January 23, 2017

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Best Homemade Croutons - finished croutons

Best Homemade CroutonsHomemade croutons are delicious, inexpensive and easy to make. This page has the best homemade crouton recipes.


A bottle with a homemade vinegar cleaner in it.

Storing a Vinegar Cleaning Solution?There are many natural cleaning solutions that contain vinegar. This page has tips on storing a vinegar cleaning solution.


A young dog.

House Training 5 Month Old Puppy?Toilet training 5 month old puppy takes patience and diligence. Get tips on how to potty train a puppy in this page.


A plate of pesto penne with chicken.

Pesto Chicken Penne RecipeThis pesto pasta recipe is super quick and easy. Make this pesto chicken penne when you are pressed for time.


Pesto Chicken Salad Sandwich

Pesto Chicken Salad Sandwiches (or Wraps)Pesto chicken salad sandwiches are a delicious twist on the classic chicken salad recipe. If you love pesto, this is the recipe for you.


Tiny black bugs next to a penny for scale.

Tiny Black Bugs in the KitchenThe key to getting rid of tiny black bugs on kitchen floor is first identifying what they are. Check out what has worked for others in this page.


A coloring page showing a cardinal on a tree branch.

Cardinal on Branch Adult Coloring PageThis is a free printable cardinal on branch adult coloring page. This hand drawn coloring page is beautiful and fun to color.


Leather Couch

Are Leather Couches Kid Friendly?If you are looking for kids couch, a leather sofa might just be what you are looking for. Some people believe that leather couches are the perfect family sofa, where as others disagree. Check out this page and learn more about leather couches for houses with children and pets.


Sweet and Sour

Sweet and Sour Meatloaf RecipesLooking for a twist on your classic meatloaf recipe? Try this sweet and sour meatloaf. It might become your new favorite meatloaf recipe!


Beef Stew

Five Hour Beef StewThis delicious dutch oven five hour beef stew recipe would be the perfect dish to make on a cold winter day. Get baked beef stew recipes in this page.



A dishwasher soap dispenser, where you can put pods.

Dishwasher Pods Not DissolvingIn the last couple of weeks, I noticed my dishwasher pods were either not dissolving at all, or only dissolving partially. I Googled this, and there were two common reasons: there isn't enough water coming into the dishwasher, or the water isn't hot enough.


Hand-Drawn Stencils Using Crayons on Plastic Lid - crayon drawings

Hand-Drawn Stencils Using Crayons on Plastic LidI found some printed stencils from an old book I bought at a yard sale. I wanted to try them out. I keep a lot of plastic bin lids so I decided to make a design on one of those lids. I drew on the stencil and then colored it in with a crayon.


A bottle of Bai flavored water, Molokai Coconut.

Product Review: Bai "Antioxidant Cocofusion" Flavored WaterOnce in a great while, I'll come across a product I like so much, I just want to stand up, shout and share it with everyone. If you like coconut, this Antioxidant Cocofusion water tastes like a Mounds Bar without the sugar or chocolate. Think Pina Colada without the alcohol.


Mardi Gras Mask Door Hanging

Mardi Gras Mask Door HangingI found this mask for .59 at my local thrift store. The beads are from the dollar tree so the whole thing was 8.59. It could be cheaper if you have your own beads and just get a cute mask from the dollar tree, but I couldn't find any beads anywhere but new.


Winter Tree Finger Painting - two styles of snowy tree

Winter Tree Finger PaintingWhen I look outside after a snowstorm, I feel like the world is anew. The beauty and the stillness take my breath away. I want it to stay that way forever. But eventually, the snow begins to melt and the world returns to normal. This is one reason I enjoy artwork that captures nature.


Scribble over permanent pen with whiteboard marker.

Removing Permanent Marker on WhiteboardI love writing on a whiteboard, especially if my boss always had an errand for me, or for his schedule of meetings, but one thing that I forget is the difference between the permanent pen and the whiteboard pen, because I always end up picking the permanent pen.


Make Your Own Photo Postcards - finished postcards ready to send

Make Your Own Photo PostcardsHere's a cheap way you can your own postcards that are meaningful to you, if you don't want to outsource it. The fact is, a digital printer is faster and not too pricey, but if you already have a bunch of 4 x 6 photos and don't want to pay more than a few dollars on supplies, this is a good method.


Bashful (German Shepherd Mix) - wearing monkey hat

Bashful (German Shepherd Mix)10 yrs. ago while driving there was a sign for free puppies. Bashful and his two sisters were left. I adopted him because he was scared to leave his mommy. He was more sensitive than his siblings and needed patience. I knew I could give that patience to him. Thus, that is why his name is Bashful.


Pork & Veggies in Sweet Sauce

Pork & Veggies in Sweet SauceI was supposed to show how to make Thai fried rice, but then it was too late when I realized I didn't have all the ingredients for it. I had already cooked my pork so I continued with a different recipe.


Using Rooting Hormones And Other Agents - butterfly bush cuttings a various stages of growth

Using Rooting Hormones And Other AgentsHere, I will give my opinion on the use of honey as a rooting agent. An opinion is the best I can do as I have never used honey for rooting purposes. As I am very successful at rooting plant cuttings, I see no need to start using honey, now.


A spoonful of homemade styling gel

Make Your Own Styling GelI had trouble with the title of this post. It could have been 'Make your own setting lotion, volumizer, bodifier, or mousse'. I realize a lot of people don't set their hair as they did, 'back when'. Still, what I'm going to tell you about is a great bodifier without setting.


Hair Dryer to Remove Price Tags Easily

Hair Dryer to Remove Price Tags EasilyUse a blow dryer on the hot setting. The glue will soften, get sticky, and peel right off.



What Is This Houseplant? nearly leafless multi branched potted plant with thick base

What Is This Houseplant?I brought this plant/tree home from Mom's condo in Florida when she passed away. It was outside and had bright pink flowers. I brought it back to North Carolina and the leaves and flowers fell off. I kept it inside. I thought maybe it was a jade tree, but the leaves are thin, not thick and rubbery.


Logo for ThriftyFun Questions

Post Office Lost Package?On December 12 of 2016 I sent a brand new laptop to my mom on the Virgin Islands and the postal office told me that it was going to arrive in two weeks. I never had problems with anything I shipped before so I didn't get insurance for it. Almost a month later she told me that it didn't arrive. I lost the receipt.


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Directions for Lee Wards Afghan Kit #1871?I am looking for the directions for the Lee Wards Afghan Kit #1871. It is a cable knit afghan with fringe. It's probably 30 or 40 years old!


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12th Birthday Party Ideas?My daughter is turning 12 in like a week and she wants a sleep over. My house is not big enough for all these kids. She can be girly and a tomboy. What should I do?


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Washer Only Spins When Empty?I rent an apartment with a GE top load washer. Lately it will not spin with a load of clothes in the washer. When I take the clothes out and test the machine still no spinning. But if I let it sit overnight then it will spin with an empty drum.


Age and Value of New Book of Knowledge

Age and Value of New Book of Knowledge?We have volumes 1-10 of The New Book of Knowledge. I've searched all over the web and numerous other sites and found nothing. They have been in the family since just before 1995. What is the price range for selling them?


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Value of Imperial Encyclopaedic Dictionary?I have the full 20 volumes of this series: C.1901. How do I find the value?


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Puppy Won't Poop on Puppy Pads?We adopted her at 10 weeks and she took well to pad training in her puppy gate. She was praised and treated, etc. We started leaving the gate open and she even made a point to run in there and do #2 without being guided, till one day. Now she finds corners and other hiding spots.


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Removing Black Nail Polish on White Comforter?This is an old stain. I have tried everything; I think. The shell is 100% cotton and the filling is polyester. The nail polish is dried. We tried hairspray, alcohol, Dawn, nail polish remover, baking soda and hydrogen peroxide, and just bleach, rinsing out after each attempt. Is there anything else I can try?


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Permed Hair Not Curly Enough?I just got a perm 2 days ago, but I don't think my friend put the rollers tight enough. What can I use to get more curl in my hair?


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Sweet 15 Party Ideas?My daughter is turning 15 in April. I'm doing her party in our backyard. Can you please give me some ideas for fun? I would like ideas on games and things to do for 15 year olds so she will be the talk of the town.


Value of 1938 Eclipse Reel Mower - old reel mower in yard

Value of 1938 Eclipse Reel Mower?How much would one of these, circa 1938, be worth? It is running.


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Old Dog Peeing Everywhere?My 15 year old Jack Russell terrier is peeing without control and he won't leave diapers on. He's deaf and almost blind, but he can just be on my lap and pee on me. We can't put anything in his cage anymore cause he even pees in it. I'm at my wit's end, any suggestions?


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