October 10, 2016

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Close up of the mouth of a smiling senior woman with her hands on either side of her jaw

Getting Used To Wearing Dentures?This is a page about getting used to wearing dentures. Getting used to wearing dentures takes time.


Dentures dropping into water glass with a splash, surrounded by three toothbrushes

Caring for a Removable DentureThis is a page about caring for a removable denture. Removable dentures also known as flippers, require their own special care.


Top Dentures with Adhesive being applied

Removing Denture Adhesive from Your MouthDenture adhesive can remain stuck to your gums and the roof of your mouth after taking out your dentures. This is a page about removing denture adhesive from my mouth.


Partial Dentures on white tooth mould

Can't Get Partial Dentures Back in Mouth?This is a page about can't get partial dentures back in mouth. Learning to insert a partial denture can be a bit of a process.


Pair of dentures in a glass of clear liquid

Using Hydrogen Peroxide for Cleaning Dentures?This is a page about using hydrogen peroxide for cleaning dentures. Hydrogen peroxide is a good cleaner for dentures, and a product many of us already have in the medicine cabinet.


Apple with a bite next to it sitting next to a pair of dentures

Eating After Getting New DenturesThis is a page about eating after getting new dentures. Eating after getting new dentures can feel like a whole new experience.



Halloween Pom Pom Garland

Halloween Pom Pom GarlandThis festive and frugal garland is made from orange pom poms and drinking straws. Learn how to make it in this short video.


Beer and Snacks Bouquet

Beer and Snacks BouquetHere is a great gift for a beer lover or even a Super Bowl party. Learn how to make it in this short video.



peacock displaying feathers

Pretty Peacock Showing OffWe are currently having wonderful spring weather, which is truly a blessing after an unusually cold winter. I went for coffee in the outdoors at a plant nursery, and came across this peacock just as he was putting up a great display of elegance and color. I just love peacocks! Definitely one of my favorite birds!


tomatoes on dish

Late Harvest TomatoesThese tomatoes are growing like gangbusters, but early in the season the vines were weak looking and the tomatoes gnarly. I took them in because the nights are getting cold and because I noticed the skins were showing cracks. They look pretty with my aloe vera by the window.


Tom Tom (Orange Tabby)

Tom Tom (Orange Tabby)He is our landlady's cat brought to her by her daughter when she was in high school. To convince her mom to adopt Tom Tom, she made up a crazy story that this sweet cat was found in a box by the side of the road, next to his two dead siblings. It turns out that this kitten was the offspring of her friends' cat.


Reusing Car Air Fresheners

Reusing Car Air FreshenersWhy throw away those darling car air fresheners when they lose their scent?They can be reloaded with scent, whether from lotion, perfume or both. I reloaded mine with both lotion and perfume.


Buy in Bulk

Buy in BulkBulk items are a great way to go in order to save money and eat healthy. These varied items will help you avoid all the excess packaging that most food products come with now again. They tend to be cheaper than packaged, brand name products as well.



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Repairing a Glass Microwave Turntable?I cracked the edge of the glass turntable in my microwave. Is there any particular glue that I can use to repair it that will withstand the microwaves and then water when I need to clean the turntable?


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No Power at Outlets?I have 2 outlets on opposite sides of the room, neither one has power. The light switch (on the same side of the room as one of the outlets) works. There is an outlet in the hallway that does not have power, it is directly on the other side of the one of outlets in the room. All the breakers are on.


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15th Birthday Ideas?I am turning 15 next week on Monday in October. I have multiple friends and I don't know what to do for my birthday.


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Kitchen Cabinet and Countertop Color Advice?Our kitchen has good cabinets, but they are pickled oak with really pink counter tops. We painted the walls tan or coconut milk whichever and the floors are light tan tile. I am thinking about painting the cabinets white and changing the hardware to silver and changing counter tops to a tan or brownish laminate.


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Pruning an Indoor Avocado Tree?I have been told to cut the plant after it's about 12" tall down to 6" to make it fuller. Is this a good idea?


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15th Birthday Party Ideas?I'm turning 15 really soon and I don't want to do a spa day or a movie night. I am inviting 20 people. Any suggestions?


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Scratches on Leather Couch?How do you get scratch out of a leather couch?


glass yard decoration

Gluing Glass to Glass?I tried Gorilla glue, but that didn't work. This will be outside in the summer. Any suggestions?


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Whitening a Vintage Wool Sweater?I have a vintage, wool Varsity sweater, which has become "golden." It was originally white. I'd like to brighten it up, but I'm concerned about the navy colored patches. I appreciate any help you can offer.


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Changing the Color of Beige Drapes?I have beige linen look draperies and want to change them to white. How can I do this?


reddish brown Pitt looking dog

What Breed Is My Dog?I am wondering if my dog is a red nose Pit Bull?


plant with long ruffled med green leaves with purple undersides

What Is This Houseplant?We received this houseplant from a funeral, but none of us are sure what it is. The stems and undersides of the leaves are purple and fuzzy. It is also quite large - about waist high in its pot.


gray and white puppy

What Breed Is My Dog?Is my puppy a Pit Bull?


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Safety of Kerosene Heaters?I live in a older mobile home. My boyfriend's boss gave him a kerosene heater. It warms up the place nicely. My question is are they safe? We just use it in evening. At bed time we have hot blankets.


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