November 5, 2015

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Congoleum Bright 'N Easy No Rinse Cleaner Reviews

Congoleum Bright 'N Easy No Rinse Cleaner...This is a page about congoleum bright 'n easy no rinse cleaner. Congoluem is a popular floor cleaner that cleans many types of surfaces.


Making Felt Kitty Ears

Making Felt Kitty EarsThis is a page about making felt kitty ears. Kitty ears for a cat costume can easily be made from felt.



Converting Email Files?This is a page about converting email files. Email files are text documents that can easily be opened or copied and pasted into just about any other type of document or format.


Bottom of Rubber Boot

Removing Rubber StainsThis is a page about removing rubber stains. Whether it's from a scum or melted on rubber can easily stain flooring, appliances and more around the home.


wash tub and board

Washing Clothes Without ElectricityThis is a page about washing clothes without electricity. An electric clothes washer is in just about every home these days. However it is possible to washer your clothes without that machine.


Making a No-Sew Sock Baby Doll

Making a No-Sew Sock Baby DollThis is a page about making a no sew sock baby doll. This cute craft makes a little baby doll from a sock and doesn't require any sewing.


Hallway Paint Color Advice

Hallway Paint Color Advice?This is a page about hallway paint color advice. A hallway between rooms is the go-between in your home and is a great place to use transitionary colors to coordinate the house.


Putting Cream Back Into a Tube

Putting Cream Back Into a TubeThis is a page about putting cream back into a tube. Putting cream back in a tube is not easy, but it is possible for very small amounts.



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Spanish RiceMy grandmother, who was Mexican taught me how to cook this Spanish rice. Now my son who is 24 and living on his own, makes his own.


tabby cat on chair

Queenie aka Racoonie (Tabby)He was found at a Christian church in the bushes dying. The mommy had been run over on Thanksgiving day. He was starving, blind from infection, completely limp, and practically frozen. He could hardly breathe. He was nursed back to health and now you would never think anything bad had ever happened.


An adult geisha costume for Halloween.

Geisha Gracie at HalloweenThis was a fun adult costume to help create! Happy Halloween everyone!


A tube with too much cream pushed out.

Too Much Cream Pushed out of TubeIf you accidentally squeeze too much out of a tube, you can get it back in. Put the cap back on the tube. Squeeze the tube with the cap on. Remove the cap. The excess contents will be back in the tube!


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Spin Mop as Off-Grid Laundry MachineIn desperation to clean my clothes without using a lot of water, soap and electricity, I wondered if using a spin mop bucket would be useful in washing, rinsing, and the most difficult part of hand washing, wringing out water from the clothes.


Three rotisserie chickens from the supermarket.

Grocery Store StrategiesI live by three different grocery stores so I check the front and back of each flyer every week. That is where they list their hook sales, sometimes incredibly good deals to attract you in to their store. I make a list of the three stores and their best deals for items I would be interested in.


dog in pumpkin costume

Lucy's First HalloweenThis was our first Halloween and she was the cutest punkin along with her pal Bones the skeleton dog lol.


baby doll made from a white sock

No Sew Sock Baby DollDon't toss out those old socks. Make a baby doll!


closeup of sock

Lace and Button SocksWith a pair of socks, some lace, and 4 buttons you can create these cute decorated socks.


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Floor Cleaner with No ResidueHave you ever mopped with a cleaner just to discover you have a sticky floor from the residue? We bought some rubber planking floor that looks like wood and I wanted a good cleaner so I did some research. My research took me finally to Amazon where there is a product called Congoleum Bright 'N Easy No Rinse Cleaner.



poinsettia looking plant

What Is This Plant?Can anyone tell this plant's name? It was brought to me as a gift. I would like to know what it is called and what are the requirements for light, water, etc.


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Troubleshooting Electrical Circuit Problems?My wife and I are renting an apt from my parents. My step dad put in a motion light switch at the bottom of our stairs. We started noticing that when we turn our ceiling fan off via a horizontal slider switch inside the apt, the downstairs light would turn on. There are more concerns.


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Value of Old Children's Books?I have a book titled Children's Treasury of Great Stories I can not find a copyright date. I also have The Children's Treasure House, 1935. I am wanting to check possible value.


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Peace Lily Not Blooming?Why won't my peace lily bloom?


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Value of Antique Encyclopedia Sets?I have several different encyclopedia sets that has been in my family for years in very good condition. How would I find out if they have any value to them?


pale green sewing machine

Manual for Brother Coronado Sewing...I recently acquired a Coronado Duchess, Brother Model C sewing machine. I haven't got a clue how to thread it or anything else. I am looking for anyone that has information or an owner's manual.


Removing Waterbased Paint from Blue Jeans?I got this pair of blue jogger pants and I wore it during a rave party. I didn't know that what there was a "paint war" so everybody was drenched with paint. They say it is only waterbased paint. I didn't wash it for few days and when I did, the paint wasn't removed. What should I do?


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Value of The New International Illustrated Encyclopaedia 1954?I am wanting to find out the value of a full set volume 1-6 of the New International Illustrated Encyclopaedia 1954.


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Feeding a Puppy with Food Allergies?My puppy is allergic to eggs, soy, and grain. Are there any foods you know of without these ingredients?


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Finding a Low Cost Vet in the Bronx?I need to take my puppy to get her hernia removed, but I need to know of a cheap vet who accepts low income pet owners in the Bronx. Where can I go?


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Hallway Paint Color Advice?I have copper coloured curtains with no pattern. Any suggestions as to the colour to put on the walls? It's for a small hallway.


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Getting Rid of Mice?I need a recommendation for an excellent remedy for mice. We have a rental apt. in a brownstone and have been plagued with mice issues pretty much the entire time. Landlord continues to use an ineffective NYC exterminator. I need to get rid of the mice problem once and for all even if I am stuck paying.


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Fixing the Handle on a Gucci Bag?How do I fix the handle on my Gucci bag?


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Cat Has Itchy Neck?I just moved to a new apartment a few months ago so it could easily be allergies. My cat is scratching her neck, I haven't looked closely at it, but it feels like the little scabs she had all over her skin when she had fleas. She is still eating fine and acting like herself.


medium tricolored dog

What Breed Is My Dog?I was told my dog is a Huntaway x Kelpie. But I've always questioned his breed. My female dog has had pups from this dog and one of the pups have markings of a GSD!


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Getting Rid of Spiders?I've been told that dryer sheets eliminate spiders and mice? Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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Cabin Living Room Color Scheme?I just bought a small cabin and could use some advice on the living room color scheme. I am contemplating painting the faux wood paneling sage green. The sofa will be a shade of brown. The carpet is a mixture of brown and cream. The corner fireplace is covered in white with some grey faux brick called Zbrick.


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