January 3, 2018

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Photo frame card decorated with stylized trees.

Homemade Picture Frame CardsMaking more personalized greeting cards, for all occasions, can be fun and satisfying. This project allows for creativity and results in a card into which you can slip a photo or child's drawing. This is a page about homemade picture frame cards.


Blue, green, and yellow paint swirled in white milk

How to Make Milk ArtTry this fun activity with your little ones. Pour milk into a shallow bowl, add food colors, and swirl. This is a page about how to make milk art.


Age and Value of a New Domestic Treadle Machine S#725846 - treadle sewing machine

Finding the Value of a New Domestic Treadle Machine?Besides online auctions there are other websites that have information about antique sewing machines. This is a page about finding the value of a New Domestic treadle machine.


Green Packing Peanuts

Finding Free Packing Peanuts?When you are in business and are shipping items, you can save money and recycle by reusing another businesses' waste. This is a page about finding free packing peanuts.


Man Looking at His Keys Locked In the Car

Using AAA When Keys Are Locked In the Car?When your keys are locked in the car, AAA will call a locksmith to help you retrieve them. Hopefully there will be no damage to your automatic window. This is a page about using AAA when keys are locked in the car.


Clarkia Flower

Growing ClarkiaClarkia can easily be grown from seed. It is considered an annual or tender perennial suitable for full sun or filtered shade garden spots. Well drained sandy soil is perfect, but this flowering plant is adaptable. This is a page about growing clarkia.



Libra Adult Coloring Page

Libra Adult Coloring PageLibra is the seventh sign of the astrological zodiac. It is the sign for persons born between September 23 - October 22. Libras are are said to be cooperative and diplomatic, disliking violence and injustice.


Almond Baked French Toast ready to eat

Boozy Almond Baked French ToastThis is an easy way to make French toast in the oven using your leftover dinner rolls and eggnog. Prep it the night before, then stick it in the oven in the morning. I had non-alcoholic eggnog on hand so I added a bit of brandy. You could just use alcoholic eggnog. The alcohol burns off when it cooks, but the rich flavour stays. Yum!


Toiletry products from the Dollar tree.

Shop the Dollar Tree to Save MoneyI am an avid shopper and I research a lot. Do something for yourself and you will see what I mean. Go to Dollar tree and then search anything you like. The lotions and body washes are just as good as the national brands.


Store Oil in Recycled Plastic Bottle

Store Oil in Recycled Plastic BottleI was putting an empty drink enhancer bottle into recycling this morning and I had an idea. I hate walking the length of my kitchen to get some oil from the pantry. My hip tells me to "compartmentalize!"


Using a banana peel to shine your leather shoes.

Banana Peel Shoe ShineUse a banana peel to polish shoes. The oil in the peel will give your shoes a nice shine. Compost the peel after you are done!


Poinsettias in Balboa Park, CA.

December Nights in Balboa Park (San Diego, CA)Balboa Park is a beautiful location to explore and visit, not just during the holidays but year-round. Balboa Park is a top-ranked tourist destination here in San Diego. There are lots of sight seeing, walking and some free exhibits you can take advantage of like the Botanical Garden.


A kitchen towel hung on a oven handle by using a clip.

Hanging a Kitchen Towel on Oven HandleA kitchen towel hanging on the oven door handle is handy. I took one of the clips, that I cut off of a clothes hanger, and tied it to the oven handle with a piece of string. The clip holds the towel in place and it's easy to pull the towel loose if I need to.



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ASPCA Mobile Truck Schedule for the Bronx?When will the mobile truck is gonna be in the Bronx 10454?


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Who Makes Walmart Ice Cream?Who makes Walmart ice cream?


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Troubleshooting Electrical Circuit Problems?In order to replace a ceiling fan light fixture with a standard, small light fixture, I flipped the circuit breaker to the upstairs bedrooms to off, as to prevent electrical shock. When I did this, all three bedrooms upstairs had no power from just switching this one switch off.


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14th Birthday Party Ideas?My birthday is in February and I am turning 14. I don't know what to do. It is going to be just girls; any ideas?


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Rights of a Person Holding a Power of Attorney?My mother is in a nursing home. I have legal and medical power of attorney. she has a personal account with her nursing home, but she is mishandling her money and losing it. Can I withdraw the money from the nursing home and put it into my savings account to pay for her final resting place?


Value of English Dinnerware - white china with blue around the edge and flowers

Value of English Dinnerware?I'm really stumped. This English Coronation Ware dinner set belonged to my great grandmother who was born around 1890. On the back is a narrow gold "v". I'm going cross-eyed looking online to find out if this set is worth keeping, selling, or donating.


A white mark on a vinyl floor.

Removing a White Mark on Vinyl Floor?I have a white line down my vinyl flooring. I've tried lots of cleaning methods including the tennis ball, baking soda, alcohol, and toothpaste but nothing has worked. I need suggestions on how to get this out.


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Manuals for Brilliant Bowmaker Ultimate Kit?I purchased the Brilliant Bowmaker Ultimate kit by Little Pink Ladybug. The 3 instruction manuals were missing. Where can I download them from?


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Montessori Preschool Name Ideas?I am starting a Montessori preschool in my home and I need a good name: ideas? I want to teach 3 and 4 year olds and get them ready for kindergarten and to love learning!


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Mysterious Wet Spot at Foot of Bed?I have two beds in my unit and both of them have wet spots at the foot on my side and not my partner's side. I put plastic bags to stop the moisture from coming through, but it still did. What can be done to stop wet spots so I can sleep? It only happened 5 nights ago.


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Finding a Swap or Barter Group?I would love anything for household supplies. I am looking for a swap or barter group in Westchester County, New York. I can't find a group anywhere.


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Foot Pedal Not Working on Janina Sewing Machine?My mom's Janina sewing machine foot pedal stopped working. The light to the machine comes on, but there is no power to the foot pedal. All connections look intact. What does she need to do?


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