August 17, 2015

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fertilizing plants

Using Fertilizer in Your GardenThis is a page about using fertilizer in your garden. Fertilizing your garden can seem complicated, but synthetic and organic fertilizers are effective when used properly.


two unhappy women

Getting Along With Your Stepmother?This is a page about getting along with your stepmother. It can be a challenge to accept your father's wife and the way she chooses to interact with the family.


Making a Slip From An Old Nightgown

Making a Slip From An Old NightgownThis is a page about making a slip from an old nightgown. When you can't find or afford an undergarment that you need, you can repurpose another sheer piece of clothing.



Parmesan on top of casserole

Zucchini LasagneA good low carb recipe that uses up your extra zucchini. I made this in the toaster oven in a 9 x 13 inch pan, so as not to heat up the kitchen.


pudding squares on plate

Jello Pudding FudgeJello Pudding Fudge is a cool treat to make for dessert.


Ice Cream Sandwiches - chocolate on cookie sandwich

Ice Cream SandwichesMy family loves these little ice cream treats. Using the Maria's cookies are a quick and inexpensive way to make them.



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Reuse Produce Bags in the KitchenWhen I buy fruit or veggies at the store, I put them in those plastic produce bags provided by the stores. At home, I take the produce out of the bags, putting it into a fruit bowl or a paper bag in the refrigerator. Then I turn the plastic bags inside out and use them for breading my chicken, fish, etc.


plant and closeup of worm

Tobacco Hornworm On DaturaThis huge 'Datura Metel Triple Yellow' is poisonous to humans and animals. The tobacco hornworm is immune to it's toxic properties. This one 'worm' seems hell bent on consuming this entire plant and so far he's doing a pretty good job.



Molly (Yorkshire Terrier)Molly was 4 weeks old when I met her and her siblings. Mum and dad were doing a great job of getting their pups ready for their new homes and Molly had a determination in her to find me, with being the smallest pup she didn't let that stop her and she was perfect.



Scooter Milo Abrego (Maltese)I got my pet from a friend of mine 5 week ago. He likes to run outside, swim, play fetch, and make friends! He has a habit of taking items of clothing out of the laundry room to play with.


avocado half with onion slice

Keep Avocados from Turning BrownTo keep your avocados from turning brown, seal them together with a cut onion. I have a little plastic container, but you can also place them in a ziplock bag. The onion will keep the avocado green longer!



Princess (Collie Mix)Princess was a birthday gift. She is 70 lbs and thinks she is a lap dog.


basket of utensils

Organizing Kitchen UtensilsMy kitchen drawers need replacing badly. It is the two drawers that hold the heaviest weights, the flatware and large metal utensil drawers. I used a basket to put all spoons together standing on one side, knives and large forks, spatulas, all other tools had their own places.


orange cat laying on back

Friskie Fuzziebutt (Domestic Shorthair)I inherited Friskie Fuzziebutt's pregnant mother, Iggie Moe, when my parents passed away 18 hours apart. Iggie Moe was obviously pregnant and my parents took Iggie Moe and her sister in as strays. Friskie Fuzziebutt meows funny, like she calls me ma-ma and my husband da-da! She's a snuggler!


lids in file rack

Use Office File Rack for Your Pot LidsAfter years of struggling with my pot lids, trying to find the correct one, I used an old office file rack to organize them. It's great! They don't get lost in my cavernous cabinet and I always find the correct lid easily now. Plus it sure looks better than what I used to do!


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Chemical Free Instant Weed KillerInstead of using harsh chemicals that can be lethal to children and animals and quite expensive, grab a nice big pot and fill it with water. Bring water to a rapid boil and pour on weeds. This literally fries the roots and the active growing weeds nearly instantly.


white lily flower with yellow stamen

Arum (Calla) LilyWe have arum lilies in our garden. I love watching them develop into beautiful flowers, but unfortunately, so does my dog. It is quite the nightmare to keep him away from these lilies. ;-) Luckily I managed to snap this pic before he could destroy the flower.


Epsom salts with herbs and roses

Epsom Salts for Inexpensive FertilizerInstead of purchasing multiple, or artificial/chemical, fertilizers we use Epsom salt for everything! A lot cheaper and simpler than the individual fertilizers for vegetables, flowers, and roses in particular. It is used in a ratio of 1 tablespoon of Epsom salt to one gallon of water.



black Lab

My Dog Won't Eat Her Food?My Black Lab won't eat her food anymore. All she wants is her treats and she is starting to lose weight. What should I do?


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Latex Paint Peeling Off Oil Paint?I live in a house that was built in 1900. The previous owners painted over oil based paint with latex and the latex paint is peeling off in some places. Do we need to peel all the paint off, or just the places that are peeling before using Kiltz and then painting with latex paint?


Keeping Race Runner Lizard Out of Flowers?A race runner lizard is living in the soil of one of my flower beds. One of your posted answers suggested mothballs and eliminating food supply, ie. bugs. So this morning I cut down my marigold bushes, sprayed the beds with insecticide and put out mothballs in pots and along the perimeter of the flower bed.


Help Identifying House Plant

Help Identifying House Plant?I bought this plant at my local flower shop and it was not labeled. Could anyone let me know what this plant is so I can properly take of it?


Value of Porcelain Dolls

Value of Porcelain Dolls?I would like to know the value on 4 of my porcelain dolls. I've tried searching the internet with no success on 4 out of 5. I'd appreciate any help you can offer.


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Working With Email Files?How do I convert rfc822 .eml to msg or a pst with a script? I am looking for a script that can convert .eml to a .msg or .pst better yet to import into an archiving device, as it does not support .eml. I would like to be able to perform a bulk conversion by a script of some sort.


plant in bloom

What Is This Garden Plant?I have this hedge in our yard at the home we recently purchased. We are in northern Michigan. It looks like a variety of honeysuckle. If you break a branch it has the characteristic smell of honeysuckle and many of the same attributes, but the flower is quite different.


volumes on shelf

Value of Americana Encyclopedia?I have an excellent condition set of The Americana Annual encyclopedias from 1957 through 1982, including the 1981 and 1982 Science Annual. Any advice on value or where to sell would be appreciated. Thank you.


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Janome XC33 Sews Without Pedal Down?My xc33 has started to carry on sewing although my foot is off the pedal. I have to switch it off and start it again, but it keeps happening. Has anyone got any idea as to what is wrong?


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Batter Sticks to Fluted Bundt Muffin Pan?I have a NordicWare fluted bundt muffin pan; and it sticks so badly it tear sthe muffins up when trying to get them out. I know I can use the baking cups, but then I don't get the pretty formation of the pan's muffins. I tried spraying with Pam the last time I used it, but it is as if I used nothing. I


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Breeding Finches?How do do I know if my finches are mating? I have 1 male and 1 female and they have only preapared the nest. In the evening both of them sleep in the nest.


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Buying Spools for Yo Yo Christmas Trees?Can someone please help me find this large wooden spool used in this Christmas tree? I would prefer to buy in bulk/wholesale.


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Circuit Breaker Tripped?I live in an old building. I have the AC on in my dining room and living room. I came home and the AC in the dining room was not on and the lights did not work in that area. My 1st floor neighbors were having a party and had lights plugged into an outlet to the building. My breaker was tripped.


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Childcare Name Ideas?I am in need of a childcare and babysitting business name. I'm working from my home so I want something that will attract the brain and make them think this will be a fun learning place. I do not want my name in it though.


living room with light green walls

Living Room Colour Advice?I am looking for advice on colour in a living room. We have a dark brown coach, gold couch, and light floors. Our current room colour is green. The whole house is, that's why we want to change it up. Any suggestions would be great.


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Living Room Curtain Color Advice?I am a little scared of bold colors so I've been in a rut of neutral colors. I have medium brown carpet, a chocolate brown couch and love seat, and egg shell walls with an almost olive green trim. I have tan curtains now. Is there a color choice for curtains to start brightening up my life?


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Getting Rid of Poison Ivy?Will the homemade weed killer work on poison ivy? We have just a few spots around our garden bed and were wondering if it will kill the ivy?


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Name for Drop-In Childcare Service?I'm looking to open a drop-in business for kids ages 2-12 that offers service to parents needing to run errands, go to appointments, business dinners, and for parents night out. I'm not a preschool or full daycare service so I'm trying to come up with a name that is catchy and will describe the drop-in service.



Low Cost Home Repairs?Can someone please help me find very cheap or free home repairs. I am in the process of buying my grandmother's house from her estate and I have taken on way more than I expected. My mother was on the property for the past 10 years and it has never been cared for.


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Baby Spiders in Bathroom?I'm abnormally scared of finding an adult of these baby spiders that keep crawling round my bathroom. This screams 'massive mummy spider somewhere' as there are at least 10 a day that I'm flushing and they're all identical. Is there any other solution to this or do I need to find a new home?


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12th Birthday Party Ideas?My daughter is going to be 12. She only wants about 10 friends, all girls, and she is quite a girly girl! We have had lots of parties at home and she doesn't want it babyish. Her birthday is the 17th of September and we are going to do it on a Saturday, the 19th. Any advice?


Finches in cage

Finches Won't Bathe?I have one female Zebra finch and one male and one female Bengalese finch. The pet shop told me they love to bathe, but I have tried a clip on large bird bath (with clear lid), small terracotta, small stainless steel, and plastic round trays all on the floor to no effect.


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Converting Outlook Files?How do I convert Outlook 2007 files back to Outlook 2003?


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Graham and Brown Discontinued Wallpaper?I need Graham & Brown superfresco floral ceiling paintable textured vinyl wallpaper 340. I am about half a roll short if anyone can help please let me know.


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