April 24, 2015

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A homemade tuna macaroni salad.

Tuna Macaroni SaladHere you will find a very easy way to make macaroni salad. This is my favorite spring and summer go to dish to.


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Easy Iced CoffeeThis recipe is simple, easy, and delicious.


A pot of quick veggie chili

Quick Veggie ChiliThis recipe is a good way to use leftovers or get more veggies in your family's diet. It tastes great too.



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Homemade FebrezeCombine one cup warm water with baking soda and fabric softener.


pretty grey squirrel with white belly

Flip (Grey Squirrel)Flip was an orphan squirrel left in an attic when his mother and siblings died. I live in Florida where it is legal to own a pet squirrel as long as you do not release it back into the wild after it being raised around humans.


Visiting the San Juan Capistrano Mission

Visiting the San Juan Capistrano MissionHaving grown up in California, one of my favorite memories is of our 4th grade Mission Project. Each student was given a mission to research and then a model and report were completed. My parents also took each of us to the mission we were studying so we got to have a first hand experience there.


vinyl plant marker and Sharpie pen

Making Permanent Plant MarkersI didn't realize how easy it was to root grape cuttings. When I found out, I started rooting them like crazy. I had five different varieties. I carefully labeled the cuttings from each, making labels from mini blinds and using a fine point 'permanent' Sharpie pen.


vintage tin fridge magnet

Reusing Vintage TinsI save the tins with cute, vintage looking graphics after cleaning out my cupboards to make desk sets and/or refridgerator magnets! They would make a cute gift too.


Owner sitting with dogs on couch.

Buddy, Pepsi, and CokeBuddy, 10 years ago from a lady who couldn't keep him. Pepsi and Coke from a shelter in February.


sleeping in dog bed

Duke (Pit Bull Mix)We just adopted our newest member of the family! Duke was the runt of the litter we heard about at a local vet office.


finished cans, both styles

Candy Wrapper Covered CanMany years ago, I saw a project similar to this, done by Martha Stewart. She used Mary Jane candy wrappers, decoupaged onto a box, I think. For this project, I used Tootsie Roll wrappers.


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Reusing Plastic Plant TraysI use those trays for a lot of things. I start my own seeds and place the trays into large clear plastic bags so the seeds will sprout. I also use these when I spray patches on my lawn. I place one of those trays over the area so that my dogs don't walk on the area or try to eat the grass that has been sprayed.



tan puppy

What Breed Is My Puppy?I adopted her from a rescue organization and they said she was a German Shepherd mix. I see some Shepherd in her, but she's small in weight compared to what they normally are at 4 months. She's 21 lbs right now and she'll be 4 months old next week.


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17th Birthday Party Ideas?Tomorrow is my birthday and I've planned on celebrating it with my family until afternoon and then at around 7pm, until about midnight, there are gonna be some friends coming over. I actually planned on having a bonfire, but it might rain tomorrow.


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Conditioning Water in Turtle Tank?I recently bought Reptisafe water conditioner and I put some in and after that my water turned blue, can someone help?


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Home Repair Help for Low Income Family?I left my home of 12 years 4 years ago to help raise my grandchildren. There are a lot of repairs to be done and no money for lumber and bathroom toilets. The driveway has been washed out very badly. Does anyone know any places that help low income people get help with these things?


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Having a Virtual Yardsale?How would I keep sales in 1 county?


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Car Air Conditioner Blows Hot Air?Our Jaguar 2005 model has lost the air conditioner. We've checked out everything. It just blows out hot air. In the winter it just blew out cold air. We have added coolant.


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Housecleaning Business Name Ideas?My sister and I have been cleaning houses with another person for about 4-5 years. We are trying to go out and do our own company, but can't come up with any catchy names.


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Shopping for a Stainless Steel Gas Grill Prep Island?Does any one know were I could get a stainless steel table for a portable gas grill? I would like one with a place for gas container and drawers.


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Value of Motorized Reel Mower?My husband passed away recently. This was one of his prized possessions, his grandfather's Briggs and Stratton motorized reel lawn mower that he used over 35 years ago.


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Truck Stalls After a Short Distance?I have a 2003 Dodge diesel truck. I had a new heater core installed and drove home about a 20 mile ride. The next time we used the truck it broke down and we thought maybe it was low on gas.


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Inexpensive Internet Services?I found that I use Netflix way more then cable TV. My cable is $95 a month and I called to cancel the cable. They told me if I cancel the cable they will take $20 off my bill. If I cancel cable and phone $37, but I need internet to watch Netflix.


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Introducing New Kitten to Resident Cats?We have rescued 2 kittens from the local animal shelter over the past 2-3 years, both spayed/neutered. We brought home a new girl kitten 5 days ago.


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Puppy Pooping in Crate?I have a 13 week old Rott. She is overall pretty good. She sleeps in her crate at night without having any accidents. If she has to go out during the night she whines to wake me up.


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Value of an Ashton Drake Doll?What is a 30 year old mint condition, still in original box, porcelain Katrina doll from the first issue in the Beautiful Dreamers collection from the Ashton-Drake galleries worth?


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Value of a Trimmer Junior Power Mower?I have a Trimmer Junior belt drive power reel mower with the sheet metal front catcher. It runs Ok and I'm wondering if it has any value.


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Name Ideas for Interior Design Business?I am starting an interior design business. Can you suggest a name for my company?


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Choosing Computer Spreadsheet Software?I am going to start keeping track of stuff using pen and paper. I don't know any other way right now. I read about people using spreadsheets. I don't know what one looks like or even how to do one. I am trying to do home parties and want to keep track of what goes in and comes out and anything else I learn along the way.


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Value of Amanda Doll?How much can I sell an Amanda doll for?


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