March 30, 2016

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Two peach face love birds standing beak to beak. One is more green in color the other more yellow.

Determining the Gender of Lovebirds?This is a page about determining the gender of lovebirds. Love birds are a favorite pet choice for the bird lover. However, determining the gender of your birds can be a challenge.


Mini Carrot Table Runner

Making a Mini Carrot Table RunnerThis is a page about making a mini carrot table runner. You can use any number of fabric scraps to make this fun table runner. It is great for your Easter table or any time.


1st Birthday Party Outfit Ideas

1st Birthday Party Outfit IdeasIt is fun to make a cute outfit for your child's first birthday. This is a page about 1st birthday party outfit ideas.


Recycled Paper Pendant

Making a Recycled Paper PendantThis is a page about making a recycled paper pendant. Colorful recycled scrap paper finds a second life when used to make a pretty pendant.



Rose and Vanilla Marble Cake

Rose and Vanilla Marble CakeSpring is just around the corner! Time for fresh baking to add some fun to an afternoon of tea and a visit with friends. This cake is gluten free, so no reason to feel guilty. The cake is lightly decorated, so even the topping will keep you guilt-free while having fun with your friends.


Strawberry-Peach Trifle

Strawberry-Peach TrifleThis trifle always looks like the beginning of spring to me! In my family we always make all sorts of different trifles, some being very interesting. They are fun to invent.



Repairing a Rolltop Desk

Fixing a Rolltop Desk TambourMy rolltop's tambour would not open all the way. It was like it was jammed from being able to be pushed up all the way to the top, in the totally open position. This meant the drawers were locked. Fortunately, not all of the drawers were shut.


Mini Moss Covered Pots

Mini Moss Covered PotsMaking moss covered pots for your houseplants is so simple, and gives a decorative look by bringing the outside in.


Felt Carrot Pin

Felt Carrot PinThese cute felt carrots make colorful pins for Easter or springtime. Learn how to make them in this short video.


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Re-Weigh Premeasured Fruits and VeggiesInstead of just picking up the prepackaged produce and throwing it into my cart, I take the extra time and weigh four packages of lettuce, four packages of tomatoes and different bunches of celery. The weights are not all equal and some weigh more than others.


Hanging Tin Tops and Pretty Boxes

Hanging Tin Tops and Pretty BoxesI often find tins I love but the bottoms lose their luster, usefulness or take up more space then I have. When this happens and the tops are important to me, I simply hot glue some scrap yarn to the top and hang them up.



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Value of Mr. Colorado Eric Tipton Trophy?I have a 1958 best arms, Mr. Colorado, Eric Tipton trophy. How would I find out if it is worth anything and any information on this trophy? Who it was?


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Sharing Living Expenses With Boyfriend?I am an 8 year widow. I have a house in my name. My boyfriend lives with me, but says it's not his house and does nothing as far as cleaning, etc. I am the maid. He thinks $250 a week is too much to pay. I pay the mortgage plus more. He deducts his gas and cigarettes from that. Those are not household expenses.


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Slogan Ides for Cleaning Business?I am looking for slogan ideas that have to do with suds in the bucket, for a cleaning service.


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Squirrels Digging in Flower Pots?Squirrels come onto my patio and dig dirt out of my plant/flower pots. How can I keep them from doing that? I know they like to dig (ground squirrels), but why my flower pots? This is the second year in a row.


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Whitening a Dress Yellowed With Age?I have a 50 year old child's communion dress that has yellowed. How do I clean/restore it? One professional cleaner said to wash it in Oxi-clean and Woolite. Another professional cleaner said they could only clean it, it would look the same, just clean not whitened.


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Cleaning Mold Off Shower Walls?How do I clean mold in the cracks of my cheap shower walls? They are hard plastic.


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Craft Project Ideas for Faux Fur Fabric?I have a lot of furry fabric and I don't know any fun and easy projects to do.


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17th Birthday Ideas?So my birthday is on April 6, next Wednesday. I'm turning 17, but I'm not sure what to do because I have school that day. I want to do something special with my family, my best friend, and my boyfriend. I would plan something over the weekend, but I have prom! Any ideas?


muti stemmed plant with long cream colored leaves with darker green middle

What Is This Houseplant?I need help in identifying this houseplant. It has palm-type leaves that frequently die and drop. It seems healthy, but is out of control.


Permanent Marker On Apple Keyboard

Permanent Marker On Apple Keyboard?So a couple of years ago my sister found a permanent marker and coloured all over my family's wireless keyboard. My dad got most of it off, but not all of it. There's still marks from the permanent marker on it. Since then, I've been trying to get it off. It has been stained for about 2-4 years.


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Waverly Wallpaper?Does anyone know where I can find wallpaper from the Waverly Country House wallpaper book, that is now discontinued? I am especially interested in the wallpaper with apples and the one with weather vanes.


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Singer 449 Not Picking Up Bottom Thread?I have kindly been given a Singer 447 machine. I set it up and it was working fine for a while, but now it won't pick up the bottom thread. I have re-threaded and check the bobbin. With the plate off I can see that the bottom bobbin does not seem to be moving. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to fix this?


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Craftsman Riding Mower Won't Start?I have a Crafstman riding mower. I haven't used it for about nine months. Unfortunately before winter came nothing was done to "winterize" it. Now I can't get it to start. Should I change the oil? Empty the gas and refill it? As you can tell I'm not a "handyman"!


What Is This Houseplant?

What Is This Houseplant?I got this the other day, but can't seem to figure out what it is.


succulent looking houseplant

What Is This Houseplant?I have had this medium sized stiff leaf houseplant for several years. Recently, the stems and leaves have begun turning brown from the bottom up and the plant has sagged down. I need to identify the plant and then determine what I have done to it!


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Finding Relatives?I live in the USA and have 2 cousins born and living in England (or so I believe). The only information I have is their biological father's name and approximate year of birth, along with his father's name and dob.


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Caring for Puppies Recovering from Parvo?We have had parvo in two puppies that were not fully vaccinated yet. They are now on the mend after being very sick. They are now eating and drinking with no more sickness. Their poo is still soft, but not runny.


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