July 25, 2016

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American Chop Suey

American Chop Suey RecipesUsing up those odds and ends in your refrigerator, you can create a unique main dish. This page contains American chop suey recipes.


Gluten Free Tuna and Herb Pasta Salad Recipes

Gluten Free Tuna and Herb Pasta Salad...When you need to avoid gluten, a delicious tuna pasta salad can still be a great main dish. This page contains gluten free tuna and herb pasta salad recipes.


Rainbow cake with frosting, served in the mason jars.

Making Rainbow Cakes in Canning JarsThis is a page about making rainbow cakes in canning jars. These brightly colored cakes will delight your family and guests.



closeup of a lovely lavender lotus flower

Lotus FlowerThis is an old photo of a lotus which grows in a lake in a botanical garden near my house.


MeMagee on back of car seat

MeMagee (Shih Tzu)I found him on capitalist 3 years ago and fell in love with him. He loves to ride on my husband's back while swimming. He rides in a stroller and he loves to chase geese.


necklace in straw holder

Straw Pendant Necklace HolderThis is a great way to organize your pendant necklaces so the chains don't get twisted and you can see which necklace is which.


The Perfect Gift

The Perfect Gift Evokes Warm MemoriesSo many times we are trying to find the perfect gift for someone, and mistakenly think that an expensive gift will let the person know how much s/he means to us. I have found that the best gifts are the gifts that jog our memories and give us the same warm feelings we have when we were around that person.


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Insurance Tip for Better CoverageWe recently changed health/vision/dental insurance companies. Our new insurance carrier denied several vision and dental claims that according to their handbook should be covered. I called to ask them why. They told me that they did not pay on those particular services until after we had coverage for 12 months. Further explanation brought forth the fact that if I could prove we had prior coverage and that our old insurance company covered those services, then they could waive the 12 month rule. This is to prevent people from changing insurance companies just to get things covered.


pink blossom on cactus with multiple babies around base of plant

Blooming Cactus with New BabiesI've had this cactus for 15 years and this is the third time it has blossomed. It doesn't last long and will soon fade, but it is always a happy surprise when it happens. It is surrounded by babies.



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Growing an Avocado Tree?I have a tree that's only about three feet tall. One day I noticed that the top was dying, my first thought was to cut the top off so that it wouldn't spread. Now I'm scared that I stunted it. Is there any way to save it?


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No Power After Replacing a Light Fixture?I replaced a light fixture in my basement office, but when I flipped the breaker back on, there was no power to the switch. I flipped the breaker off and on again and the junction box sparked. I didn't mess with the junction box, only used the wires from the existing light.


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Homemade Hair Color Recipes?What can I use for homemade hair color?


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Healing Time Before Getting Dentures?I'm getting all my top teeth pulled and my insurance only covers one pair of dentures so I will have to wait for my gums to heal before I get dentures. How long does it take for gums to heal? I can't remember if the dentist said 4 weeks or 4 months.


tabby cat

Recipe for Cat with Constipation?My cat Mamie is having a lot of trouble going to the bathroom; I've looked up her symptoms are of being constipated. I have to feed her wet cat food, because she only has 11 teeth now. Can someone tell me or even show me a site that will give me an actual recipe to follow so I can make my cat something to help her?


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Low Cost Vet Clinics in Sacramento?I need help with my 15 year old dog. His health is declining and I have no money to put him down. I live in Sacramento. We love our dog, but I don't want him to suffer. Where can I find assistance to help my pet?


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Daycare Business Name Ideas?I'm in Waco Texas and my name is Eliska. I am looking for an eye catching name for my daycare.


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Texturing a Wall After Removing Wallpaper?I've removed wallpaper from drywall and am getting ready to texture. Is there any treatment I need to do before I texture?


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Yardman Lawn Tractor Having Trouble on Grades?I have a 42" Yardman tractor with a 6 speed manual shift. It runs fine, no issues. The only problem now is that it will climb a grade at first, but the more I mow the less it moves until it stops rolling. Reverse is no problem. Is the belt too loose after using or is there an adjustment?


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Removing Odor from Nylon Netting Scrubbies?Does anyone know how to get rid of a chemical smell with the netting used to make crocheted scrubbies.


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Value of 1924 Webster's Dictionary?Is a 1924 Lard & Lee's Webster's dictionary worth anything?


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Selling My Porcelain Doll Collection?I live in Idaho and have 40 plus dolls. I don't know the value of any of them. Where can I find the value and then where can I sell them?


dog with stand up ears

Is My Dog a Full Blooded Pit?Is my dog a full blooded pit? Her ears were never clipped.


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Getting Rid of Crows?I am from India. I'm being under close attacks by crows in the early mornings. When I come out of my house in the early morning I am attacked by a crow and suddenly a group of crows start to gather around me chirping loudly at the same time. How can I get rid of them? I want to know immediate answers.


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Removing Odors from Glass Jars for Reuse?I keep a lot of glass jars, but sometimes end up throwing them away because I can never get the smell of whatever was in the jar out of the lid. Does anyone have a good cleaner to get the smell out?


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Fish Smell in Deep Freezer?We recently bought a used deep freezer. It has a bad odor of fish. It's been unplugged. Yesterday I put a box of baking soda in it and plugged it in. How do I get that smell out?


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Building a Duck Pond?Where do you purchase the tub with a water valve connected?


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Remedy for Allergy to Cats?What do you do if you are allergic to cats and your neighbor has one?


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Decoupaging a Napkin on Glass Glass?I decoupaged a napkin on glass and it isn't showing through the way I would have liked. It's very light and faint looking. Should I have painted the glass first?


German Shepherd puppy

Puppy Not Eating?I have a three months old GSD puppy. She stopped eating as of 3 days ago and she has lost a lot of weight and also reduced in size. Please what do I do to help her condition?


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