September 24, 2015

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Squares of treats made with Lucky Charms cereal.

Lucky Lunch TreatsA twist on the classic Rice Krispie treat for school lunches or an anytime snack - using Lucky Charms!


bread with topping

Apple-Nana BreadI like to add as many fruits to my baked goods as I can. This is chock full of bananas and apples, with crunchy peanut butter and pecan topping. Spread a little butter on your slice and enjoy. My kids went bonkers for it!



Clear shower curtain rings, ready to use.

Use Shower Curtain Rings as HangersEach time you buy a new shower curtain it comes with a new set of curtain rings which are not always needed. You can use these in your wardrobe to save space by hooking them onto a clothes hanger.


white Poodle

Dagwood (Poodle)After my other dog died, I went the next day and got my Dagwood. He was a little fur ball.


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Donate to Other Thrift StoresJust a warning out there to all you good people that donate to Goodwill, thinking that you are helping the needy out. I know from firsthand experience that my local Goodwill Stores receive way more items than they can sell in their stores.


Removing Bacon in One PieceI don't know how many times I've tried different ways to get one piece of bacon out of the package and into the pan flat, not ripped not torn but flat.


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Take Baskets when Running ErrandsAlong with my cloth bags that I take when running errands, I always keep a few baskets in the trunk of my car. They are perfect for buying produce since I can take the same basket to the checkout and they just reload it, and the produce doesn't get squashed on the way home. It's also easier to unpack the groceries since I can see exactly what is in the basket.


blue and green macaw

Henry (Catalina Macaw)We bought him and then we picked him up on July 5 2014. He likes to hang upside down, play peek a boo, and talk.




What Breed Is My Dog?We just got our 6 month old Husky about a month ago. We love him so much already. He is incredibly smart and loves to play and cuddle like no other dog I've ever known. I would like to know though if he is a full Husky or a mix.


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Help Dealing With Predatory Lender?I need advice about what to do. I'm 49yrs. old, have multiple sclerosis and am recently divorced. I bought a mobile home and they have increased my payments 3 times in the first 3 months.


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17th Birthday Party Ideas?I'm turning 17 in March, and would like to plan a birthday party. I am a girl, and I am going to have 4 other girls with me. Any ideas? I'm not super girly, and not sporty at all. My family is middle class, and don't want to spend a whole lot on this party.


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Can't Adjust Cycle Length on Whirlpool Washer?My new washing machine is not allowing me to change the amount of minutes I want to run a cycle. I put it on quick cycle and I want to decrease the minutes and instead it was changing the delay start from 8 hours to 7 hours. How can I fix that? I tried to unplug it and it still does the same thing.


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Information on Trash and Impact on Community?Do you know any web sites that are about this topic?


black and white dog lying down

What Breed Is My Dog?Can anybody possibly tell me or guess what my dog is mixed with? I was told when I got my dog that he was German Shepherd mixed with something that they weren't sure of. Originally they said it was a wolf dog, but I am not entirely sure that is correct.


trailing plant

What Is this House Plant?I'm having trouble identifying this large vining plant. Ive always just called it a giant pothos, but that doesn't really seem to be a thing according to the interwebs.


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Cleaning Sunroom Windows?I bought an older home that has a sunroom. I don't really want to replace the windows because they are in working order, but they have a film on them due to the sun and other reasons. Is there a way to get this film off or to at least brighten and clean them up?


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15th Birthday Gift for Boyfriend?I've been dating him for almost 11 months now and his birthday is tomorrow! I don't know what to get him. What do I do?


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Water Not Getting to Ice Maker?I have Kenmore refrigerator, model #106.57453703. I have problem with the ice maker, first I saw a red led light on top of the bottom for On/Off which is blinking all the time followed by not getting any water in to try of ice maker. What is the cause of it and which part is broken?


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China for Outside Decorations Broke in Winter?I used lots of old china and tea pots etc. Last year several of my tea pots and cups broke even though they were in a storage bin outside. I live in Michigan. Anyone else have this happen? How do I know what can stay out over the winter? I hate to make and sell stuff if it's gonna fall apart.


Paint Colour Advice

Paint Colour Advice?I have purchased a new sofa in tan leather. What colours will look best on my walls? Will it be looking to get dark wood flooring?


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Training a Protection Dog?I have a 12 week old female Pit Bull. I want to train her for protection for my wife and kids when Im working nights. How do I go about making her attack an intruder that poses a threat on command? and call her off on command?


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Mod Podge Not Drying Clear?I'm new to mod podge with this being my 1st project. I did lots of research and watched videos. My project was to mod podge a photo to wood. It looked easy enough. My problem is it doesn't seem to drying clear like it should.


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Collecting Back Child Support?My daughter's father met her once, and hasn't seen her since. He gives fake addresses, switches phone numbers, and refuses to communicate. So when he stopped paying child support, it was like pulling teeth to find out why.


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Encyclopedia Value?I have a complete set of The Universal Standard Encyclopedia, Unicorn Publishers, Inc. New York copyright 1954-1955. It is in excellent condition.


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Value of Britannica Encyclopedia?I have a 1969 complete set. They are dedicated to President Richard Nixon and Queen Elizabeth. It is in very good condition and I also have additional years following.


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Halloween Dance Contest Ideas?We are throwing a Halloween dance at my middle school and I'm in charge of running the contest, but I'm having a hard time thinking of any thing that middle schoolers would enjoy.


Pit Bull Size Information

Pit Bull Size Information?Her name is Coco nd she is 7 months old. I want to know if she is at her right size. If she is not then could y'all help me out by telling me what to feed her. Oh one more thing what is her blood line? Thank you so much to whomever answers.


Drapery Color Advice

Drapery Color Advice?I have white walls, a slate grey carpet, and dark brown leather furniture. What color drapes would look best?


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Living Room Paint and Carpet Color Advice?I have a jade and gold sofa and navy curtains .What color should paint the walls and what color carpet should I install?


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Tickling Sensation in My Ear?It seems like I'm like a few others that are having a tickling sensation at the opening of their ear. It feels as if there's baby hair in there just continually moving all the time which creates a tickling sensation.


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