April 8, 2015

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rolling cookie dough

Using a Baker's RollerThis is a page about using a baker's roller. This easy to use kitchen tool can help shape cookies and roll pastry dough in smaller pans.


Knitted Sweaters

Stretching Shrunken Wool GarmentsThis is a page about stretching shrunken wool garments. When a wool garment is not cleaned properly it can shrink. It can be a challenge to resize.



A piece of chocolate cream pie.

Chocolate Cream PieMy kids go crazy for this pie! It's simpler to make than most chocolate cream pies. It has a deeper chocolate flavor, too. I always have all the ingredients to make it, definitely a plus!


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Removing Dry Erase Marker Stains from ClothesFirst I tried Murphy's Oil Soap on the water-wetted shirt spot. It took a bit of the stain out, but not much. Then I sprayed Top Job Spot & Stain carpet cleaner, it comes in a red plastic spray container, directly onto the spot and rubbed it with an old white cotton sock.



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Repairing a Singer Magic Steam Press 7?My steamer is not working and doesn't heat up very good. Is it worth having it repaired? I live in Westport Co Mayo. Where is the nearest repair place?


large brindle dog

What Breed Is My Dog?I am currently in the process of adopting this sweetie pie at my local shelter. The attendant there says he is a Shepherd mix, but I cannot tell what other breed he might be. I would love input on this subject!


fuzzy white puppy with black on face and ears

What Breed Is My Puppy?I have a puppy, but I don't know what breed he is.


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15th Birthday Party for Girls?I am turning 15 in about 20 days and I want it to be fun, but inexpensive. My parents are having money issues. I am thinking about inviting less than 10 people. I can't think of the exact number right now. I think having a scavenger hunt in Walmart sounds really fun.


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Bees on Hummingbird Feeder?My brother insists that 100+ bees drained his hummingbird feeder within minutes, and I say this is impossible. Anyone have an answer for this?


light brown puppy

What Breed Is My Puppy?His name is Ares, he is 11 weeks old and I was told he is a German Shepherd mix?


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Female Cat Peeing on Clothes?Clean or dirty clothes, my 6 year old female cat pees on them. She never used to do this until after she had a stroke in February 2013. I've tried different litters, boxes, different locations of the box, removing access to clothes, towels, etc. She doesn't show any signs of a UTI.


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Repairing the Slide on 2003 Aerolite Popup Camper?I need to repair the metal slide on my popup camper. It is slightly bent making it difficult to slide the end in. This model no longer has replacement parts for it that I can find. The local RV shops do not seem interested in getting paid to do it either.


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House Trained Dog Peeing and Pooping Indoors?I have a 4.5 year old Puggle, Pug/Beagle cross. For the past month and a half she has been peeing and pooping indoors. I do not believe she has a medical issue because it is both poop and pee and she will go outside as well as inside. She is potty trained and I have never had issues until recently.


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No Female Flowers on Zucchini?I get only male flowers on the zucchini plant. It's been about two weeks so far. What should I do?


bleach damaged shirt

Repairing a Bleached Shirt?I just wanted to ask if you can help me with my black and white shirt. I really don't know how to get it back to its color and I just made it worst by using Clorox on it. At first, my shirt was stained with another color on its white logo and I tried to get the white color back to white by using Clorox.


Value of Porcelain Dolls

Value of Porcelain Dolls?I purchased several dolls from HSN in 2003-2004. Where can I find the person who created the dolls and how much they are worth?


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Cleaning a Discolored Cut Glass Bowl?How do you clean yellow discoloration in a cut glass bowl?


Shih Tzu in blankets

My Dog Is Peeing in the House?My 11 yr old Shih-Tzu used to pee in the house to mark his territory after we brought another dog into the house a year and a half ago, then he stopped. But now, he continues to pee in the house.


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Outlets Not Working?I have a wall of outlets that are not working, but when I put a meter on them it shows they are getting power. I changed one outlet, but still not working.


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Trouble Dyeing Long Hair?I tried dyeing my hair red, like ginger, but it only dyed the roots and the rest is still brown. I went out and bought two more boxes. I need two because my hair is long and thick, and tried it again, but it stayed the exact same. Is it a good idea to go buy blonde dye to get rid of this nasty split colour?


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Cleaning Dull Marble Garden Table?My garden marble table is very dull. Is there a liquid that will make it shiner?


black dog with white on chest

What Breed Is My Dog?I just rescued this 10 month old puppy and was told she is a Lab mix. What do you think she is mixed with? She is muscular and extremely strong. She is 32 pounds.


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Computer Keys Not Working?How can I get my #four, six, and eight to work? I can't sign into any of my emails as I need the six.


volumes on bookshelf

Value of Encyclopedia Britannica 1768?I have a complete set, copyright 1961. It is in good condition, includes 24 volumes plus 2 dictionaries. The binding is red in colour. I would like to sell it and need an idea of its value. Thank you and best regards.


view of carpet and table

Living Room Paint Color Advice?I have a big living room. I have new carpet which is dark brown and dark brown furniture. I'm going to paint my walls and I can't decide what color.


Bathroom Paint Color Advice

Bathroom Paint Color Advice?I live in my family home and I am renovating the bathroom. I've got a dull green Wiltshire bathroom sink and bath. I'm replacing and painting tiles gloss white, the vanity will be white and the new floor will be white squares with black/grey diamonds at the centre of each 300 x 300 mm square.


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Games for Adult Special Needs Friends' Birthday Party?Christopher is wheelchair bound. He has limited mobility and speech. Morgan has mild cerebral palsy and she can talk and walk without help. Marc also has cerebral palsy. He uses awheelchair for mobility. He can talk and walk with assistance from a walker and braces. What kind of games can I pick for everyone to play that are easy and fun to play?


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Removing Scuff Marks from Wood Floor?When moving furniture such as a sofa, scuff marks were made on the newly polished wood flooring. How do I remove the scuff marks and then I can rewax?


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Living Room Wall Paint Color Advice?I have brown furniture and tan colored tile in my living room. Currently the walls are a very slight off white, but I'd like to paint them a different color. I just don't know what would look good. I would love some ideas.


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Using Frozen Bananas?I prefer not to defrost more then the recipe requires, so I am wondering how many frozen bananas equal a half cup of thawed bananas mashed?


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Finding Free Yarn Donations for Charity Projects?I just started a group that gives elderly women yarn to crochet hats and blankets for the homeless. I am trying to get scrap yarn via Facebook, but no luck so far. Anyone know of a place to get scraps?


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14th Birthday Party Ideas?So my birthday is 22 days from now and my party is 24 days and I need help. So I was thinking of having another pool party, but I had one last year. Also I was thinking of a sleep over in our tent outside so there isn't any noise inside, but my mom was like no, I'm not sure someone in our family would like that.


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