October 6, 2015

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dog going out dog door

Dog Is Peeing In Front of Doggie Door?This is a page about dog is peeing in front of doggie door. It is frustrating to have installed a dog door only to have your pet pee in front of it rather that use it to go outside.


glass laying on table

Cleaning a Corroded Salt Shaker?This is a page about cleaning a corroded salt shaker. Salt can be quite corrosive on the metal shaker top.


canvas covered album

Cleaning Varnished/Sealed...This is a page about cleaning varnished/sealed fabric. Fabric covered crafts or home decor items may have a varnished or sealed surface that can be difficult to clean.


double hooks to hang jackets

Using Over the Door HooksThis is a page about using over the door hooks. Over the door hooks can have their usage expended an sometimes even they can be put to other uses entirely.


Wheaton Schnauzer mix dog lying on the beach

Schnauzer Mix PhotosThis is a page about Schnauzer mix photos. Whether your Schnauzer is a designer mix or simply an unknown cross, its appearance can vary quite a bit from its parents.


business woman in coffee shop

Starting a Coffee Shop BusinessThis is a page about starting a coffee cafe business. Opening your own coffee shop is exciting, especially if you enjoy working with people.



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Line Dry Jeans Inside OutI love hanging our clothes outside to dry, but don't like stiff jeans. My late mother-in-law taught me to turn them inside out when I hung them on the clothes line. They end up soft and wrinkle free. It also helps to slow down the fading of the jeans.


Googly Eye Jewelry

Googly Eye JewelryI absolutely love googly eyes and am always looking for new ways to use them. These simple earrings and ring are perfect accessories to wear for Halloween!


grey squirrel

Seven (Squirrel)I found her on the side of the road. She likes to play with my hand since she is so small. She is a very sweet squirrel, suprisingly obedient since she is a wild squirrel.


completed angel

Miniature Angel Christmas DecorationMake a miniature angel and add some festive cheer to your Christmas decorations. Your guests will love this little darling! With her feathered wings and cute smile she is ready to sing some Christmas carols.


Pom Poms for Toddler Play

Pom Poms for Toddler PlayToddlers seem naturally attracted to pom poms! Those fuzzy, colorful pom poms can be used for many things other than crafts. My son loves to use them with his toy dump trucks. He loads them up and dumps them out over and over again.


egg cloud on plate

Fluffy Egg CloudsI love this recipe because it only has two ingredients and turns into something deliciously elegant. With the high prices on eggs these days, this is nice way to stretch your money.


black Lab with red collar

Havey (Labrador)My mom's friend gave it to us in August.


Store Duct Tape in Baggies

Store Duct Tape in BaggiesI use duct tape for many of my crafts and with cats, I constantly am picking off hair from the edge of the tape roll. I also find that when I put it away in my storage box it sticks to everything.


labeled bottle

Poo Shoo SprayDon't destroy the ozone, don't irritate your lungs. And don't be embarrassed to answer nature's call away from home! This is easy to make and easy to use. Spray onto water in the toilet 6 times before assuming the throne. Odors will be neutralized.


A Corelle plate used as a cutting board

Corelle Plate As a Cutting BoardI bought a heavy plastic cutting board. It seemed OK for a while. Then, I began to get stains in the knife marks. No amount of scrubbing, boiling water, nor pure bleach would remove the stains. I thought, 'There must be some way I can improvise'.



orange flower with yellow center

What Is This Garden Plant?This plant grew well in the heat. Then when it started cooling down it sprouted tons of flower buds. This large stalk appeared with this tiny flower on it. The leaves are mulberry leaf shaped but have a spiky texture.


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Name Ideas for Home Rental Company?I'm in the process of creating a home rental company in Miami Florida. I am looking for a classy, catchy name without using my name or last name to attract all possible diversity of tenants.


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Brown Spots on Face?I have some circular brown spots on my face. What should I do? iThey started appearing when I started at the university. Who knows a natural way to get rid of them?


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Repairing a Broken Figurine?I have some old pieces that are broken one has a hand off one piece and one is a small head. I can handle the flat pieces but, the head and the hand do not set even though I stand there and hold it for awhile. How can I stablize the piece for maybe an hour or so to let it dry and set?


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Older Dog Doesn't Like to Be Touched?We have a Jack Russell Terrier who is 15. He has become increasingly temperamental. For several years he has not liked to be touched and recently he tried to bite my husband when he tried to put him on a leash.


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17th Birthday Ideas?My birthday is the 26th of December and I'm turning 17. What are some things I should do for my birthday that aren't too childish or too expensive? What date do you think would be best in case my friends go away for the Christmas holidays?



Kenmore Elite Icemaker Not Dumping Ice?The icemaker will not rotate fully to dump ice into the bin.


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Breeding Zebra Finches?I have a new pair of zebra finches. They laid eggs in their food bowl, so I put a nest and nesting material in their cage and removed the old eggs. After two weeks, they have finally laid another egg, but in the food bowl again. How can I get her to lay in the nest?


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Value of 1921 Colliers Encyclopedia?What is the value of a complete set of 1921 Colliers Encyclopedia in good condition? I also, need info on value of 1955 American International Encyclopedia?


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Itchy Pitbull?I have a 4 year old Pit. Recently she has started scratching herself to the point to where she's bled and has sores under her sides and eyes. It not fleas or mange.


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Overwintering Peacock Orchid (Acidanthera)?I have been very successful with the above bulbs. I put some in the ground and some in a pot doing nothing else and all have flourished beautifully and are still flowering. My question is, firstly do I lift them before they have finished flowering and once lifted how do I look after the bulbs over the winter?


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House Trained Dog Peeing Inside?My 2 year old, 14 lb. terrier mix is intermittently peeing in the house. I've had her since she was 4 months, she had stitches from spaying. I umbilical trained her with the help of a trainer. I would shut her in my bedroom with a pee pad. She has a dog door too.


dying plant

What Is This Houseplant?My daughter sent me this photo. It is a plant from my oldest daughter who died last year. She is panicking because it is dying. She asked me if I know what it is. I have found images of it online, but not with its name. Can anyone tell me the name of this plant?


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