February 23, 2016

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Candy Corn Tree

Making a Candy Corn TreeThis is a page about making a candy corn tree. A Styrofoam or paper cone can become a fun Halloween decoration with the addition of candy corn colored yarn.


letters as photo prop

1st Birthday Photo PropThis is a page about 1st birthday photo prop. Creating a photo prop for your little one's 1st birthday photo makes for a very special shot.


Baby Faces Birthday Banner - attach faces to rick rack

Making a Baby Faces Birthday BannerThis is a page about making a baby faces birthday banner. Using different photos of your baby's face you can may a special birthday banner.


Felt Mitten Ornament

Making a Felt Mitten OrnamentThis is a page about making a felt mitten ornament. Felt ornaments are easy enough to make that the kids can join in the fun.


Bubble Gum Machine Candy Dish

Making a Terra Cotta Gumball MachineThis is a page about making a terra cotta gumball machine. Use a painted and decorated clay pot and saucer, and a glass bowl to make a cute candy or gumball machine.


finished bunny

Making a Fabric Bunny DoorstopThis cute decorative bunny is also a functional door stop. This is a page about making a fabric bunny doorstop.


Poke-A-Pumpkin Game

Making a Poke-A-Pumpkin GameThis is a page about making a poke-a-pumpkin game. Make this Halloween or fall festival game for a school or home party.


Felt Christmas Lights

Making Felt Christmas Light OrnamentsThis is a page about making felt Christmas light ornaments. These cute felt Christmas light ornaments may not shine, but they will still brighten your tree.


Felt Star Ornament

Making a Felt Star OrnamentThis is a page about making a felt star ornament. Felt is a good choice of materials for making beautiful Christmas ornaments.


baby at photo shoot

Making a 1st Birthday Hat and Diaper CoverThis is a page about making a 1st birthday hat and diaper cover. A first birthday is a very special event for the parents and family. Make it more festive and add to the photo cuteness by making a special hat and diaper cover for your baby.


items at a hot chocolate bar

Have a Hot Chocolate Bar at Your PartyThis is a page about have a hot chocolate bar at your party. Adding a hot chocolate bar to your party menu will surely please many of your guests.



Dealing with A Broken Shoulder

Dealing with A Broken ShoulderFour months ago, my feet went out from under me when I walked on a glazed concrete garage floor that had become wet from rain. I landed on my shoulder and knew from the crack I heard that I'd broken it. X-ray confirmed that I had a fractured proximal humerus bone.


four dogs

Our Dog PackClaudia, the Bullmastiff we saw online. Starskia the Labrador we bought to keep Claudia company. We got Molly and Milly at Xmas from our daughter.


Loaves of bread

When is Enough Enough?A friend of mine, for as long as I can remember, would say, "A loaf of bread costs what it costs, and you can eat only so much bread. Why would you buy more bread then you could ever use?". In my younger years I would chuckle to myself.


Affording Real Food

Affording Real FoodRecently, I was talking with a friend about the difficulty of feeding our growing families affordably but also in a healthy way. She was talking about the extra cost of buying and preparing "real food", meaning not processed and mostly from scratch. I started wondering if it is really more expensive?


Logo for ThriftyFun Tips

Eyebrow Pencil for Perfect SeamsIf you are one of those style conscious girls who still enjoys wearing full fashioned hosiery, this tip is for you. The tip could be for most ladies, as older styles do have a tendency to return periodically.



puppy on chair

What Breed Is My Dog?I have adopted this handsome puppy from a rescue group. They stated he is Pitbull/Labrador mix and was the runt of his litter. He is 11 weeks old and only weighs 4 lb 11 oz. which is small for both breeds, even for the runt. His fur is brown and white, fuzzy, but not very soft. He has green/hazel eyes.


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Washer Lid Switch Not Working Properly?The washer will fill and agitate fine, but when it goes to spin, it will just humm without spinning. If I open the lid and close it, it will engage and continue on. It does this on both the wash cycle and rinse cycle.


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Collecting Back Child Support?My son is 19. We just found out his dad has been getting disability. Can my son get back pay from his dad?


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Removing Scratches on Chrome Exhaust Pipes?Anybody have any ideas on how to take out scratches on chrome exhaust pipes? I had to get some melted plastic off. "Easy Off" worked pretty good, but not great.


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Manual for Younker's Sewing Machine?I'm looking for an owner's manual for a Younker's badged sewing machine model W-40 and was wondering who the manufacturer was.



Zebra Finches Building a Nest?I bought my husband a male zebra and he bought a female last week. They were so happy to discover each other and started to groom each other right away. I saw them mating after 2 days. I gave them some free flying time and they were desparate to find some nesting material.



What Breed Is My Dog?We got a puppy 2 weeks ago and I've been really wondering what breed she is? They found her in a box with her sisters and brothers. Sometimes she hides her treats under pillows or blankets. Sometimes her ears are standing, but other times they're kind of 'floppy' as you can see on pictures.


dying houseplant

Houseplant Identification?I'd like to know what this is so I can help it survive! It was given to my daughter when she married nearly 10 years ago by a beloved great aunt. And this is all that is left!


What Breed Is My Dog?

What Breed Is My Dog?My German Shepherd cross came to me at 5 months old. She's a one person dog. She is very devoted, loyal, and protective. When out on walks she loves to go in water. She has a sable coat which is a double coat with a soft fluffy undercoat. I have no information on what she is crossed with. What do you think?


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Clingy Adult Daughter?My step-daughter is 32. She does not live with me and my wife and does not have a job or partner. She calls my wife 10-15 times a day and always ends the conversation by saying 'I love you' to my wife. Is this normal?


doll on stand

Identifying a Porcelain Doll?I received a porcelain doll, the body is modern, but the head looks older. It has a few letters and number 9 on the neck. I do not think the wig is the original. Thank you very much.


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Name for Organizing and Event Planning Business?I am starting an organizing business for homes and businesses. I will also provide event planning/coordination and will make gift baskets. I like the words dynamic, creative, and catchy titles. I also love the Southern Belle theme. My personality if very personable and outgoing.


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Guinea Pig Cage?I have a bin cage which is connected to my old hamster cage. I wanted to ask if during the day can I keep the cage door open so he can get out of it and roam in my room and at night close the door of the cage so he can sleep. Please get back to me as soon as you can.


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Soy Candle Wax Sticking to Silver Sugar Bowl?I am having a problem with soy candle wax adhering to sterling sliver (antique sugar and creamer cups). What can I do to fix this?


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Remedy for Pain from Upper Dentures?My dentures are painful to wear. What can I use for painful gums when putting top set in?


What Breed Is My Dog?

What Breed Is My Dog?I just got this puppy 3-4 days ago. I've been doing a lot of googling and he might be a multi-Pug or a Havanese I really don't know. Can someone please tell me what he is? He's mostly black with very silky/curly black fur. He has a white kind of stripe on his neck and on his belly. His ears hang to the side.


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