April 25, 2016

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Removing wallpaper with a scraper.

Repairing Drywall After Wallpaper RemovalThis is a page about repairing drywall after wallpaper removal. After removing wallpaper, the walls will need cleaning and perhaps some repair, prior to painting or whatever your next wall treatment will be.


A deflated bounce house

Repairing an Inflatable Bounce HouseThis is a page about repairing an inflatable bounce house. Bounce houses can fail along the seams or from some type of damage.


Muffins in a basket.

Transporting Cupcakes and MuffinsTransporting cupcakes or muffins is easier if you use a container that keeps them from sliding around or sticking together. This is a page about transporting cupcake and muffins.


A man cleaning his backyard pool.

Maintaining a Backyard Swimming PoolThis is a page about maintaining a backyard swimming pool. Keeping your backyard swimming pool clean and in good repair helps ensure you and your family hours of enjoyment.


A vintage couch with many cushions.

Removing Odors From Couch CushionsThis is a page about removing odors from couch cushions. Couch cushions can pick up all kinds of odors from daily use.


Cleaning Laminate Flooring With a Steam Mop

Cleaning Laminate Flooring With a Steam...This is a page about cleaning laminate flooring with a steam mop. Cleaning your laminate floors is relatively simple. Using a steam mop is an option if done properly.



button brooch on collar

Button BroochRecycle your old buttons into a pretty pin that is easy to make for yourself or for a gift for someone special.


Maze with a  tabby cat

Maze (Pit Bull Mix)We rescued her from a shelter two months ago. She is constantly playing with our German Shepherd, Loki.


pretty lit tea lights with tubular paper shades

Paper "Tea Light" ShadesThese beautiful light shades will give a beautiful fairy grotto feel to a springtime buffet.


blue ribbon tie around serviette or napkin

Easy Ribbon Tie for Serviettes (Napkins)Give your table setting a classy touch with these easy and quick to make serviette ties as an alternative to serviette rings. You can add embellishments if you wish, but I think they look much neater left plain.


Grape Hyacinth on our "Junk Hill"

Grape Hyacinth on Our "Junk Hill"We used rubble from renovations and other junk to make our own mini landfill site in a corner of our garden. We covered it in topsoil and made a stepped path to the top with a seat made from a dismantled concrete fence. I planted bulbs including grape hyacinth up the sides of the path.


handful of dried lavender

Sweep or Vacuum with Dried LavenderDried lavender is quite cheap to buy in bulk and if you love the scent, here is an easy way to use it to keep your home smelling fresh


dog on bed

Lucy Loo (Chihuahua)A friend of mine couldn't keep her. If we didn't take her, she was going to be put to sleep. She likes to play patty cake. You hit both of your hands on the floor, and Lucy will try to catch your hands, touch them, or chase them.


Styrofoam in plant pot

Use Dense Styrofoam In Plant ContainersI grow many plants in containers, from small pots to 5 gallon buckets, and large recycle bins. A lot of these containers will get a layer of Styro chips before any soil or other medium is added.


Protecting Your Personal Data and Online Identity

Protecting Your Personal Data and...Computers, tablets, and smartphones are a part of everyone's life these days. Therefore, it's vital that we understand the importance of protecting our data when online.


Jake wearing a neck scarf

Jake (Yorkie)I rescued Jake 5 years ago.bJake likes to play tug of war and chase birds flying over and play with the cats.


Gold Finches

Gold FinchesI have had to stop feeding all the birds for now as the cow birds were taking over and coming in droves and hogging the feeders. They don't care for thistle nor do the other birds, but I love watching the gold finches and they are at the feeder most all day.


Avoid Hanging Beaded Necklaces

Avoid Hanging Beaded NecklacesIf your necklace is beaded on any weight of beading thread, even a rope, it will stretch out of shape if you hang it on anything! Therefore, lay them flat.


light purple iris

The Old Fashioned IrisMany of you will be familiar with this flower. In the last century it adorned many flower beds and front lawns. If it has a registered name, I don't know what it is. Most home growers knew the flower by it's very common name, 'Flags'.



Information on Porcelain Doll

Information on Porcelain Doll?Can anyone tell me about this doll? I got her from a Goodwill and I've checked her for maker's mark and can't find one. I was just wanting to see if she was an older doll or a newer one. Any help is appreciated.


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Living Room Paint Color Advice?I have recently moved into a house with a brown fitted carpet and I have a pale green leather 3 piece suite. Any ideas on what colour I can paint the walls would be appreciated, I want a feature wall and some wall art.


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Tiny Holes in T-Shirts?I have read about the counters and seat belts causing these tiny holes in the front of our shirts. Has anyone thought it maybe the zippers in the front of slacks? Some of the zippers have sharp edges.


black and white Pit Bull

Abused Dog Afraid of Loud Voices?I recently adopted a year and a half old Pit Bull that was abused. She is a total sweet heart. But when I raise my voice she always runs away in fear. She even cries sometimes. I don't know how to get her to stop barking for no reason when she is outside.


closeup of leaves and flower

What Is This Houseplant?This plant has red fuzz on both sides of the green leaves, red stems, and small purple flowers.


zebra finches

Raising Zebra Finches?My zebra finches Rosie and Harry won't let me go near their cage and I can't even go past the cage without them trying to peck me. I'm only young so I don't know what to do?


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Painful New Dentures?I've had epilepsy since I was 5 years old. I'm now 36. So, you know, I've had to take many different medications to control my seizers. Well, over the years, my medications have caused my teeth to decay. Little by little I've had my bad teeth removed. I now have dentures. But they are painful and make my gums bleed.


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Getting Rid of Lizards?How do I get rid from lizards and flies. I have used egg shells, but it did not work. The lizards they threw the shell with the help of its tail.


glass measuring cup

Information on Vintage Glass Measuring Cup?I am trying to identify this mark on a 1940s glass measuring cup (2 cup) to verify age, value.


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Keeping a Dog Hydrated After an Accident?I have a 6 month old puppy who was recently hit by a car. I rushed him to the nearest vet and they prescribed medication for him after making sure he was okay internally. He is eating, but I cannot get him to drink enough water. I tried to give him water with a syringe and he drank a little, but then he stopped.


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Periodic Awful Smell on Stairwell?Every 3 years we get this awful smell, like Parmesan cheese that seems to come through the walls on our stairwell. It is very strong and lasts for a week or two, then completely vanishes! We live in a pole home, so the underside of the house is exposed.


dead snake

What Kind Of Snake Is This?I mowed 3 of these snakes today and I wanted to know what kind they are. I live in Tulsa Oklahoma.


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Dachshund Afraid Outside After Being Attacked?My 15 month old Doxie was attacked by two big dogs in the park across the road from my apartment. I took him to wee then at the back of the apartment on the sidewalk and that worked well. For the last two months he has become very scared on the sidewalk and will not relax enough to wee or poop.


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Fee for Packing and Cleaning a Home?I packed, organized, and cleaned a 4000 sq foot home, what should I charge? I worked more than 75 hours. I worked with very little help. It took 4 weeks. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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Selling Pop Can Tabs?Where in Interlachen, Florida can I sell my pop tabs?


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Guinea Pig Latching onto My Shirt?My guinea pig keeps biting my shirt and doesn't let go when I go to put him in his cage. He has a brother that fights with him sometimes and they're the same age as each other. Why would he do that?


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H2O Mop is Leaking?My H2O is leaking when used as a whole unit and as a hand held. Anyone know what to do?


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Ideas for 15th Birthday?One of my best friends is turning 15 on the 31st of May and I want her to have the best birthday ever. She doesn't want to have a party and wants to go out with a few friends, but she doesn't know where to go. Has any one got any ideas?


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Fundraising Ideas for Girl Scout Trip?My Girl Scout troop wants to go to Europe in a couple of years. We did the math and it will cost about $3300 a girl, and we have about 11 plus three troop leaders. We're looking for inexpensive ways to fundraise more than $33,000 in two years. Does anybody have any ideas?


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Freezing Tomatoes?I was given a box of red tomatoes and I don't want them to go bad. I would like to put them through a blender and then freeze them. Do I have to blanch them first?


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