April 20, 2017

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A cellphone in a car, being held by a rubber band.

Rubber Band as Car Cellphone HolderI do not have a car clip to hold my cellphone. If I had one, my husband would just pull it off because he doesn't like accessories inside our car. It just irritates his eyes when he sees those clips.


DIY Newborn Baby Gift Basket - finished basket for a boy

DIY Newborn Baby Gift BasketPre-made newborn baby gift baskets can be very expensive and too generic! You could make your own and be creative plus it will be a much more thoughtful gift. Not to mention, it is a lot more affordable to do it yourself. I started purchasing gifts over the span of a few months.


Spinach Bake on tray

Spinach BakeTop this spinach mixture with whatever toppings you like. Very tasty and low carb.


Yellow Flower  - Table Flower Close Up of Yellow Flower - on table at McDonald's

Close Up of Yellow FlowerI had to snap this bright and beautiful flower that was on our table at McDonald's. It was so nice to see all the tables with flowers!


A grilled doughnut on a plate.

Grilled Glazed DoughnutHere is a way to make a fresh or almost stale doughnut really yummy. Get an electric grill, such as a George Foreman. When the grill is hot, press firmly so that the doughnut flattens and the glaze melts. Wait a few seconds until you see the glaze bubbling and the doughnut is golden brown.


How to Maintain an Air Plant - plants sitting on rocks in glass dish

How to Maintain an Air PlantIf you do not have any luck with keeping plants alive or you do not have the time to maintain indoor plants, and want some green in your office, or home - an air plant will be ideal for you!


Sushi Plush Toy - two sushi rolls on mat

Sushi Plush ToyMy mother and I love to spoil my brother's daughter with gifts. It's not quite in our budget to always buy her the latest trends in toys so we love to make our own renditions. Here is a homemade sushi plush toy.


Recycled Yard Signs - taping edges

Recycled Yard SignsThere are two kind of yard signs you can make.


Scissors and Ruler in One - scissors with marks

Scissors and Ruler in OneHere is a way to make craft measurements easier with your scissors. With a ruler mark with a permanent marker the 1/2 and whole inches. If you want you can add millimeters and centimeters as well.


An air cushion as you would use for mailing items.

Air Cushion Packaging as Bath PillowI'm not known to pop and trash air cushion packaging when I receive a large package in the post. I take them as they are, full of air, and use them as pillows in the bathtub. I place them behind my neck and head as a waterproof pillow. I love that it's free!


Toothbrush Bracelet - pink and green ribbon wrapped bracelets

Toothbrush BraceletThere are many uses for old toothbrushes. Basically, we change brushes every three months. So when they are still useful, we recycle and use them instead in cleaning floor or kitchen tiles. Here's a craft idea for making a toothbrush uniquely useful in another way.


Cell Phone Amplifier - cell phone in notch

Cell Phone AmplifierHere is a way to make a cell phone amplifier and holder.


Clematis Niobe - dark red flower

Clematis NiobeI bought this last year at over half off. Today is the first time to see it bloom. It is not as red as the label shows. As red is not my favorite color, I'm sure I like this better. I'm hoping it will make a nice display from a distance when the vine is covered with blooms.


Ribbon Flowers - ribbon flower in pot with succulent

Ribbon FlowersThis project is about making fake flowers from ribbon, wire, and hot glue. They are simple and easy to make quickly for table centerpieces and decorations that you want to be permanent.


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Homemade Bleach AlternativeThis is an easy and safe homemade alternative to bleach. Combine 1 cup of hydrogen peroxide, 1/4 cup of lemon juice (fresh or bottled), 10-15 drops of lemon essential oil, and 6 cups of water. Make sure to store mixture in an opaque bottle because over time, light affects hydrogen peroxide.


First Roses of Spring - Knockout Roses - closeup

First Roses of Spring - Knockout RosesMy knockout roses are nestled under the fall leaves through the autumn and winter seasons. Once the spring foliage begins to appear in the yard, the rose bushes burst forth with greenery, rosebuds transform into the delicate rose blossoms filled with their color beaming with beauty.


Calibrachoa (Million Bells) Hardiness - closeup of red flower

Calibrachoa (Million Bells) HardinessI'm not very familiar with these plants and the fairly new cultivars. I'm sure most of you have seen them in garden centers. They are usually sold under the common name, 'Million Bells'.



Value and Information for Porcelain Doll - closeup of face

Value and Information for Porcelain Doll?I have a J Miss porcelain doll "Jessica" 25/5000. I can't find any information about her or any clue what her value is.


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Cleaning Service Pricing Advice?I have been asked to clean a 2300 sq foot home with 3 bedrooms, 2 living areas, kitchen, and 2 bathrooms. They only want it to be cleaned once a month and want the windows cleaned as well. How much should I charge for the first visit and every visit after?


Weeping Willow Log Sprouting - log with sprouts

Weeping Willow Log Sprouting?I recently accquired a log (not a trimming or exsisting trunk) from the family who bought my Poppy's homestead after he passed away. It is about 4ft long and 1ft in diameter and it has 3-4 sprouts. Is there any way to save them?


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Home Perm Advice?What happens when the last step is not done when giving a perm?


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Why Are There No Toilette Exhaust Fans?I just read a nice tip by a fellow member. Use essential oils in the tissue tube to keep the bathroom nice. I'm sure that would be appreciated, particularly by guests. The tip caused a question to come to mind. It's something I've wondered about for decades. Why are there no toilette exhaust fans?


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Protecting a Duck and Her Ducklings?My school has a mini garden where a duck laid her egg. Everyone knows about it and they put up a fence so it wouldn't be disturbed, but our school is surrounded by busy roads so when the ducks hatch their mom will have to lead them back to her pond.


Inexpensive Roof Replacement for Low Income Homeowner - rusted tin roof on old mobile home

Inexpensive Roof Replacement for Low Income Homeowner?I am 60 years old and disabled. The last time I had my roof replaced it was a joke. I am not able to get it fixed. Is there any way to get it replaced where I don't have to stop eating to pay for it?


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Finding a Lost Relative?In 1961 we moved to Pea Ridge Arkansas. We caught a bus and went to school in Jane Missouri. I was in the 7th grade that year. My best friend, who I found out was also my second cousin, was in the same grade. Her name was Dottie Keene.


Dyed hair with lighter roots.

Fixing Roots After Dyeing Hair?I bleached my hair and then dyed it golden brown, but my roots stayed blond and my ends are golden brown. What can I do to repair it?


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Changing the Foot on a Memory Craft 3000?I need instructions on how to change the foot on a Memory Craft 3000.


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Magic Eraser Type Sponge Pieces Clogging Drain?I used a Magic Eraser on the bathroom shower when it disintegrated into pieces and fell down the drain causing a clogged drain. How can I dissolve the pieces?


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Finding a Job Stuffing Envelopes?Are there any legit companies that need envelope stuffers and in home mailers?


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Removing Grease from Laminate Tabletop?I have a restaurant that has laminate table tops, but there are 3 tables that seem to catch grease in the air that settles on the tabletop. Now the tables seem to be sticky, but nothing seems to able to clean it off.


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