19 HP zt mower, and it just quit running. It still turns over, but the lights don't work and there is no spark.


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Cleaning a Fiberglass Tub?How can I remove the dark ring around the sides of the tub?


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Low Cost Vet in Stockton California?I need to find a vet who will accept payments or a free clinic for a life threating surgery. My smooth Chihuahua has a herniatic cyst and it's getting bigger by the day. Last year I rescued her after she was mauled by a Pit Bull. The places I've called won't help due to my credit.


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Removing Dark Stain on Vinyl Floor?I have a dark stain on my kitchen floor that starts under my fridge and winds its way to the edge of my living room. We've checked under the fridge and found nothing. We've not spilled, dropped or splashed anything on the floor. It just appeared over night.


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Removing Burnt Odor In Microwave?I set my micowave for 2-1/2 minutes and then ran to the hardware store. Upon returning I thought the house was on fire. I apparently set it for a far longer time. The food was charcoal and the plate it was on splintered into hundreds of pieces.


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