November 16, 2017

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Cash in Mattress

Hiding Places for Cash at HomeThis is a page about hiding places for cash at home. It can be helpful to have a little bit of cash stashed away at home, in case of an emergency. Here are some ideas of how to keep it safely hidden, without making it hard to get to.


Satellite TV

Satellite TV Providers That Do Not Require A Credit Card?A prepaid credit card may be a way for you to have the card they need. This is a page about satellite TV providers that do not require a credit card.


Phone on Counter with Recipes

How to Protect Your Phone When BakingWhether you are using your phone for a recipe display or are expecting a call, plastic wrap can help keep your cell phone clean and dry. This is a page about how to protect your phone when baking.


Windshield Wiper Blades

Extending the Life of Windshield Wiper BladesThis is a page about extending the life of windshield wiper blades. Here is a simple tip that may give you a little more time, before you need to replace your wiper blades. It could certainly be helpful if you can't make it to the store right away and its raining.


Woman Catalog Shopping

Finding Catalogs with Items for $19.99 or Less?This page contains a list of catalogs that sell items for $19.99 or less. If you are shopping on a budget, there are a number of catalogs that specialize in selling items that are under $20. Here are a few suggestions.


Mulch Being held in hands

Could Mulch Carry Diseases?This is a page about whether mulch carries diseases. Some people are concerned that free mulch could contain diseases from sick trees or unwanted pests. Here is some advice about how to limit this possibility.


Chihuahua on Carpet

Chihuahua Pooping on CarpetCrating, regular feeding and time outside can help train your dog to relieve themself where you want them to. This is a page about chihuahua pooping on carpet.


Yellow Kitchen Shears

Uses for Kitchen ShearsThis is a page about uses for kitchen shears. Kitchen shears are a great alternative to using a knife. You can cut everything from pizza and sandwiches, to herbs and veggies. Its also a safer way to allow children to help prepare food with you.



Homemade Pizza on cooling rack

Homemade PizzaI remember watching my mother make pizza from scratch as a little girl. Rarely could we afford delivery or even a good freezer pizza, to be honest. But I couldn't care less, because pizza day was a day I could play with my mom in the kitchen. She liked to bake it in cookie sheets for the convenience, so we always had messy rectangles, haha! This year, the memories came back as I yearned to find a good recipe for pizza that could be frozen; something cheaper and healthier than cardboard pizzas in the freezer section.


Luscious Raspberry Whipped Cream in cup

Luscious Raspberry Whipped CreamRaspberry whipped cream is not only delicious, the red tones will make for a beautiful topping for your desserts this season. I adore homemade whipped cream but I'm not a huge fan of sitting around waiting for cream to puff, even with electric beaters. Adding flavours and colours to whipped cream often cause the cream to get too wet and lose their beautiful puff. Here is how to make a thick and creamy berry whipped cream very quickly with a food processor.



Painted Pumpkin Decoration

Painted Pumpkin DecorationRecently we were given a couple of pumpkins not in the greatest condition - they were dented, but it was perfect for the kids!


Decorative Recycled Drinking Glass Stand - stand turned upside down balanced on the curled fasteners

Decorative Recycled Drinking Glass StandPaper fasteners sometimes run out of locks so, I have a bundle of these which I have collected for months. Even though they are still useful as paper fasteners even without the locks, nobody seemed to ever want to use this stuff without its partner.



Logo for ThriftyFun Questions

Repairing Handwheel on Singer Sewing Machine?The handwheel on my Singer sewing machine model #2932 will not move forward, but it will move backwards easily. Can you tell me if I can fix this myself or do I need a repair tech?


Logo for ThriftyFun Questions

Getting Hair Back to Natural Color After Dyeing?Ok a week ago I dyed my hair blonde (again but the roots were bad) and this time it came out horrible. I can't stand it. Can I dye my hair back to brown ASAP? Like tmw? Cuz I hate it and just want to go back to my natural hair now.


What Breed Is My Dog? - black and white dog

What Breed Is My Dog?Can you please tell me the breed of my dog?


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Collecting Social Security Survivor's Benefits?My dad passed away when I was 14 years old. I didn't know of a thing called Survivor's benefits. I am now 33. Is it too late to get Survivor's benefits and could I receive back pay for it?


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Ambi Fade Cream Left Light Spot?I used ambi fade cream 6 months ago. I used it on a small part of my face once and when it started burning I washed it off in less than 5 minutes. The next morning I woke up and that part was lighter than my whole face. Does anyone know what I need to do? Or is this permanent?


How Can I Identify This Doll? - porcelain doll

How Can I Identify This Doll?It's at least 20 years old from what I know and my mother got it as a present in Poland. It doesn't have any company name on it, but it does have symbols carved into its neck that look like DO46B-1 or D046B-I.


Dog Urinating in Other People's Homes - dog lying on carpet

Dog Urinating in Other People's Homes?I have a 6 year old Lhasa Apso who is house trained. I have never had any problem with her apart from the odd accident when she has been ill. Just recently I have caught her going to urinate in other people's houses. I truly don't understand this. Nothing has changed that I know of.


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Concrete Damaged by Tree Roots?There are 2 willow trees behind my common wall. One is about 4-6 feet away from the common wall and I had some concrete work done from the wall to the patio of the house which it is about 22' long. The concrete was done in March of this year and just 2 months ago the concrete started to crack.


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